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Alonzo Anderson 

49 years ago today in the face of incredible oppression and racism, two Brave, great American, PATRIOTS took the platform on the worlds biggest stage raised their voices so that the voiceless could be heard. They risked everything and lost a lot but their gesture did so much for so many.

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So guess who visited with me at the office today? I was honored to meet and chat with a living legend. The Olympic Gold Medalist, track and field hall of famer, civil rights activist and educator Ralph Boston. I had the opportunity to talk with him for about an hour today and we discussed a myriad of topics, most notably, the controversy surrounding Kaepernick and the athletes kneeling. Now here is a guy who stood at the forefront of the athletic civil rights movement alongside Olympic legends like Muhammad Ali, Bob Beamon, John Carlos and Tommy Smith. He was very open and honest with me about his feelings on the issue of kneeling and the national anthem. What he said me totally crystallized the issue in my mind. He recalled growing up in Mississippi at the height of Jim Crow, how he and other athletes had to train with no equipment, or had to make their own equipment (hurdles etc.) while the white athletes had everything they needed provided. But at the same time they had to go to Rome to represent the USA in the Olympics. After winning the Gold Medal in the Long Jump he told me about how he, Muhammad and the other black medalists sat around and discussed how they would have to go back America and "be niggers again". Hit me like a ton of bricks. They went to Rome and represented the USA with honor against the world only to go back home and have to deal with the constant racism and oppression. He spoke of how, as a Gold Medalist, he still couldn't stay in the hotels with the white athletes or eat in the same restaurants or had to step aside or take off his hat when a white person approached him on the street. He was there in Mexico City when John Carlos and Tommy Smith raised their fists. He understands the kneel and what it truly represents. Speaking with this man was such an honor and I was humbled to hear him tell his stories. I won't soon forget it. And oh, by the way, he is also a scratch golfer and invited me to play a round with him so that he could "take my money". I told him "it's on!"

We have!!!!

Now for some good news: I have been asked to join the writing team for season two of "MUSIC & MURDER" which is the #1 original urban drama streaming on Amazon (over 1.5 Million mins streamed!). The brainchild of Producer/Writer/Director Greg Galloway., the show is an intriguing mystery that is sure to grab your attention. I am excited to get to work with Greg and his talented team as we will build upon season one as the stakes get raised and the tension tightens. Give it a look today on Amazon!!

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