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@fullerquest - #Repost @rdf_007
“The purposes of a persons heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out”
~proverbs 20:5 •This scripture always spoke to me 💎
•Have you ever took time to think about the assignment that you came here with?
•No one made me aware that I should be searching for a purpose in my heart (mind) •>Once I discovered who I was⚡️ & who’s I Am💫👑 I began the search the waters deep for my gifts and assignment it became clear it would take Insight 👁not EYEsight👀 ••> Now that’s tough work indeed, INsight requires honest self perusal🔦but self manifesting is essential for success💯
•••> This is the nature of my conversation with my Sun as we pass Lady Liberty 🗽 Making him to know He carries a gift connected to his Divine Work!!That’s what a man does•••> help elevate his seed and the next generation in general higher✨💫💫 #knowledge #leadership #planneraddict #selflove #blackmen #blackfathers #photooftheday #conscious #higherself #highervibrations #higherconsciousness #vegan #wisdom #fullerquest - #regrann

There nothing like holding your baby for the first time @thablackcord - 👶🏽❤️
Father’s reaction the first time he holds his baby girl 😭
[cc: @kingofstyle1990 📱]
#BlackFathers - #regrann

@coreypaulmusic - We killin ALL the Daddy & Daughter dances bruh! Ya know, one she can walk and stuff. 🤩👼🏽 - #regrann

@mu.shabazz - You’ll never be able to be perfect, just make sure that your always there. #FatherHood #BlackFathers #Father - #regrann

😂❤❤ @vincentbcurry - I love this. Brought back a few memories. #blackfathers #blackfamily - #regrann

Regrann from @thedadgang - Take notes fellas. ✍🏾Peep how @wizkhalifa commands his son’s attention without raising his voice or using any aggression. He was calm, patient and explained his reasoning clearly and was then able to continue combing his son’s hair without any resistance. That’s #dopedad ish right there.
The manner in which we choose to assume authority and the tone in which we speak to our sons is vital to the development of their own style of communication as they become men. We don’t need any more boys growing up to be “angry black men”....we see how far that’s taken us. So let’s step our DAD game up. Let’s build a generation of young men that can command attention without force and respect authority without being defiant. Communication is 🔑.
We see you WIZ! #TaylorGang X #DadGang 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

@thelewis_show - I want to touch on consistency, persistence and perfection, these things do not go hand in hand.
We try our hardest but still want more, and more. (Thanks Social Media 🙄) It’s OK to want more in your life, set and achieve your goals, AND continue to be thankful for what we have and where we came from.
I posted this pic to remind me that not everything turns out the way you want, but it’s the hard work and experience you learn from.
I got my makeup done, we rented this chair, the kids were all excited and Boom 💥 my dressed ripped all the way down. It was hot, Zen’s sweater was navy blue, Cita’s beads were pink.. it just was a mess. So we never posted it, but then I look back and I’m like it’s ok. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s the persistence, and consistency that creates our wisdom and gratitude. 🙌🏽🙏🏽💪🏽 #happyworkingwednesday #KeepPushing #WakandaForeverTho ☝🏽😝 @mrthelewis_show - #regrann

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