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Black Love Docuseries  Married filmmakers @codieco & @producertommy capturing love stories from the Black community. Seeing IS believing. BlackLoveDoc.com

Go have some fun with your partner!!!!⠀
Make memories, enjoy moments, talk + listen, have fun, and change it up!!!⠀
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What are your weekend plans?!⠀

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Hey #CoupleCrush 👋🏽😍 Can we just share this couple, Kristel and Jason David, with y’all for a moment!
We love the way they admire, celebrate, support, and motivate each other from the business, to marriage to parenting as teammates. Kristel even uses her platform @wifecomplex to share honest moments of insight that she has learned in her marriage!
Jason wrote at the top of the year in a note to Kristel, “thank you for trusting me and pushing me to be the best version of me” — this is a recurring gem we keep hearing nestled in the foundation of happy marriages!

Kristel has also shared, “I love how me and hubby are standing side by side but standing firm in our own. It’s so important to marry someone who lets you be YOU”
This couple has 4 daughters and one on the way, have been married eight years and make “married with children” just so cool 😍🔥
Just sharing these gems and highlighting this couple on this #CoupleCrushThursday
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Soooooo, seriously, when is it OK to bring these topics up because it IS a pretty vital question? 🤷🏽‍♀️ #inspiredby @blacklovebible Let's talk about it! 👇🏾

Did you feel like you were ready to get married? What did you do to prepare yourself mentally? Let’s keep this transparent Tuesday going. Comment below! #BlackLoveDoc #blacklovemagic #blacklovematters #blacklovestories #ourconversations #letstalk

This #TransparentTuesday reflection is from @BrandiChantalle 🙌🏾:
"How my husband and I "got over:" We spit venom, temporarily. We wagged fingers, temporarily. We cried (a lot), temporarily. We called it quits, temporarily. We sought vengeance, temporarily.

Then we recalled the permanence of what we agreed to (before ever making it down the aisle), and we stood in our choices. We accepted that our bad choices were as temporary as the emotions that prompted them and not a reflection of who we are. If anything, those choices just represent how reckless we can be when we're crazy enough to forget the abundance we've been blessed with.
So, we chose our family. We chose each other - on purpose. And then we committed to getting out of our own way, so that the light could reemerge. We called a spade a spade and recognized we were flawed and susceptible to the generational curses of our ancestors. We worked on (*are still working on) changing our internal dialogue. We cut ties with anyone who didn't uphold the sanctity of what we were building. We had the conversations that we'd been avoiding - the ones that hurt temporarily but served a greater long term purpose. We chose trust and believed each other and the things expressed during that conversation. We sought guidance in the form of ministers, therapists, and close friends, all the while praying like we were drowning.

Not so coincidentally, it was during our darkest hour that I was assured Chris was supposed to become my husband. I've been hurt before. I've felt betrayal and disgust and anger toward my partner. What I've never had in midst of those emotions was a man with a prayer and the wisdom to lean on God. That's what kicked my butt down the aisle like, "Girl, you better keep him!" So, we're here now. On the other side of the broom. In therapy and whatever other forum helps us see ourselves and build this kingdom up. Steadily reminding each other that we're on the same team and continuously apologizing like we mean it. Because we finally do." The realness in this reflection is loud and clear. 💪🏾♥️ intentional love and partnership. #blacklovematters #blacklovemagic #blackloverealness #TransparentTuesday

We are talking about money on a Monday. SWIPE LEFT!! And read this couple's story!! #mondaymotivation
from @djbanke and @herown_a

"34 months after embarking on the journey to free ourselves from DEBT, we have completely paid off all $161,842.29 of our debt and are finally DEBT FREE!!!! Our debt included, student loans, loans for our cars and our credit cards. We started this journey because we realized if we sacrificed for a short period of time, we would never have to sacrifice again. If we could tell our money where to go, rather than wondering where it went, we could create a bright future for ourselves. Most importantly, we embarked on this journey because we realized that we could place ourselves in a position to be a blessing to our family, that have sacrificed so much for us.⠀
Throwing thousands of dollars a month at debt, declining invites from friends and family, driving a mediocre car, and some of the other sacrifices we had to make took a bit of getting use to. However, it was worth every sacrifice to watch what was once a dream of being debt free become a reality. -⠀
Most common question through this process was how: The honest answer is SACRIFICE and DISCIPLINE. We lived well below our means (we lived on 33% of my husbands income, and put the remaining plus ALL of my income toward our debt) and delayed on the things we wanted and only focused on what we needed.⠀
The second factor that was important for achieving this goal was the power of US. We embarked on this journey while we were still engaged with the clear understanding that there was no “your loan vs. my loan.” It was OUR DEBT. When two people come together with a common goal, there is no limit to what they can achieve."⠀

— ⠀

We applaud these two!!! For transparency, partnership and discipline 🙌🏾♥️ #blacklovematters #blacklovemagic #blackwealth #partnership

Because the weekends are for smiles, laughs, loves + moments #blacklovematters #blacklovemagic #mood #weekend #family #blackfamiliesmatter #welookgoodasaunit ♥️😄⠀

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Do you have a story to share?? We want to hear it! Go to blacklovedoc.com and share it with us!! #MOOD
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How do you talk about parenting before becoming parents?! This can be a big transition for any couple, and there are so many levels!! #blacklovematters #blackfamiliesmatter #sharesomegems 📷: @koolque

How long have you been married?! We want to know!!! Tell us in the comments 👇🏾 ⠀

📷 @kelbpics
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We need tips!! We have gotten this question a few times from newly wed couples or couples trying to expand their families! #blackloverealness Has anyone else ever worried about this?! #blacklovematters #keeptheadventure #blackmarriage #blacklovedoc #ourconversations #ourstories 📸 @aandsaroundtheworld

Marital bliss lives where two people understand the real commitment they embrace to constantly learn each other, love each other + grow together. ⠀

What did you think marriage was going to be like? How did you bring yourself into the reality of your marriage? Share with us! #blacklovedoc #blacklovematters #blackmarriagesexist #blacklovemagic #blackloverealness

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