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Black Diamond Equipment  We share the same experiences that you do on rock, ice & snow and these experiences push us to make the best gear possible.

The new BD Ultralight Ice Screws are crucial for fast and light objectives in the mountains. Weighing in at 45% lighter than our Express Screws, the Ultralight Screw combines a steel tip with an aluminum body and forged aluminum hanger that features two clip-in points. The innovative wire-gate Express handle shaves more weight and also clicks open and closed. The Ultralights are also easily identified by length with the classic BD color scheme. ⠀⠀⠀
Check them out, link in profile. ⠀⠀⠀
#liveclimbrepeat @bozemanicefest⠀⠀⠀
Photo: @jakobschweighofer

BD Athlete @michael.barney and legendary ski photographer @jeffcricco share a backyard in Southern Colorado, frequently referred to as the San Juan Mountains. Here at BD, we think that’s pretty neat. Happy Friday! May your weekend be fluffy and deep! Live.Ski.Repeat. #liveskirepeat

Our heritage at Black Diamond is rooted in alpinism and ice climbing. Over the years, we’ve consistently changed the game by designing and engineering innovative climbing equipment built for frozen mountains and waterfalls. From the world’s first carbon fiber ice tool, now known indelibly as the Cobra, to the revolutionary tapered Turbo Ice Screw, we have continuously developed gear that enables winter climbers to push further and higher into the mountains. ⠀

Shop our Ice Climbing Collection, link in profile.
#liveclimbrepeat Video: @jakobschweighofer

2,900 FEET... I can’t stop thinking about this monster... How incredibly mind boggling it was. The distance was so awesome, in the true sense of the word. I wish it was easier to truly depict the magnitude of this highline, but photos and videos just don’t do it the justice it deserves. Standing there at the anchor, looking across at the blurry anchor nearly 1 kilometer away, then looking 700 feet straight down the edge of the cliff... ⠀

Here is some reference to how long this line is: ⠀

• See those yellow flags? Each one marks 50 meters/ 165 feet!!! The compression of the camera lens makes them appear closer together. ⠀
• At the average walking speed of 5km/hr (3mph) on solid ground, it would take you 12 minutes to walk this far. It would take you 36 seconds driving in a car at freeway speeds!⠀
• This line is 888 meters / ~2,900 ft long. ⠀
2,900 ft = ⠀
85 school buses front to back
10 football fields
4,640 pencils
29 blue whales ⠀
—BD Athlete @handsomerobinson
Photos: @aidanwilliamsphoto

From stocking stuffers to holiday stokers and everything in-between, we've got the gear to keep them sending all year long.⠀

Shop now, link in profile.⠀

Photo: @tedhesser

That feeling when the weekend is coming and there's snow in the forecast... ⠀

#liveskirepeat Photo: @louisarevalo

Hoping for this and lots of it this season. ⠀


Photo: @jeffcricco

What a fight it must have been for BD Athlete @adam.ondra to say Belly Full of Bad Berries (5.13) was one of the biggest fights of his life... ⠀

He sent this overhanging offwidth second try.⠀ #liveclimbrepeat
Photo: @bernardo_gimenez

Six pitches of pure joy with some spicy runouts for BD Athlete @babsizangerl on her recent send of Sangre de Toro (8b+/5.14a). Sounds pretty good... yeah Babsi! ⠀

#bebabsi #liveclimbrepeat
Photo: @paolosartophoto

BD is choosing to #optoutside and we will be closed today. See you out there!⠀

Here, a new hard addition to Little Cottonwood Canyon brought to you by BD Designer Brent Barghahn, Slayer (5.13), which he recently sent over an extended work lunch break. He describes it as the weirdest hard line in the canyon, mostly bolt protected with a few cams in the easier protectable sections. It features tedious kneebar shuffling and powerful underclinging out this arched upside-down flare. Not bad for a long lunch send! Congrats Brent! ⠀

Photo: @wasatchandy

The places, the moments, the community— today and every day, we are thankful.⠀

#liveclimbrepeat #liveskirepeat #liverunrepeat
Photos: @jongriffithphotography, @francoislebeau, @wasatchandy

BD Athlete @realwillgadd has been putting Black Diamond gear to the test for over 20 years. He was an early proponent of our revolutionary carbon fiber ice tools—now known as the Cobra—and has been questing to the top of ice formations around the world with prototype ice gear ever since. Recently, his latest hare-brained idea involved multiple innovations—as well as his own Canadian ingenuity—and was captured in this film. Check out Gadd’s latest gear testing exploits as he takes the formidable spray ice of Helmcken Falls … with natural gear. Link in profile. ⠀


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