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Imma brag on @emrace27 for a second. For those of you who know her, you know that Jesus has instilled a passion for the country of Guatemala within her heart. Not only has Guatemala stole her heart but this handsome young stud has too! This is her sponsor boy whom emily has been sponsoring for almost a year now. I remember when she told me about sponsoring this guy and the emotion of how excited she was! (If you ever want to see her cry tears of joy, ask her about her about him!) Golly God has truly blessed me with an earthly angel I'll tell you what. This woman of God is always trying to do her best at being the hands and feet of Jesus throughout everything she does. (I could brag on her forever but for the sake of the socials I'll end it here.) #wcw #mylady #futurewifey #earthlyangel

Sent off my first letter to this little guy today! Thankful for google translate, and for Groundwork Guatemala allowing me the opportunity to sponser this guy! Jesus, thank you.

Shout out to my lacrosse playing, Reese's peanut butter cup loving, competitive beautiful lady as she competes and makes history today with her team! Go get um Em! :).

Talk about conviction. Although I may not agree with everything that Andy Stanley is saying in this book, one thing is for sure. He is challenging me to let God work not only in my life, but also the lives of those i encounter and interact with. As @randyscottduncan said this morning, "quit playing God." Man, we need to have better faith in him and let HIM work. After all, he specializes in BIG things. Like raising the dead to life and stuff....

"This page has been prepared for future hymnal inserts."

Beyond blessed to have the opportunity to sponsor this little guy! God pulled on my heart when I traveled to Guatemala about a month ago. As I was turning through pages of the sponsorship book, I didn't expect to be pulled towards sponsoring a child at this time in my life, but God moved while I was mindlessly looking through this book. While Looking through and reading about all of these children I saw this little guy giving a grin that I couldn't resist. Little did I know that I would be one of the only men figures in his life. Melkin doesn't have a father in his home (which was not on the sheet of paper that I saw in the sponsorship book).I didn't find this out until hours ago when I had received his packet information, I was heartbroken. I couldn't imagine growing up without a father, a man who loved me unconditionally, who taught me how to ride a bike, use a screw gun, be courageous and a man who set an example for me of what it means to be a man of God. God knew what he was doing when this little guy showed up in front of me, He knew that it was time for me to be challenged and changed. God is going to be challenging me with what it means to be a true example of a Godly man and how to properly display who he is to a boy like Melkin. I'm not perfect nor will I ever be, but my hope is that I can show this boy that there is a man who is perfect and will never leave him no matter what. I want him to know that this father loves him SO much that he would send his own son just to save him. Jesus loves you Melkin Antonio. You are loved by God and although you may never see these words that I am writing right now, I just want you to know that I love you and I am so excited to see the man of God you grow up to be!

Posting A pic of the most beautiful lady in the world and I on this bright Monday morning, because she's my fave! :)

Happy Valentine's Day to the one I get the pleasure of calling my valentine for the rest of my life! ❤

"You are strong, You are sure. You are life, You endure. You are good, always true. You are LIGHT breaking through." Thank you Jesus.
#trychurchagain #Jesuslovesyou

Morning breaky with the boo. ☕️🥞🥓🍳#concolove

Enjoying a nice cup of joe with the fiancé at @alwaysbrewingdet on this Saturday afternoon!

Dat study grind..... #studybreak

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