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Blake Allee  #ToxicFlowers

Happy birthday to my super awesome, sexy, fun, interesting girlfriend @nikolprieto . Love you, hope you have a great day :)

It was really neat and inspirational to hear Darryl Strawberry preach at The Blended Church today. He was my favorite baseball player as a kid, and did a great job as the guest pastor. Thanks @darrylstrawberry18 and @theblendedchurch for starting my day with such positivity.

Weird to see a White Peacock just roaming the streets of Indiana

Final day of Toys R Us Indianapolis east side. Sad Day. #ToysRUs

Been listening to a lot of Whois Louis the past few days. Always liked his stage presence and sound. Favorite track of his is Pump Ya Fist, overall just a great song. Thanks for the music, memories, and just being a nice guy. Indiana Hip Hop! RIP Brother

His personal drama aside, I really liked a lot of his records. He wasnt affraid to put his emotions into his music. An artist who made albums not just a rapper. RIP XXXTENTACION ...20 years old

Happy 1st birthday to my buddy Romeo...#RomeoLangford #DrHops

Still one of my all time favorite albums. Thanks @nikolprieto for getting these tickets for tonight #HotFuss #TheKillers

RIP Dwight Clark #TheCatch

RIP Robert Indiana #RobertIndiana

Big fan of this Drew Bledsoe & Scary Terry combo #DrewBledsoe #ScaryTerry

Mr Basketball Romeo Langford going to IU!!! #RomeoLangford