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Zachariah "Oldman" Witcher  #singlemoms #cublife #XXX Nashville||Bassist

You Are - Kirk Franklin "Everything I need, you are. You are my healer. Thank you, Jesus." For the early 2000s Gospel heads. For anyone who's last few days or weeks or months or years haven't felt that great or haven't felt great at all. I'm right there with you and just because this is where we are now DOES NOT mean this is where we will stay. Gods got better plans for me than I can see for myself.
Faith & Trust. Come on in here and get your blessing saints.
#loop #tcelectronics #dittolooper #aguilar #aguilaramp #chorusaurus #SB5000 #jazzbass #improv
@aguilaramp @kieselcarvinguitars @tcelectronic @elixir_strings

Gurlz r00l boyz Dr00L


Shout out @aliensn0t for leaving his @tcelectronic Ditto pedal at my house for a little too long.
Just got back home from a great week and a half out with the boss lady @jessnolanmusic. Unpacked my bags, started some clothes, ate a bagel then I sat down and did this here lil diddy.
This looping business is kinda fun!
#tceletronic #dittolooper #aguilaramp @aguilaramp #chorusaurus @kieselcarvinguitars #SB5000 #jazzbass #improv #loop #PRAISEHIMONTHESTRINGEDINSTRUMENTS

This is the day that The Lord has made. Let us rejoice and eat pizza in His name 🙌🏾 Just played @loufest with the boss lady @jessnolanmusic and now we're trying out @imospizzastl.
Imos is a St Louis staple according to the family were staying with and now I see why. Thin crust is definitely a selling point for lots of people. It's definitely got a unique flavor to it. They use provolone or provel cheese instead of your normal pizza cheeses.
Overall rating: 8/10 only because I'm not a huge thin crust fan. The pizza is bangin though.
#americanpizzacrew #pizza #pizzagram #pizzaismygirlfriend #pizzapixturnmeon

◼️Zachariah Akil Witcher◼️ 26 years of age by the grace of God.
Est 09/07/91.

Today is my wonderful mothers birthday. I love her to no end and would not be anything close to what I am today without her. If you like me at all, you should go on and thank her cus her and God are the reason I am the man I am.
I cannot thank God enough for placing me with her and for giving me the best example I've ever had on how to make it through this life. I definitely grew up knowing right from wrong and was corrected if I acted otherwise. Still to this day she'll let me know when I'm out of line. She also told me she's my ride or die the other day exactly when I needed to hear it.
I am beyond thankful for you maw.
Sorry for the awkward picture..but actually I'm not sorry at all. I live for awkward photos.

Tour with the boss lady is officially #BLESSED 🙌🏾 I thought @bluebellicecream stopped making the banana pudding flavor. I had it once before and thought I would never experience love again.
I found her again in a random gas station in Texas.

Another One. Good lil mornin session with the homies and this here sangin woman, Ms Mad. Check her out RIGHT NOW if you haven't already.
There will be video evidence of the dope beats we made. 📷: @jbjoshblaylock

▪️Good day at the office▪️

Don't wanna cut your own grass? Don't have time? Just a lil pansy boy?

Call 1-800-BLACKNECK

Acceptable Compensation: $50 or $40 and a pizza

Some rock stars are too big for their own britches. Not this one. I can't believe I was finally able to meet the rock singer of revenge season. She was nice and even said, "It's so nice to meet a real fan." I couldn't believe it. She even signed my belly button and now I'm never taking it off or washing it.

Headed out for The Purge

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