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💚 “Smokey” Emerald green hoodie heru dress
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You’re Not Stuck
You’re just committed to certain patterns of behavior because they helped you in the past. Now those behaviors have become harmful than helpful. The reason why you cant move forward is because you keep applying an old formula to a new level in your life. Change the formula to get a different result. Redirect yourself stop recycling generational curses as common generators 🎰🎯

🌾🌸Spring breezing💫 eminent weather does the soul, skin, mood, endorphins and overall well being some good.. . 🙌🏾🌼🍃

4/24 Yesterday was my birthday I turned 41. After this year y’all may wanna keep up since I probably wont tell u my age again 😏 No school, no work just me and the gifts I birthed life into. We were alot too comfortable to post socially. 💫😁🥰😂 my grand baby flew in to see me with her mommy and auntie yesterday. I gave life to four daughters 25,22,21, 13 and an only son that’s 8. It’s hard to get everybody together at one time, two of my daughters don’t care for social media much 🤩🥳

#Repost @rich_porter305
@tunecore sent me a check for $2600 in download sales. I just wanna thank all my supporters and people that genuinely listen to my music. @totabossbx keep going @spliffydoe keep gassing @litomixedit thanks for mixing the main records @yrnnocap thanks for engineering @blackjellibean thanks for believing in me @anthound30 keep going. We work hard as independent artist and they overlook us in our own city but don’t let that stop you cause it’s 2 billion people in China that love hip hop lol. Shot out to those in South Africa that fuck with me 💯 I love y’all so much. Moral of the post is fuck who don’t support you or show you love cause there’s people out there that see your grind from a million miles away. Keep god first and make sure them kids str8 and I promise everything will eventually work out. Fuck the people that don’t repost your music , fuck the people that don’t come to your shows , fuck the people that jam to other artist when they supposed to bump your shit like its platinum, fuck the promoters that don’t wanna pay. It don’t matter only thing matter is that you never give up or fold. Love Honor Respect. God will rise again!

Sometimes I feel 🥰like people forget that part. Keep in mind that what they call the Middle East is an invention. It is a concept created by European scholars in order to separate Kemet from Africa and its people. They use it to connect Kemet to the people who live out Africa. But for those who studied history, they know that the ancient people of the middle east were the enemies of the Kemites. So, putting them together does not make any sense. The Kemites were related to the people who lived in the south and the west, in other words, the Africans. Their Kings came from these Africans lands. Not from the Middle East. 💫Rebranding Africa💫

These days the energy I possess is very sensitive due to the process of my own healing. I can not afford being around anything or anyone that isn’t in alignment of my healing. I don’t need an infection interrupting the process. Healing is way more important than losing a couple friends or people that are upset to see changes. Eventually all things fall into place. Until then laugh at the confusion live in your moments and know everything happens for a reason.🖤💝

Take a picture and get a hot video 😩😂 from Bobby 😊🖤⭐️💪🏾 my favorite place is wingstop I had it twice in one day Lol.
My🤰🏽babies. I’m missing my oldest child in the pics and her daughter Luke
Affirmation: always show appreciation.
What’s taken for granted will eventually be taken away. Then you end up missing most of what you least appreciated 💛💝 Always family first stuck like gorilla 🦍 glue🤞🏾
💫😁such an awesome crew

The 🥰GLOW Hit different when God covers your Peace from repugnant beings

⚓️Do whatever floats your boat Just don’t try to sink mines 🏯💫 #thermal #weather

how YOU lay up on your Mans kitchen counter after cooking him a mean meal 😏giving him hints your next on his menu #DirtiDiana #DoubleD #trending #women

As soon as you start studying the true History of Africa and its people, there are many evidences that start to appear. In the western cultures, we see many creations, movies with incredible characters, features. Their creators are called "geniuses"! But when your eye is used to the African History, you can notice where these people got their inspiration from. In the African world, these people are real, but in the western cultures, they are fantasy characters. The same tribes who are called retarded, become "amazing characters" and their "creators" are called geniuses when it's introduced differently by non African people... 💫Rebranding Africa💫
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