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blancheee_n  ▫️ Travel ▫️ Adventure ▫️ Nature ▫️ Designer @2freshcz 💗 ▫️ Based in Prague 🇨🇿 ▫️ Next trips: Iceland 🇮🇸 Tanzania 🇹🇿

And in October we made a quick trip to Stockholm with my brother @luboun to buy a car. Long story short we didnt have time to do much sightseeing even though it was beautiful autumn weather. #latergram #october2017

Nyhavn taken by analog Praktica MTL 5B #latergram #october2017

Those colors of Copenhagen roofs ❤️ #latergram #october2017

Reunion with @marksalumaa and @pasivirtakari last year was a blast and it brought some great memories of our lives in Kolding. This picture is gonna be always in my heart! And can't wait to our next reunion in Prague 🖤 #latergram #october2017

This The Infinite Bridge near Aarhus. It's basically bridge that is a circle. Kinda silly but actually pretty awesome. And then you just sit there and watch the sea or walk around for hours...yeah that place got me, that I even had part of my home office there. 💛 1 and 2 taken by analog Praktica MTL 5B #latergram #september2017

Aarhus was a European capital of culture in 2017 and I just love that city. I spent hours in @dokk1aarhus working while watching the sea and think why the hell I moved away from Denmark. Taken by analog Praktica MTL 5B. #latergram #september2017

During autumn I spent lot of time in Denmark. Finally. Again. There were lot of emotions and people and places I miss so much. Anyway this is Aarhus harbour and it's Sailing tower - the view point that overlooks the new part of town. Taken by analog Praktica MTL 5B #latergram #september2017

Trip to Romania by train. 22 hours and no, it wasn't train where you can sleep and your personal space just does not exists. 6 months later I'm still not sure if I would do this again or not. #latergram #august2017 #festivalbanat

No mobile signal, no public transport, just a tent, water from small river and lot of palinka. #latergram #july2017 #banat

And here goes August 2017. [Yes, I'm obsessed with time chronology so I can't skip this, sorry.] In august we made a trip to Romania, near Donau river, to the part where few Czech people still lives. #latergram #august2017

We also did some touristy stuff like trip to Formentor or to Palma. I do have a big feelings for this island and there was a time few years ago I wanted to move there. I did not in the end but still I come there quite often and...never say never. #latergram #july2017

GR221 is route that connects Port d'Andatx with Pollenca and it's doable in 8 days. However, don't try to hike there in summer, kids 😅 It's way too hot. But spring or autumn could be beautiful. Oh and this is Cúber lake close to the highest mountain of Mallorca. #latergram #july2017

Well...Mallorca is known to be a holiday destination with lot of hotels and tourist but I knew from the first time that wild camping is possible, yet officially forbidden. And it worked and we woke up at places like that, right on the beach where we could be the first swimmers in the morning. #latergram #july2017

So our plan to hike GR221 very soon turned into wild camping and chilling in the shadow cause well...summer in Mediterranean is not that hiking friendly. But hey, Mallorca has beautiful mountains! #latergram #july2017

I kinda forgot there is something more than instastories and since this is my travel diary, there goes some quick snaps from summer. First Mallorca. Hiking GR221. Not so good idea in July 😅 #latergram #july2017

And of course we needed to spend some time on beach no matter how cold or windy the weather was. So we chose Den Haag with its fancy city beach full of seagulls and kite surfers. I actually spent there more than 7 hours just watching them (both) and sipping wine. Due to this I brought more than one kilo sand in my clothes to Prague. Personal beach, yay! #latergram #holland2017

Rotterdam was on my list even more up than Amsterdam. Don't ask me why. I guess it's the combination of the biggest port in the world with the newest architecture. And here I am. On the trip to the docks, seeing the work behind it and partly feel horrible how we need to import all the stuff from the other side of the world. But my small geographic soul was deeply satisfied counting all the TU on the ships. #latergram #holland2017

And Amsterdam is of course must-see. We spent one night there in Airbnb right in the Red light district and well...interesting experience I would say. #latergram #holland2017

Here we have some dutch stereotypes. We biked to Zaanse Schans from Amsterdam and it was a cool half day trip on our super old school bikes. #latergram #holland2017

Well...I've had a lot of trips in my mind. But this particular one was in my head since 2014. My plan was to go solo and hitchhike all the way but I guess I've grown up. So this is Arnhem in Netherlands. The country that was on my list forever. And finally I could cross it out in June thanks to this short trip. Anyway...Arnhem is a cool city by the Rhine river with a huge ant-eater in the city center. And it was awesome to meet @ichbingurt and @ilseruesink again and had a blast during friday bbq by the river 💛 #latergram #holland2017

So that was Azores...my kind of physiotherapy far far away in the Atlantic Ocean. Very recommended - cheap flights, awesome airbnb's, thermals pools in the middle of nowhere and good local wine. #azores2017 #latergram

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