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Material Queen 👸🏼  “Live the life you’d be envious of if you saw someone else living it” Minneapolis ✈️ LA

Emo Night got me back feelin alright 🖤💕 #makeamericaemoagain #backtomyroots

When you’re at @iheartjingleball and don’t care about any of the opening acts #wheresHalsey #popcornforthehaters

My friends already know if they invite me to a themed party, I’m going all out. #santasnewestreindeer #dasherandancerandprancerandvixen

How to stay warm in Minnesota in the winters: drink more beer. 🍻

Don’t let her smile fool you, she fed me dog food as a child 😑 #bigsister

Amazing night seeing @breakingbenjamin with my girl @heymaleee 💕

Berg’s (SECOND) bachelorette party! 💕💍 girl gang strong!

Ignoring the fact that it’s 24 degrees in Minnesota right now 🙃

Talking about how small all these dudes dicks are 👌🏼

Buns on buns on buns 🌭 @kendall_diane

Sundays are for drinking away your hangovers at Vikings Games 😈

When you only get one night every 3 months with your best friend @averyschiff 😠 stop touring so much plz and thx