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Kara Rozansky  T-Rex Creeper 💁🦖👀

restocking the LB sand in my shoes #longbeachnynotcalifornia #sea #surf #winterbeach

Good thing I follow @patrickbokeefe on the Chatter or I’d never know about the cool new Fake Plant Selfie Challenge! #thekidscallthingschallengesthesedaysright?

phantom planet type of night #sunset #sea #surf #CaliforniaHereWeCome #OC

#latergram from my family’s vacation - also @aroz17 and I got to see our parents both be Monica from that #Friends episode in Barbados where playing ping pong gets competitive. #sunset #sea #newportbeach

So this is what it feels like when the Empire invades. #hollywoodchristmasparade #starwars

“Only some of us stay beautiful unless you go and get elastic perjury.” - Angelica Pickles
Happy birthday to this forever young beaut, @patrickbokeefe ! 📷: @seankokeefe #happybirthday @membersonlyusa #rugrats #heyarnold #renandstimpy

Found 2 more reasons why my mom is the best:

1) The Bart Simpson watch I received the day after I lost a tooth but “the tooth fairy” forgot to leave money under my pillow. The following day I woke up to this super cool watch and a written apology from “the tooth fairy.” 😉

2) The green charm that I’ve since lost the necklace chain for came to me because I found it at a garage sale my mom took me to. At the time I thought it looked exactly like the necklace that gave Louise magical powers in the classic movie, Teen Witch, and begged my mom to buy it and she obliged. I still would lose any “top that” rap battle but still appreciate my mom’s support in the endeavor.
Love you, @jroz725 ! #simpsons #teenwitch @robynlively #iwanttobethemostpopulargirl #mom #toothfairy

@patrickbokeefe JUST MADE MY CHILDHOOD DREAMS COME TRUE! An arcade game of our very own no quarters needed!! #rampage #arcade #noquarters

1st time voting in California! 1st time getting an actual sticker for it! 1st time needing to bring an actual study guide with me because holy cow do you have a lot of propositions, LA!

If you need to find your polling place #govote

Hanging with this stylin’ & profilin’ avid reader ☘️ #lifeofdublin

Where we could gaze into the stars and sit together now and forever.
It’s been a well-celebrated & fun-loving Halloween with @patrickbokeefe ! #latergram from getting to see Spiral Hill #nightmarebeforechristmas #halloween

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