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Youre the apple to my pie

There's something both frightening yet so very comforting about darkness, they way it hugs every curve of your body. How it forgives those mountains an plagues that day light does not.
In darkness you can hide, you can hide from pretty much anything. So you turn off the lights an you won't have to look in the mirror, if you shut the blinds it'll seem like sunlight stopped shining for everyone else too, and its quiet, its dark and its lonely... But here's the thing its not forever this life of yours will not be defined by the moment in which you cease to exist. You can't see it now but its got chapters an volumes an sequels an a future and that body your cloaking in the shadows is carved with so much beauty. In the fog your forgetting how bewitching your mind is, one of a kind, irreparable. In the darkness you can't see any of light it up and ignight that spark. Its not about being happy all the time its about recognizing those moments in which you feel alive, goosebumps crawls up your arms, an you can't help but smile , its the feeling when you hear that song on the radio you were just thinking about, when youre running so fast you feel like you can actually taste your heart beat. When those singular moments feels so good an feels as if your soul is rising out of your body and looking down saying remember this, this moment this is who you are you're not your grades, or your jean size or anxiety or depression, you're not your past, you're not defined by a number or a phrase or a moment. Your a light a sparkling, dazzling, electrifying glow an you burn brighter than the. darkness of your shadows the darkness will return that's fact an youre gonna have a moment of weakness, you'll sit there wondering where that light's the secret the you an nobody can take that away from you.

you're beautiful the way you are



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