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Black Marble - NYC Band  Thoughtful sneezer. for US booking. for EU booking.

“LA Flows Harder”

Dudes being dudes

Well, there she is, looking like something out of an Antonioni movie in what I will guess is 1966. I think maybe my Dad was in Vietnam when this was taken, and I credit him making it back in one piece in no small part to having this to come home to. That’s my oldest brother Kevin btw. West Point New York there in the background. Happy Moms Day to all the Moms but mostly just to mine.

Am enjoying this very much 2dae. Not sure what it has to do with Mother’s Day but maybe I’ll #mothersday so more people see it. Check it out moms. Solid New Zealand post-punk to listen to in your new sweats on your new iPhone or whatever u got.

This is how you rock without the devil getting you.

Idk about the Arctic Monkeys music one way or the other but I’m down w/ these slacks

Best ever

Hey I’d like to focus group these shirts real quick, should I make these?

Don’t sell drugs kids.

Album art is done for next LP. Sick cutout game has been stepped up. Who cares about foil this is pop-up level artistry fam.

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