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Incognegro by Nature.  E•lusive / ill•usive✨ An *elusive* fairy is one you can't catch, but an *illusive* one was never really there at all. It was just an illusion.

So.... you have a Full Grown "Woman" waving her pussy at a NINE year old - who btw has been accused of sexually deviant behavior...who has the ability to influence the law so much that a tape had to be reviewed to clear him of this allegation? Am I the only one who CEES the irony in this ? This Woman who stereotypically is inclined to the WORST type of perversion swimming in her blood..... Fucking horses and dogs for sport and other despicable acts...... Stereotypically inclined to pedophillic acts...... THIS is the way she displays "fake outrage " at a CHILD ? THIS is the honor Emmit Till was murdered behind? THIS - gyrating and humping the air- is what could have robbed this Child of even more of his innocence?? Am I Trippin?! This shit ain't trifling?! You tell me - WHO IS THE PREDATOR ?! Excuse me if I get too deep. .... the messed up part about this is - if Mama had decided to kick her in the mouth, u already know what was going to happen. So Mama had to make a quick decision on whether to defend her son's honor or defend his life. Castrated before the age of ten. Let that shit sink in.

#BARZ. Name a better EmCee than Bro. Shaheed ... I'll wait 🤔. Btw- this was the city's annual #NightOutAgainstCrime . Each community comes together to dialogue and bond as one. This is one of many that took place tonight. And what I love the most about my city is the ORGANIC (actually homegrown , and NOT due to a wave of immigrants coming to a city and influencing a region- Miami is an example of what I mean by that) aboriginal Culture . I'm too tired to break it down right and exact . Too tired to finesse this caption. Slide through and do the knowledge to the jewels being dropped ... PEACE Fam

... and this I mean this from the bottom of the core of my soul. I don't think y'all understand. PEACE Family 🖤✨✨✨

2nd Mother,

Please don't worry. I'm good to your Sun because I want someone to be good to mine.

... Listen. #PAC had aaaaaaalllll the hoes ("chicks/girls/females/ women"), if that was offensive 🙄). Yes- he was gorgeous, intelligent, creative, charming, strong , etc etc..... However, let me tell you what Pac's ultimate cheat code was. PAC *OVERSTOOD* that the way to the heart of a Woman is #Appreciation . Yep. PAC had the rare ability to mix the dominance of a Man , the charisma and playfulness of a Boy , the laid back nature of an Uncle , and the prowess of a Zaddy (not ya Pops either). His Prophet status made him appear as a god. And you already know that the God Factor is extremely magnetic to Women. Say what ya want. Pull Rev to the side and ask him to be candid if you're audacious enough....He appealed to Women on an innate level. He genuinely and authentically worshiped their existence. And many of his songs made reverence to "Strong Sistas ". THIS was his Cheat Code. At the end of the day- Women are raised from the womb with the expectation to be upheld in Queen status. Yup. Even the Thots/Ratchets. Now here's the Game after all has been said ---> No matter the circumstance/ level of engagement - in order for a Supreme Understanding to be built between Woman and Man- that Man MUST value that Woman at an equal level or surpass her own individual value to herself . There is no other way around it. Ladies- if he doesn't Cee the value in you as a Woman at the very least ... baby ... you will never receive the appreciation that you seek from him. The Understanding was lost in translation from the get go....Fellas, be like PAC. His shit was pure. PEACE! ... Rather be ya #NeverIgnorantGettinGoalsAccomplished 🖤

... when your #LowerSelf jumps in to save your punk ass #HigherSelf.

Listen to me. Sometimes you have to take that L. Trust me. Let the Universe unfold into what it must. I promise you - there is a big W attached to that L. If you let your pride and ego prompt you to "strike back", you gon mess the pattern up. If you don't believe me, think back to a time where you may been blindsided with something. Whether you forced yourself to chill or perhaps you may have been talked out of retaliation.... think about how the situation eventually unfolded. How if you had jumped in the way, Universal Order would have missed its mark. Get out the way! You gotta know when to hold um- know when to fold um. That L you refuse to go ahead and take on the chin will ultimately be your demise . Are you brave enough to take it NOW vs later is the biggest question...Take That L before it takes You. Be ferocious and intentional in your Alchemy. Everything --- I do mean Everything will eventually come full circle. PEACE

Y'all ain't listening 🗣✨✨✨When Grown Folks talking- shut yo mouf! I'll take Wisdom Over "Knowledge" any day. Y'all sit up here and think you dropping heavy shit on somebody simply because you memorized the 44 Laws of Ma'at. Tuh. Ion wan hear that shit. I ain't the #TalentedTenth. I drink brown liquor and like cheese in my grits... PEACE !

...yoooo. I've watched this video 5 times in a row and my brain is having a blast with it! I don't even fool with #ChildishGambino like that - yet I have to Salute him for this one 🙌🏾... #FeelsLikeSummer .... just dope dope dope dope DOPE ! The depth- the animation (penned by himself)- the creativity- the wit...the storyline- the lyrics - Shid the track itself. Just layers upon layer of thought provoking and profound creative genius. This image with #KidCudi (Keep ya Head Sun 🖤✨) and #Kanye kinda gave me the feelies. I can't remember the last time something from this era moved me to chuckle... to think.. to feel ✨✨✨. Just too many inferences to draw right now. A Creative Thinker's playground... #ItsBiggerThanHipHop #SundaySoulFood
SN- yeah I know 🤷🏾‍♀️. I hated "This is America" . However , As a proponent for foundation and a critic of the dismal state of Hip Hop... at times a micro manager of both the nuances as well as the blatant gentrification of the Culture - I am actually digging this... CORRECTION- he didn't illustrate the video. He Co- directed it.

...U know- things have gotten so ass backwards these days that a Woman is made to feel foolish for saluting a Man. What u new age goofies refer to as - "Pick Me" . Well when y'all not exposing/subbing/ shitting on Cats cause at the end of the day- ur essence ( ur pussy , if we wanna be uncouth) lacked power and now u gotta blame someone. Right? Wellllp - as I was explaining to someone. As a Woman- there is something very soothing and magnetic about Masculine energy. NOT specifically in a Romantic sense. That's the problem with most Women now. What do you need Masculine energy for when YOU are the one taking on the hunting and prowling? YOU are the ones begging to be chose instead of doing the choosing. YOU are demanding a level of engagement that he is unwilling to offer you because you want title/ image. Then you wonder why you not getting loved right, nigga ain't fucking you right. Instead of feeling desired and valued like a grown Woman should- You are ignoring what it really means to flourish organically. So you outchea faking suicide attempts, pregnancies, ultimatums and circumstances in an effort to WIFE a nigga. You haven't made Peace with yourself - including your flaws and issues within yourself. You don't have a clue how to relate to your biological opposite without sex being involved on some level. I invite you to dismiss this Yoni-Egg sisterhood circle (which at the core many times is a cover for male bashing) and seek solace in the strength and power Divine Masculine Energy exudes. If you are having troubles being able to maintain interaction with the opposite sex without strain- please consider that it may be YOUR frequency that needs to be adjusted.... My Daddy, Grandfather, Cousins, Play Cousins, Brother, Suns, Platonic Male Friends have all contributed to this Game I spit --- Have all contributed to a strength and Wisdom that only a Man can offer. This in no way is a disregard for the Divine Feminine Energy that my Sistas, Aunties, Mama, Cousins, Etc have contributed to. Yet- does this even need to be explained? LADIES: Stop playing pussy - then crying when you get fucked.

#InRealLife tho. No, seriously, on everything- #InRealLife. I have a true story for many "set back" narratives. It's just that , im careful about who I build with. Folk are twisted outchea. Folk both glorify AND heckle struggle. Just really weird....I'm a fucking soldier- tell me , have u ever heard me complain ? I shed my tears in private. I correct my errors and even take my W in private. I'm a humble champion...I've never been considered "friendly", I'm cool as a mf tho. ...Never been a hater. I'm like the loud embarrassing Mama at the Kindergarten graduation 😁. For Anybody even vaguely associated with me.Seriously... Never been disloyal- in fact betrayal is my kryptonite. That'll make me wanna catch a charge frfr.... I don't have any open enemies- I ain't met too many REAL enough to be my adversary....The point is- whether u lookawho in the shadows like a hoe OR U be a stand up mf and salute- at the end of the day- I'm #Certified. Can't nobody take that away from me. PEACE!

#SundaySoulFood ---> The Silky Edition. Closing out my weekend with Soul Food Vybez. #RememberTheRain by #The21stCentury up in the Infinity Well this am. My ChiTown folk know bout this one, right? Feel dis shit ☔️✨✨✨

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