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Blake Allee  #ToxicFlowers

RIP to a true horror directing icon. #GeorgeRomero
Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, The Crazies, Martin, Creepshow

Watching some Golden Gloves boxing at Indiana Black Expo. #GoldenGloves

Today I am in Michigan City, Indiana with @nikolprieto. I figured we should play some Midwikid, the first rappers I ever saw from Indiana on TV with a music video played on BET regularly.
Not sure what they are up to these days, but their debut album Something Wikid This Way Comes is 15 years old this year. I have never listened to this album before outside of their main single "Like We Sposed Ta" so giving it a fresh spin. #Midwikid

Today's finds at 7-11. The very rare Strawberry Splash #Gatorade, and #JamesHarden Weird Beards

Chinese Lanterns

#Boulderman...Osceola, Indiana

HHGregg Twins #tbt

Ready to hear this new new @greygranite album that came out today!

Even the Chicken Limo can have a rough day sometimes. #ChickenLimo

Always heard about these guys growing up. It's cool to finally get to see them live #BirdmenOfAlcatraz

Happy mother's day mom!

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