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Boom Boom  Princeton grad, criminal defense attorney, loved Manson since I was 5 yrs old 🤘🤘💕💕

He’s was and still is so cute. I would have so dated him in high school days. Hell I would date him now 💕

Had the best time with my friends and wished I didn’t have to leave

Just happy that I didn’t have to drive to Louisiana last night and could spend more time in my hometown

I don’t know how many of you guys remember my car flooded so I bought the black mustang well I didn’t like it and traded it in for this. Sucks cause I have to forfeit my Manson ticket due to going out of town for work but driving this will help my sadness for that. Hell I’ll probably pass the dude on the freeway. Everyone have a great time at the show 🤘

When my friends and family ask me why I love Manson so much I just say don’t ask questions just understand it🤘

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