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Black Jaguar-White Tiger  The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation. Changing the world one Miracle at a time...


Cielo looks like a Snow Panther with so much dry grass because of the cold weather. And Ma-Tzu came to give dad some kisses...
La Cieli parece Pantera de las Nieves con tanto césped seco...
#Cielis #Matzu #SaveJaguars

Thank you for helping us continue doing miracles. Your support is what makes the difference. Active link on our bio. Blessings...
Gracias a su apoyo, podemos hacer muchísimos milagros. Ustedes hacen la diferencia. Link activo en nuestro bio :) Mil Gracias :)

Freshly arrived from Los Cabos, thanks to @profepa_mx in hands of an incredible agent Saul Colin Ortiz. One of many surprises arriving this week. His name will be Bare after Curran’s grandfather nickname (His dad’s real name is Barry)...
Recién llegado de Los Cabos gracias a @profepa_mx Un tremendo trabajo de Saul Colin Ortiz y su equipo inquebrantable. Una de muchas sorpresas de esta semana. Su nombre es Bare en honor al papa de Blake, el abuelo de Curran :)
#SaveLions @profepa_mx #KingBareBJWT

Part 2: The other side of the Jaguar. A Jaguar is a Jaguar is a Jaguar...
#Matzu #Cielis #SaveJaguars

Next time you see Cielo, Ma-Tzu, Kal, Michael, Sol, Jade, Cata and the rest of our 20 Jaguars, please remember that they are 1/5 of the size of a Lion or a Tiger and look what they can do. These beings are not to be kept as pets. I rescue them from people that have them as pets so I give them all my Love since we are stuck with each other for the next decades. To me, with more than 300 Big Felines under my watch, it’s simply inconceivable that someone would want them in their lives. Look what a glorious video via @natgeo by @bertiegregory A Jaguar is a Jaguar is a Jaguar...
#Repost @natgeo
Video by @bertiegregory. A huge male jaguar pulling a caiman out of the water up a slippery, muddy river bank in the northern Pantanal, Brazil. This jaguar demonstrated the meaning of the term power dragging this 8ft long, armour plated, 74 toothed, chunk of contracting muscle out of the water and into the bushes. Shot for a new jaguar TV show with @stevewinterphoto which premiered on Sunday evening on @natgeowild in the US (other territories coming soon!). Huge thanks to the awesome team @natgeo! Also check out this month’s issue of National Geographic Magazine for @stevewinterphoto ‘s jaguar story. Follow @bertiegregory to see more jaguars!
#SaveJaguars @bertiegregory

The main languages spoken by our Lovely followers. So when you see that I only have space (Where the caption goes) to write in English, you understand my logic. Otherwise, 99 percent of the time I write both in English and Spanish...

Leopard and Jaguar :)
#Dharmis #Matzu

Yoda learned from Nanny Eli in Stage 0.5 :)
#Repost @wildlives
Afraid of the jedi, these Vid by @adventures_of_crockett_tubbs

Dog of the year...
Vid by @knsfarm


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