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Blaine Fontana  Posting art, design & inspiration. I love sharing my risks, creativity, career milestones & experimentation. PDX,OR - Inquires, sales & love letters:

6 months I began researching a new adventure Van for the fam, after settling on a JDM 1991 Toyota HIACE Super Custom 4WD, diesel moon buggy, 3 weeks ago she finally was ready for pick up. Danny of @vanlifenorthwest is amazing. He spent 3 months searching for one in Japan, imported it, then spent another month restoring and rebuilding this beast. He is the best in the country if you are interested in these. We took “Tsuki Lee” on her first road trip and off-road adventures in the majestic Oregon Gorge this weekend. We can’t express how insanely awesome this van is and the anticipation for further adventures. #vanlifenorthwest #valleygorgehub #orgenismagic #tsukilee #lulutoohottohandle #nikitafontana #blainefontana #thedallesoregon #vanlife #toyotahiace #spacevan #oregonmuraltrail #hiace @steve_t_day

Snuck in one more painting before the end of the year today. A commission that’s been on the books for over a year finally completed for my friends 11 yr old daughter. 48x48” Acrylic on canvas. Happy New Years everyone, thank you all for the support and inspiration in 2018. Be safe out there y’all! 😘#blainefontana

One of the last sections of the 320’ wide mural project I did with @plasticbirdie in The Dalles all through summer and into winter. All our love to Papa Steve Dalles for making this happen. #thehubvalleygorge #valleygorgehub #thedalles #blainefontana #oregonismagic #oregonmurals

#sayulitalife Crawling out of vacation from our little home away from home we have been visiting for many years. Experiencing Dia de los Muertos was a big life ✔️ for me and has shifted my respects for the remainder of my time here as a man.Celebrating and adventuring with besties and lover are unparalleled. @liz_pdx @jayrae25

#home Halfway through a well earned, deserved and needed vacation in our special spaceship by the beach. Surfing, hiking, dancing, with love of my life @liz_pdx , dog loving, Dia De Muertos, sunset rooftops, sand everywhere, new friends, local murals.... y mas y mas. #sayulitasolidario #sayulitalife

Just an average gleeful and proud Saturday morning in The Dalles, OR with the mayor, chamber of commerce and the wonderful staff of @traveloregon at a ribbon cutting ceremony for my #oregonismagic mural and the #oregonmuraltrail project. Without my good peeps at @ffttnw it wouldn’t have been possible. #onlyslightlyexaggerated #thedallesmurals #thedalles #blainefontana #ffttnw

2nd to last day on this 3 month project in The Dalles,OR. Big shouts to my assistants @plasticbirdie @toma_villa_haup @jeffsheridan @liz_pdx @steve_t_day #valleygorgehub #thedalles #oregonmurals #blainefontana

FIN. 25 x 90’ , Aerosol, East wall of The Hub building complete. @plasticbirdie and I collaborated on this extension of the previous 200’ wide North Side wall and am finally crawling into the 3rd and last South wall of 50’. It will measure longer than an American Football field when complete. #valleygorgehub #thedalles #thedallesmurals #blainefontana #plasticbirdie

FIN. 14 x 38’ Aerosol and wee bit of acrylic. Mural for @traveloregon and the Oregon Mural Trail project. This artwork/key frame was pulled from a short animation by Psyop & Sun Creatures studio. Curated by my good friends at @ffttnw and special thanks to @plasticbirdie for helping me see this through. #onlyslightlyexaggerated #traveloregon #thedalles #blainefontana #ffttnw #oregonismagic

Progress on the second of 3 wrap around #valleygorgehub murals with hommie @plasticbirdie in The Dalles, OR.

Back in The Dalles to rip a mural for @traveloregon and the “Only Slightly Exaggerated” mural campaign curated by @ffttnw . #traveloregon #valleygorge #blainefontana #onlyslightlyexaggerated #thedalles #redeckriviera #oregonismagic

Completed #valleygorgehub mural in The Dalles, OR. 24 x 200’, 700 cans of aerosol, 3 weeks in 100+ degree sun, wildfire smoke, 25mph winds and colorful locals. Special thanks to my crew, @toma_villa_haup @plasticbirdie @jeffsheridan and @liz_pdx for the dedicated assistance seeing this through! #blainefontana #thedalles

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