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Incognegro by Nature.  ETHEREAL✨ 1:relating to the regions beyond the earth 2: marked by unusual delicacy/refinement 3:relating to, containing, or resembling chemical #ETHER

... u know- I be seeing y'all posting y'all lil shit about love and life and the desire to build with someone 😌. I Cee U. Even the petty memes have a hint of longing in them. It's really ok Fam. That's what you are biologically engineered to do. To #Build/add-on..... HOWEVER- it appears that folk wind up doing just the opposite- #Destroying / Being Destroyed.... Now this is just the way I Cee it. ----> Fellas- You HAVE to be more selective in your choices. I get that you guys are more inclined to the physical aspect of relating to Women. You guys love with your eyes initially. Or even if chick isn't really your "type", your inclination to "get physical" with said Woman is what pulls you in. Well. The danger with that is not really making sure her mind is right. Idgaf WHAT she presents herself as- you guys rarely do the knowledge to the destruction she may be capable of...And Ladies - You HAVE to pull your head out of the clouds .Deal with that Man according to the actions he is SHOWING and PROVING. Man's Word is Bond. If he "acts" like he doesn't care - HE DON'T. You know damn well (I really hope you do) what it looks like when he Loves Protects Guides Provides Teaches you. There is no in between . He is either Building OR Destroying. There are too many ways to build with a person for it not to even be attempted. Men don't exert effort into anything they don't Cee value in. Women do - and that's the problem.....Family, Here's a tip- if your life has gone down the drain fucking with them/ they have an unhealthy or hostile co parenting relationship with their exes (have you ever wondered why?) /ppl in the street not respecting U or looking at you funny /your business in the street-then Beloved, U have been Destroyed. You've lost your light. Your magnetism has become compromised. Your property value has plummeted. Even if you wanted to do something different- you've lost your ability to ATTRACT a Real One. So you attract bullshit to your perimeter. Nobody of sound mind and worth wants to be affiliated with that. Clean that shit up! And it starts with YOU. Not "People".I truly do mean this with Love. #PEACEbelongstothecivilized #WeAllWeGot #GrownFolkBusiness

#BoomBap flowing up in the Infinity Well... finally after bubbling acrylic issues... humidity not cooperating...working Essence Fest... plantation set backs ... trial and error ... 2 sets that got scrapped 😢... I finally finished the #Polaroids. #90sFlava #GoldenEraHipHop flow Soundtrek provided by #EPMD #ItsMyThing #1988 - a FANTASTIC year for Golden Era Hip Hop----> We got: #LilKim #Hardcore , #GhettoBlaster #MixTape Flavor Flavs , #JamesBrown #BrownBeats - a TRUE and vital component for 90s Hip Hop , #RadioRaheem #DoTheRightThing joints , #PaidInFull #EricB #Rakim joints .... Next up #ATCQ #WU Polaroids ... hit a Sis up for ur Customs- any artists. Tell me who and let me go at it....some of these are already sold , I gotchu tho..... PEACE !

... I am a extraordinary and intrinsic Lover. Yet, as much of a Romantic that I am- I've never been a Hopeless One. Never a Sucka for it. Never fell easily or scrambled to be chose. Love has always been around and inside of me , so I've never felt the need to bargain for it. I've been careless with it. Stingy with it. Dropped it, threw it away, came back and picked it back up. Threw it away again. I've been nonchalant about it. Lazy about it. Took it for granted. Even within committed relationships. What I never understood until a few years ago is that despite all this- I do Love very deeply. It had finally started to dawn on me that My ingratitude stemmed from the fact that * I AM Love.* Every facet of it. And for all of the reasons I listed just now- that very essence of carrying this innate Love within my being was a double- edged sword ... You know what else? I also realized that perhaps I was afraid of my own greatness(still working on this), so I fought hard to maintain my individuality within a Love affair. So I never gave my whole entire heart. Never. (until).......What an amazing realization 🎻. I am aware of this and do things much differently now. Family, Loving with your entire Mind Body Heart and Soul takes courage. Takes surrender. Takes a certain frequency to elevate your own individual love quotient. I definitely feel how soft I've gotten. How my Love has become more intelligent and magnetic and intense. I'm more courageous and outspoken in my feelings. More conscious of my emotions . More confident in my ability to cultivate an atmosphere of Divine Understanding. I have learned the difference between what it is to Know I am Love - and what it is to BE Love. And so, I Reflect all this never ending Lushness. Yessur. I am Woman enough to #BE in my feelings .... PEACE 🌙✨✨✨💦#RainyDaySchedule #GrownFolkBusiness

... and THIS , my friends , is the best way to sum up the reason #CasualSex is so unappealing. There are infinite ways to walk this through.I'll try not to get lost....•Physically : How can a dick that doesn't even know how to move through her unique pattern of tunnels and curves find the "treasure"?Sometimes it takes a few times to actually learn the cheat codes. And that is only if he truly even cares to find what makes her cum. That is the goal, right? Which brings us to... •Mentally : Believe it or not - there is an intelligent way to fuck. Casual Sex offers little to no Mind Stimulation. No Brain Teasers (literally). No heightened sense of awareness. Nothing that provokes a higher frequency. Just dumb ass dick/ pussy. It's like wanting ice cream with strawberries and cookies realllllly really bad. U order the ice cream and the cashier tells you that all they carry is vanilla - no cookies. No strawberries. You go ahead and get the dumb shit cause you've been tweaking for ice cream all day. You take one mouthful and immediately say to yourself, " This ain't SHIT! "... which brings us to •Spiritually : Ok. So now you done ate this dry ass flavorless ice cream. You feel cheated cause you got nothing from it. You feel empty. Unremarkable. A bad taste in your mouth. You're disgusted! Not at PEACE. Something so beautiful and potentially mind body soul altering turned out so plain. You didn't rise to the heavens. No secret portals were opened.... and if you were hasty enough to bring that plain ass ice cream into your bed - now your bed (where u rest ur tired head/soothe ur soul) is saturated with the essence of this wack fucking ice cream..........Don't you realize that you can literally create a new World when two Divine inner-Gs collide? That you can magnetize a Beautiful Life upon yourself when you share Understanding- the Very Best Parts of Urself? ... Why dumb your innate God given ability to create Heaven VS playing daredevil with your mind body soul ... wondering how you woke up in Hell? Sure , your body responded to being touched. You still coulda had a #V8 tho huh? How fun is it for real when he can't come inside? PEACE

All Love isn't created Equal. When I tell you We All We Got - I mean that shit. Our children can't sell water, cut grass, drink coffee, buy skittles and tea..... Our neighborhoods are being colonized... our Women are being reduced to circus sideshows and our Men are joining forces AGAINST everything it means to be an Original. Fuck all y'all. And you wonder why I say #WeAllWeGot ????? From the very Ratchet to the Righteous- u MUST understand this.

... something else about #frequency. U know, every body is an empath or a wizard or some shit these days. We all like to *feel* as though We can "tell", right? Some folk consider themselves "Healers" , and will be proud to say that they "loved" another more than the person loved themselves. U a damn fool Fam- know that. Being a #Martyr is mad overrated..... Lemme get to the point tho- pardon last night's leftover ramble ----> It's a beautiful gesture to aim for connection. However, you don't know shit about anyone else's inner-G until u are cognizant and brave enough to acknowledge your own. Honest enough to actually Cee how YOUR inner-G may be repellent/ pitiful/ laden with sorrow and obligation/ desperation/ passive aggression / insincerity/ cowardice / self- serving/boisterous/ arrogant/ unremarkable/ sleazy/ disruptive / untrustworthy/ fill in the blank ... Walk tall with intent, Family. Ain't NOTHING more draining than the air of insecurity. That shit is FELT. Your feelings ain't fact. Especially the ones you project onto others. It ain't "people". It's you. PEACE 🌙✨✨✨✨

... remember how back in the day you would hear your elders tell young men to shake hands with other men properly? How the Church Folk would "lay on hands"? So on and so forth?... these days human engagement overall has been replaced by smart phones. No wonder this era of folk are so lost on many levels... Yes. I definitely can feel intent and emotion through touch. I also am very intentional in the inner-G I offer. Guess what else- A Man's hands tell me a lot about him. The way they look. The way they feel . Not even necessarily in a "romantic " way. I just am able to tell certain things 🤷🏾‍♀️. Whether a perfect stranger is shaking my hand .. or a new acquaintance is passing me a drink... or the cashier at Walmart is handing me change- just that slight brush of skin can tell me what ur mood looking like.Oh yes. I can feel when you like me, love me, hate me, confused- all that. Sorta like Ray's method. Yes. It's Real over here... Rambling and Reflecting in the Infinity Well 🌙✨✨✨. Yep. Soundtrek ----> #DuragDynasty #TetrahydronsOnMars 👽

Ok... so I had a vision for some throwback #PaidInFull #ATCQ #WU Flava #Polaroid #GoldenEraHipHop earrings- just tryna translate the vision. Let's see how this works out 🤷🏾‍♀️... Got the soundtrek for the evening---> #Definition by #MosDef and #TalibKweli are #BlackStar - one of my FAVORITE hip hop albums. EVER... Totally inspired my #BrownSkinLady candle . Of course she's reflecting the light of the Sun she's holding in her hands. Just radiating lushness down below in the deep waters of the Sea, as well as up above in the Heavens - touching the sky..... On the flip side. Like literally---> #RAGU *Rae and Ghost United* in the kitchen. Cooking... #Raekwon cheffing 👨🏾‍🍳 it up, while his prep / line cook #Ghostface is assisting in his specified duties ☃️...Hey 😌, It's #WU 👐🏾mfsss .... PEACE 🌙✨✨✨✨

"...A good martial artist does not become tense, but ready. Not thinking, yet not dreaming. Ready for whatever may come. When the opponent expands, I contract; and when he contracts, I expand. And when there is an opportunity, "I" do not hit, "it" hits all by itself..." -#BruceLee #EnterTheDragon 🐲 ... Everyday the Sun ☀️ Will rise. Everyday the World turns-this ain't no surprise. No permission needed. No warning heeded. Watch ur Life transform before your eyes. Stop dressing your fate up in disguise. On the #7 th day- Let there Be Light... #SumDumGoy tells no lies. 🥋🌙✨✨✨PEACE Family

It's another #RainyDaySchedule in the Crescent 🌙💦...It's Raining and I'm in a creative mood I suppose .... tryna re-up on my goods. I have #geishadoll Cherry Blossom pendants and #EyeOfHorus and #Pharoah bracelets and #Buddha bracelets & earrings .... and #seahorse and #KoiFish and #mermaids and little green leaves...Everything #Zen on this blissful rainy evening. Made with my two hands ... Sipping on a cold hipster beer( hey the alcohol percent is 8.2 🤷🏾‍♀️) to the sounds of my Muse from an itty bitty girl - #SadeAdu ... 🌙✨✨✨✨ SN- u ever sat down and wondered who you were before you are who U are now? When I think about it- I've just always been attracted to dark sensual and slightly dangerous/ sketchy / lightweight sleezy and gangsta pimp yet #Divine (I'm sure this makes no sense) things /people/places as far back as a yute. It's true. Who the eff was I? 🎻 Is it refinement that I seek from a very deep place? .... Don't mind me. I'm in this mist, with Sandalwood and #PaloSanto lit, kissing the sky- rambling and reflecting and shit ✨.... PEACE Fam

☔️Rainy Day Schedule in the Crescent 🌙💦baby..... #SoulFoodSunday

Can I just say this first? I love love looove #MadamMajestic 's voice 😍... Now , of course this song needs no introduction . It's the other joint - #CherchezLaFemme by #DrBuzzardsOriginalSavannahBand that may be unfamiliar. Well, to my vinyl Fam- prolly not. Ghost put his flava on Dr.Buzzard's disco hit and flipped it into #CherchezLaGhost - which is also a very sultry and sexy banger. This song has always made the girls feel "slinky " ☺️. I would totally throw on a mink and a turban and gold stilettos and bamboo earrings and red lipstick and red toes and spin around on the dance floor 💃🏾 to either one of them... 🎶 this is totally a #Mood 💋✍🏾 #CherchezLaFemmeNoireMagique ✨Ohhhhh #Ghostface , Ghostface....Amore Oh Tony - he rhymes....

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