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Blair Caldwell  Man gives the award, God gives the reward.


LOVE PROJECT 2018! LA, It’s that time again! I want all my friends to join me in making a difference in the lives of those in need this Valentine's Day. Our goal is to show love in a different way. We will be passing out Love Bags filled with food and hygiene esstentials in the most poverty-stricken areas of Los Angeles. Through this project we hope to inspire people to Love and Choose Love! If you were one of the hundreds of volunteers last year, please come back out and Let’s do it again and make it even bigger and better this year! If your interested and would like to hear more info or join comment email below! LETS GO!!!! @theloveproject18 | video by: @randallchsieh

Music brings people together #jamuary

I couldn’t even pass on it

#merrychristmas 🍂

If this was a single cover what would you name the single?

Being my own test model in my #riverdale tee 👀| @wyattderman behind the camera

Fall colors in full effect last night, also I’m part of the #theredcircle now lol #RIVERDALE

Buy jacket or pay bills? Constantly a question I ask myself

If ii could create a art class 🖍 this is how it would look, who would you add?