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Black Collar  🎥Black Collar Original series. 🔌Young Blacks don’t just sell drugs, rob, rap, kill or make beats to get money. Some find loopholes and grey areas. 🧠

Black Collar Music........ @blackwestwest 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Now, I mean....This scene made me realize that I’m good on acting! @buffbarbii killed it, literally. @lordgoldie77 what you think fam? It’s coming you guys! Stay tuned......

Meet the 1st family of Black Collar! Since being a professional athlete was taken off then table. He ruled out selling drugs, robbing, killing and gang banging. He used his mind to figure out narrow grey areas and loop-holes. But, he worked with people who sold drugs, robbed people, gang banged and killers. His options were narrow in the inner city. He made it work, created wealth but all hell breaks loose when the money starts rolling in. The descriptions collide in this series! @blackcollarseries ride is all most ready to take off. “Why Not Black Collar?”

More behind the scenes of Black Collar. Gotta get it from every angle. It’s almost time....

It’s ok to not be perfect, just keep trying until you get it right. If someone is too impatient to wait til you get it right, then you don’t need them around you anyway. #blackcollar

Most people see finished products, they’re totally oblivious to the hard work it took to get there. Not knowing how many takes it take to make it. Not knowing how long it took to get there. Not knowing that it’s people that you don’t see that played a big role. Black Collar was a total team effort to make and to write. The script is Award Winning, the efforts and film.....Well, ill let you be the judge! Stay tuned.... #blackcollar @blackcollarseries

Go after your imagination, I did and it’s opening up paths I never even dreamed of. BC

The Black Collar grind is real. The determination, sacrificing, failures, trial and era eventually paid off. You ever thought you wanted things so bad? Then once you got them, it was like, it wasn’t worth it? Just WATCH......

Sometimes it’s no plan, more questions then answers. Sometimes you don’t know where a journey will lead you. Sometimes what you learn can get you into trouble. Sometimes......
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BC Treatment!

Black Collar Music

Black Collar Music

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