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1st Name BLACK last Name GYPSY  consultant :kənˈsʌlt(ə)nt/ A person who provides expert advice professionally.

Creative adult is the child who survived. #BLACKBMXGANG @lolie_darko #watchthisspace

Yesterday was fun, while @marchenoir_paris was in Africa eating some coconut 🤣😂, we were in narrow street of Paris jazzy it up for this campaign shoot. This is how we do it at [the agency Mnoir+Acf] #noblesoulmen

It’s a wrap. #noblesoulmen #Mnoir+Acf [the agency]

Shooting day. #noblesoulmen Mnoir + ACF [the agency]

Deadline: from Australian night, Paris sunny day, London cloudy to hot Africa. #Mnoir+ACF(TheAgency) #noblesoulmen

Modern day Bill himself mr @ijessewilliams checking out Avec Ces Freres AW17 (Tropical Cowboys) #Billism

Foundation Cartier tonight. #originalBillsOfBamako #MalickSidibe

NOT FOR FASHION: The Bills developed their own argot called Hindoubill (or Hindubill). The origins of this name are obscure, but may relate to either the Hindi films occasionally shown in Kinshasa, or to the Bills conflating the Native American "Indians" of "Cowboys and Indians" with the Indians of India (à la Columbus' mistake). #THISISFORTHECULTURE

WAY OF LIFE. The Bills dressed in cowboy outfits (kerchiefs, jeans and shirts) sold in Kinshasa. The names of the 'territories' for each gang echoed those of the Western United States (Texas, Santa Fe), and the gangs themselves were usually named after their territories (such as the "Texas Bills"), but occasionally strayed outside the Western United States pantheon (such as "Godzilla"). Some commentators have suggested they provided a street-level counterpart to the more refined and overtly political anti-colonial struggle that was then being fought by some of the évolués (the middle class educated elite). Thankx to @unitedarrowsandsons for constantly supporting the culture. #thisisnotfashionthisCULTURE

Avec Ces Freres AW17 inspired by works of the photographer Jean Depara. Who documented Billism movement during 1950s in Congo.

Bills were gangs of teenagers that dressed in cowboy outfits and went against the current political view.They wore cowboy hats that were brown and had cowboy boots. From 1957 to 1959, half a dozen movie theaters opened in the "African" neighborhoods in Léopoldville (the city was segregated into African and European areas). The majority of Léopoldville's population was under 20, and most of these youths were educated to only primary level, since the colonial government reserved most of the secondary school places for Europeans. Poor education resulted in large scale unemployment, and, with little else to do, the youths began to make the theaters their meeting points. They were particularly drawn to Western movies, and "Billism" began to incorporate many of the motifs into their lives. The portrayal of Buffalo Bill in the movies was especially appealing partly because of the similarity to hunter heroes of Congolese culture. The character of Buffalo Bill had already appeared in over 20 films by that time, but the most influential movie is thought to be 'Pony Express', where Charlton Heston played Bill. #JeanDepara

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