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Blaine Coury  Autodidact, dog lover, entrepreneur with an active lifestyle. I make videos that help other people and companies tell their stories.


#TBT to filming action sports and #wakeboarding before #GoPro and #HD

#panasonic #dvx100 #miniDV #SPLhousings

Long day of filming and have to be back at the airport in a couple hours but there's always time for a little mountain time with my main dude.

Nothing like a technical 8.4 mile trail 🏃 with this guy to reboot and clear the mind. Now let's start this work day!

#trailrunning #germanshepherd #gsd #dogsofinstagram #traildog #CanonTheDog

Perfect day to be outside in #Arizona.

Good ride yesterday.

Those of you who know me well know that owning a newer #Toyota #4Runner has been a goal of mine for quite some time. It's pretty much the perfect vehicle for my lifestyle. And if simply buying one was the only objective, it would have happened years ago. But thanks to a few people in my life like my Dad who taught me buying a brand new car is probably one of the dumbest financial decisions you can make,  my grandfathers and other mentors for reminding me to invest in people and my business first, and @daveramsey for teaching what self-discipline with money looks like, I held out until I could truly afford it. So while it is just a vehicle, it represents a lot more than that to me: The importance of setting #goals, writing them down, working hard towards them every day, creating value for clients, saving, investing and remaining disciplined when you have extra money, and lastly when you hit certain milestones, it's ok to treat yourself.

Let the adventures begin... see you guys on the trails!

#workhardplayhard #livedebtfree #gazelleintense

It is with a heavy heart that I am honored and humbled to be behind the camera today. Rest in Peace Mr. Halle.

#DiscountTire #DTC #LiveTheDream

Had a blast in #StLouis both #filming and watching the audience react to our videos at @united.rentals annual supplier show and management meeting. We love working with clients who know how to put on amazing events for their employees, vendors, and customers. If you put on epic events and need help with the video side if things, hit us up.

#videoproduction #stl #genie #caseconstruction #jlg #djimavicpro #eventvideo #corporatevideo

Wishing YOU a very Merry Christmas!

From #CanonTheDog

Moving markets.

Only on @SouthwestAir

Leaving my client's office at 3:15, I knew there was no way I was making my 4:25p non-stop flight back to Phoenix. With the airport still 30 mins away and a rental car that still needed gas and returning, I begrudgingly opened up the app and changed to a later flight with connections.

No longer in a hurry, I casually walked up to the ticketing agent Amanda who promptly asked for my last name and destination. It was 4:10. She took one look at her screen and said, "Do you still want to try for that 4:25 flight? It hasn't left yet." I said " I know, but my camera bags will never make it." To which she replied "Omaha is a small airport, our guys will get them on there. Here's your boarding pass, if you hurry you can still board with the A's. And by the way, you're getting $8 back." So you can keep your extra leg room and TV's on the other airlines- I'm getting home tonight in time to pick up my dog and eat a healthy home cooked dinner all because an employee actually gave a crap about her customer. Amanda proved to me once again why I love this airline and will choose them over the competition EVERY TIME.

Brands take note, this is how you build customer loyalty. One customer experience at a time.

#southwestairlines #swa #customerservice #teamswa

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