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Zachariah "Oldman" Witcher  #singlemoms #cublife #XXX Nashville||Bassist||Mint Music Prod.

I don't get stoked about too much these days. Especially not about waking up "early" for anything. But I've been beyond stoked for the past two weeks to come to this camp and work with these killing lil jazz homies.

I was blown away on day one at how developed some of their skills are. They're doing things now that I didn't learn how to do until I was in college.
It really meant a ton to me to be able to share any knowledge about music I have with these great young musicians. Nashville, you better have your stuff together cus this is the next generation and they're coming for our jobs.
#LittleStoneSummerMusicCamp #LittleStoneMusicCamp #TOTHESTORE

Decided I'm going to actually start doing reviews of the pizza places I go to. Because my gf said I should.
First review is the best pizza spot in Nashville, @slimandhuskys. My absolute favorite pizza in town. Staff is great, they keep the line moving, the vibe is killin. All hip hop, R and B and old black tv shows playing on a projector.
If you live in Nashville and haven't been there you're sleep. If you're from out of town and you're visiting make sure to stop by.
Follow them. Support them.
My vote: 10/10
#pizzagram #pizza #pizzaismygirlfriend #americanpizzacrew #nashville #pizzapixturnmeon

"I'd rather be hard to love than easy to leave. I like being ugly that way if they love me I know that they love me for real."

Rochester• Funk n Waffles• 7.14.17

It took me 25 years to be able to do this and I am beyond stoked right now. This is probably a super simple meal but I don't care. ✊🏾LET ME SHINE ONE TIME HATERS 🙌🏾

When you walk in the venue and Daru says, "You got your axe," you go get it. Always a good time rockin with the homie.
Shout out to the @jamie_lidell camp. Y'all be safe on this next run.

First @dynamomusic gig with the new rig!
Thanks to the @aguilaramp team, Mrs Aggy finally has her other half.
Shout out to @mentalcaseinc @mogamicable @kieselcarvinguitars @m_audio @pedaltrain @vans
#aguilar #aguilaramp #carvin #SB5000 #jazzbass

I actually shed tears.
I was beyond stoked to watch my friends be actual rock stars. Their dreams are coming true and I got to watch kids mosh and yell lyrics and smile and have a great time while my friends were having their own great time. I only cry when I'm happy and I wiped quite a few tears today.
@deathofsweettea @mannyhardman @caasihale @heathen_gang @thecandykaine @gloom_king @colecrutchfield I am beyond proud of all of you. I love y'all.

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My normie band took new pictures the other day and YEA I GOT ON MY CAMO HAT ON AND MY SHIRT GOT DANG ON DEER ON IT CUS IM BLACKNECK!!!!!!
#BlackneckBackAtIt #THESOUTH

This is a picture of my dad. I used to think it was the coolest picture. He told me he was a karate master.

Moville Days with ol Krelsey was a rockin time. Beyond stoked to be a Blue Jean Girl again.

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