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Alexis πŸ‘½  Triple Crown 2015 - American Pharoah - | Frosted * | Tiznow | Mine that Bird * - My favorites β€πŸ‘†


Firing Line πŸ”₯
2nd in the Kentucky derby just right behind our Triple Crown Winner
His jockey was Gary Stevens who is an amazing and experienced rider.
People say the only reason he didn't win was because he never switched leads in the stretch. ~
I start school tomorrow πŸ˜’ cramps are killing me right now

Super excited for today!
I think American Pharoah has got this one in the bag. 😊
Yesterday when we moved horses to the old racing farm we found out they have a half mile turf track :) it needs to be cut but I'm ready for it ~
Dortmund β˜€οΈ

Dortmund πŸ’™
Ran quite a race in the Derby alongside American Pharoah and Firing Line
Didn't have the greatest of luck with the muddy track at Pimlico upsettingly. After that The owners and trainer made the choice to give Dortmund a little break.
He's a very large Thoroughbred πŸ˜‚ when I see him racing he towers over them

Dortmund - the horse with human eyes πŸ‘€
I've been getting everything settled on @horse_filled_world but I promise to make an effort to post more on here 😊
Dortmund ran 3rd in the Kentucky derby and 4th In the Preakness.
He is trained by bob baffert and his name is after his owners favorite soccer team

Mine that Bird is such a pretty gelding πŸ’œ
A little issue came up and it turns out I should be going to test ride the horses on Wednesday 😊
Im a little disappointed that Chrome will not be running in the BC this year πŸ˜” but I wish him a safe recovery.
Hey please go follow the account I won πŸ˜„ @horse_filled_world_

Hey guys sorry for my lack of posting! -

Happy to say we finally got the Old racehorse stable, Gaingo! It's got 175 acres, a 2 acre pond, two separate stables (the smaller one with bigger stalls was for racehorses) now it'll be for adult boarders. The bigger one (we assume it's the breeding barn considering it had 5 large coaling stalls) is for us!
Now comes the EXCITING NEWS!
On the property is a half mile race track! My trainer said I can use it since she knows I love racehorses,
AND I'm going to test ride two horses tomorrow to possibly buy one! The one we are interested in the most is a 17 year old Sorrel appendix named Ringo!

He is my absolute all time favorite race horse to ever be birthed into this world.
Dam- Mining My Own
Sire- Birdstone
He placed 1st in the Kentucky derby with the odds 50-1
I love the fact that he was trained by cowboys and almost everyone thought they were a joke.
The movie 50-1 made me head on heels for him πŸ’“
I'm excited for this row of Posts x😊

Bodemeisters information)
Dam is Untouched Talent and Sire is Empire Maker
Grandsire is Unbridled and Damsire is Storm Cat
Stud fee currently stands at: $30,000
Millionaire grade 1 winner
Foaled in 2009
Trainer is Bob Baffert and the owners are Zayat Stables
His total earnings are $1,104,800
Big wins include Arkansas Derby
Placed 2nd in Kentucky Derby and Preakness -
Next horse is special 😏

I can't get over his facial marking 😊
I have my first and possible only show tonight :)
I not doing shows regularly because of money but the girl that Usually rides the horse I ride is at the beach so my trainer offered me to ride tonight (:
Expect a video of myself doing poles or barrels tomorrow ☺ -
I ride western, but I used to ride English style 😌

Bodemeister πŸ’›πŸ’™
Named after Bob Bafferts son Body Baffert
So I have seen some post saying the Califprnia Chrome was going to be running in this years Breeder cup classic? can someone please confirm of that's true?
I'm going this year and if he is or isn't I think some history would still be made 😌

Teen wolf is my basic life right now
Anyway, I'm getting ready to go to dolly wood with my amigo, sister, her boyfriend, other sister, and madre.
My friends never been and she's super scared.
I have nothing to speak of wow my life is boring.
Which horse should I post next?

Wise Dan πŸ’™
The farm that I ride with lives across from a old racehorse stable. It's called Gaingo because that was the name of the horse that won the money to buy it. (It's around a million or twoπŸ˜‰) anyway my farm has a HUGE possibility of leasing out the entire place. The women buying it said we could lease out everything including the Barn, Covered Arena, Pasture area, house, andddd The Track. So we would move our horses over there and ride there from now on. And the women has 28 horses.(she does harness racing/ we do barrel racing) she moved to Nashville for music so she said we could muck out stalls and groom her horses and work. And my trainer says we could work to pay off out board (which is $250 a month) She recently found an appendix for 3,500 which is cheap for horse prices currently in my area and my dad is considering getting him/her for me if I can work off my board :)
Sorry that's long^ 😁

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