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Oh look, a Rothko couch...


5 x 8 In.
Ink & watercolor on paper

We did an interpretive dance choreography down Barrow street. Tried to end in a classic dirty dancing lift position but went with this pose instead as our grand finale.

Would this be considered a high-ten, you think?

Guess where I went tonight...that’s right: FUCKING EVERYWHERE! (Because: all access. In case that wasn’t clear) love you so much @pablosnowpatrol 🤗

Who can give you what you think the past deprived you of?
The past is nothing. Do not seek to lay the blame for deprivation on it, for the past is gone. You cannot really not let go of what is already gone. (“A Course in Miracles”)

2 years have gone by in the blink of an eye (and I didn’t even mean to rhyme)

Thin paper.

Super anatomically correct dragonflies 👍🏼 #hyperrealism

4x6 in. Ink on paper -
And because I am a fan of words here is my all-time favorite word to write by hand: “aus” (try it, super satisfying!)

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