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Zachariah "Oldman" Witcher  God First 🙌🏾 POC Stand Strong ✊🏾 The Straight Edge✖️ #pizzaismygirlfriend #americanpizzacrew Nashville||Bassist

Over the river and through the woods
Them boys up to nothing good
Through the woods and over the creek
My brother will always walk with me

The way they walk the way they look
The way they read us like a book
The way they try to cop our style
The way they swoon when them boys smile

No matter what your history
Love and hate, both kin to me
Greatness far as the eye can see
Brothers we will always be

Loyalty Loyalty Loyalty
Cus none of y’all love me as much as she. ▪️▪️▪️ #pizza #pizzagram #instapizza #pizzaismygirlfriend #pizzapixturnmeon #americanpizzacrew #valentinsshmalentines

Today is the day you accept that my girlfriend is better than yours. Today is a day for true love. Today is the day the Lord has made, let us be glad and rejoice in it that Pizza hath been given to us by His divine hands.
No two pizzas are exactly alike but every pizza is perfect in His sight, as well as mine.
I love you shawty. 50 Cent wrote 21 questions and I’m writing our vows. Forever and always. Pizza and me will be. ▪️▪️▪️
#NationalPizzaDay #pizza #pizzagram #pizzaismygirlfriend #americanpizzacrew #pizzapixturnmeon #pizzalover #dailypizza

A top 5 reason to tour. Pizza and root beer. Not pictured - @rootbeer
#pizzagram #pizza #americanpizzacrew #pizzaismygirlfriend #pizzapixturnmeon #nationalpizzadayeve

Wrapping up my vamp week with one of the greatest producers of all time. Vibe for days. Hit you with the whole vamp in the first four bars and you feel it for the next four minutes.
RIP J Dilla.
So Far To Go and a lil bit of my favorite Dilla track ever Session Four.
If you been sleepin on Dilla, shame on you. Honestly, shout out the homie @yebbasmith for putting me on a few years ago. If you dig his vibe check out/go follow my band @_fm_music. Nashville will be seeing a lot more of us in the near future. ▪️▪️▪️ (my apologies for the audio and video falling out of sync..I’m still learning)
Use 🎧 or good 🔉
@kieselcarvinguitars @elixir_strings @mogamicable #SB5000 #jazzbass #bassplayersunited #JDilla #HipHop #RIPJDilla

You are amazing God. You love me when I don’t even love myself, and that’s more often than it should be if I’m being honest.
Anyways, this is possibly my favorite vamp to play ever. Get you a good worship leader, some sangin choir members and a band that’s smackin and I’ll praise His name til the cows join in. I don’t even think you’re allowed to play this vamp for less than 5 mins.
Amazing - Ricky Dillard & New G
Use 🎧 or good 🔉
@kieselcarvinguitars @elixir_strings @mogamicable #SB5000 #jazzbass #bassplayersunited #gospel #gospelmusic #gospelbass

This week is dedicated to: The Vamp. The section of the song that if you give it this title it better be so good you never wanna leave it.
James Brown essentially took “the vamp” and made it his entire song. Lots of his tunes have the A and the Bridge and that’s it. This here bridge may be my favorite James Brown bridge I’ve ever heard. 🔑 to this particular vamp, find the groove, find your part, stay in your lane. If you stretch at all say what little you need to say then get on back in that groove. ▪️▪️▪️
Use 🎧 or good 🔉
@kieselcarvinguitars @elixir_strings #jazzbass #SB5000 #funk #instafunk #bassplayersunited #bassplayer #elixerstrings

Taking time to appreciate a very strong and very hard working sista, my sister from another mister, Stephcynie.
On the grind day in and day out, self determined, kind and loving (and single...if you ain’t trash). Been there for me when I wasn’t there for myself. And she’s been takin care of her own since the day I met her. She’s got my vote to succeed every single day of the year. I get so stoked to see you succeeding sis and I know you’ve got a lot of small and huge victories ahead of you.
#✊🏾 #GirlPower #GirlsRuleBoysDrool #SistaStephcynie #stephsonthemove

The boyz are are back in town and two of em are (still) brown. DynaHomies are in the lab cookin up that good good for ya.
#TheBoyzAreBackInTown #WhatCanBrownDoForYou

Thus far, January has been nothing but getting ready for work, working and trying to make more work for myself.
Writing, producing, practicing and watching videos for inspiration on how to do all of those things better. I am determined to be better.
2018 hasn’t been my “best” friend in these first 16 days by any means but we’re figuring each other out. ▪️▪️▪️
@kieselcarvinguitars @elixir_strings @aguilaramp @cookout #jazzbass #SB500 #aguilaramp #elixerstrings #nashville #BlackneckBackAtIt

Got a call for a last minute demo today from the homie, great song writer/producer @cameronbedell. I am very thankful and blessed to be in a town and in a position where I can get a call and just head to the house to get some work done.
Thanks to everyone that has ever hit me up to work. And for anyone who hasn’t and wants to, LETS WORK!!! I’m here, willing and able. ▪️▪️▪️
#nashville #bass #Pbass #production #songwriting #recording #nashvilleforhire #BlackneckBackAtIt #ImWearingBoots

Want Me Back. The album is Flying by @codyfry. If you haven’t heard it already go check it out. That man is on another level. ▪️
Use🎧 or good 🔉
Shout out: @kieselcarvinguitars @elixir_strings @mogamicable
#SB5000 #jazzbass #funk #nashville #bass #codyfry #flying #nashvilleforhire #instajazz #instafunk #BassPlayersUnited

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