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Instead of Crying "black lives matter" over things like last post Arabs still enslaving black ppl ...boycott every Halah food cart and especially them 24hour stores that sell that nasty ass chopped cheese ..we the biggest customer in the hood cuz most Dominicans Naturally practice #GROUPRCONOMICS and walk by 2 ak stores to spend w someone who look like them!!! BY 3 months there won't be a 24 hour Arab store in no hood! 🚨🚨 but this is social media so ppl say and post the latest thing Trending for Attention 🚨🚨🌟🌟🌟🚨🚨🚨from @blackwallstchallenge - Ima just leave this right here...Ponder that🤔🤔🤔🤔 #BlackWallstChallenge #BlackDollarsMatter365 #BlackBusinessesMatter #IssaRealInternetChallenge #BuyBlack #BankBlack #InvestBlack #ShopBlack #BoycottTheNFL - #regrann

I don't even know how can you follow someone that does NOT follow you back #notlol🚫😂🚫😂🚫😂 I'm not a fan😭😭😭😭😭😭@Regranned from @ryandaviscomedy - Getting #naked is not a #talent. Somebody has to tell the #truth #Lmao - #regrann

#FLATEARTH 🚫🌎from @streetwearaddicts714 - So magical... They go ape shit when you lift the veil to their sci-fi space beliefs. Haven't seen this much 🌍🐒 defense since my last account. Anything to hold onto their spinning oblate Pearoid. 😈 #SatellitesDontExist #SpaceTravelsAHoax #GravityIsAHoax & I already know your model of #earth. 😉 - #regrann

So this is why I'm seeing this on my timeline ... #kimkardashian spoke up

#blacklivesmatterToWHOM ? #DrClaudAnderson VOICE even the "woke" ppl be half sleep 🐑 😴! See y'all black Friday 🚨#Rp @mysonnenygeneral - #Staywoke 👀 @falcon0317 - @queen.of.kek and @mustang_major_of_marine_corps OP reality check continues. Share the fuck out of this and get BLACK LIVES MATTER to talk about this!!! Get @breakfastclubam to talk about this. Get @balleralert to talk about this. @tamikadmallory @mysonnenygeneral @cthegod @kaepernick7 #IslamicSlaveTrade #ArabSlaveTrade #LibyanSlaveTrade #RealityKek #OperationRealityKek #BLM@queen.of.kek -

Ppl need to relax w that meek comparison! Yes 2/4 Years is bad for him and that old case.But life or 51 years and for what she did and been thru is NOT THE SAME! ...always if everybody drop $10/20 & a support letter/email I'm sure she won't feel forgotten 👍👍

OK THIS CASE 14 years old? But who had a phone and surf the net for news back then? (I had a beeper 12 years ago ) now is when ppl like Rihanna famous or Loopy blogger hood famous or ya neighbor w 100,000 followers cuz she near nude can use their social media platform to Post some news and information too (I like the funny posts too tho and looking at 🎂) but you Really 🐑😴 if you think ppl are "sucking dick" by posting this cuz of meek (someone said that in her post) but look at #MaxB gave dude 75 years ...and after like a decade his appeal went thru and he be home soon ..aka SHE have a chance too ..she just going to need extra support and professional help ..like ppl make $10hour or no income ..So if a dude post "$18/20hr to work in century 21 type store ya 16yr old will meet up w them ..like the missing girls from Bronx and uptown early this year ! 💭 Only if you what to sign the petition the link is in >>> 🚨🚨 @siriusknowledge 🚨🚨 <<< BIO #Repost and share this Like y'all did #MeekMill ! 2-4 Years don't seem that bad no more

#FLATEARTH 🚫🌎 #moonlandinghoax #Repost @truth_is_my_religion
Once you realize NASA lies, you begin to question everything about space. - #regrann

👀👀💡💡💡💡💡- Your body will give you warning signs ⚠️ if something isn’t right within, one of them signs is unhealthy skin/acne, If your organs like the colon and kidneys are blocked because they're full of starches, drugs and meat your body will try to release the toxins through your body’s biggest organ the SKIN and for the ladies the worst thing you can do is band aid it with make up which has even more chemicals and blocks the pores and stop the toxins from releasing. You must start by fixing your diet and giving your body the nutrition it needs and start the cleansing from the inside out. Via: @mosi_shabaka
I get questions all the time about how to clear the skin. Most people ask me, what herb can I take. There is no herb that is going to miraculously clear your skin while you are still consuming junk. The first rule, is to go completely alkaline vegan and take lots of Irish Sea Moss, I take around 7 size 0 capsules a day. Via: @alkaline_vegan_news
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Always SOMETHING at church ⛪👊👊From @theshaderoom - TSR STAFF: Talia O. @theclosetratchet
What's done in the dark will always come to the light, y'all. Three pastors out of Ohio who have been accused of exploiting and abusing teen girls were indicted on federal child sex trafficking charges on Wednesday.
According to the @nytimes, Kenneth Butler, 37; Anthony J. Haynes, 38 and Cordell Jenkins, 47, were accused of sexually assaulting a girl back in 2014 who was 14 years old at the time. Some of the abuse is suspected to have taken place at various hotels as well as Greater Life Christian Center in Toledo where Haynes preached. He allegedly recorded some of the acts on his phone.
According to prosecutors, Haynes gave the girl hush money and pleaded with her to keep the abuse under wraps, because his reputation was at stake. Haynes "facilitated" more abuse from several other men including Jenkins. Prosecutors say that he repeatedly, sexually exploited the girl in his office at Abundant Life Ministries, his home and a motel in Toledo. Jenkins reportedly recorded the acts and paid the girl hush money as well. He is also being indicted on charges from abusing a second young girl.
Butler who was the pastor of Kingdom Encounter Family Worship Center in Detroit just an hour away from Toledo was indicted on sex trafficking charges of a third young girl. According to court documents she was--(View more at TheShadeRoom.Com!) 📸: @gettyimages - #regrann

#WHEREwasGOD ❓ - The body of Father Archambault was found in his home after being murdered. The pedophile priest, who was forgiven by the Catholic Church after he admitted to raping 26 children, was found in his Massachusetts home, stabbed to death. His body was found bound and gagged by his brother after he missed a scheduled Mass at church, according to police records. Police believe he had been tortured before he died by "more than one assailant", who had stabbed him several times in the chest and also "removed" his genitals. He is believed to have died of his injuries after a "very large blade" - most likely a machete - was inserted into his rectum in its entirety, fatally damaging several of his internal organs.Father Archambault was accused of abusing 29 children on multiple occasions with victims ranging from 5 to 11-years-old.The Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield received a number of complaints against the priest prompting an investigation by the Vatican under Canon law.
Of the 29 complaints, the church only investigated 26 of them after deciding there wasn't enough evidence to pursue 3 of the claims.Due to the Catholic Church's internal investigation protocols, the case was tried under Canon law which operates outside of the boundaries of the regular law.The Vatican decided this was a church matter, telling families there was "no need for the police." Father Archambault admitted to the remaining charges from 26 victims but claimed that he didn't rape them as "they all consented to it." Despite the youngest child being just 5-years-old, the Cannon court accepted that the children consented to sex with the 42-year-old priest and ruled that he didn't rape them. Although he wasn't charged with child abuse, the judge declared that having sex with all those children was a "grave sin" and "must not go unpunished." As "punishment" for his crimes, the priest was forced to take paid leave and was sent to a retreat in Alabama for a month to seek forgiveness through "prayer and penance." He was killed shortly after returning from the retreat. Families of the victims were outraged by the church's handling of the case and tried to launch an appeal @jone_sy2

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