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Black Claw  Black Claw is a tattooer owned and driven company making the world’s best environmentally friendly tools for tattooing♻️❤️ #blackclaw

drawn on by @t_hundahl in the key of HIGGS. slick and powerful. 👏🏻🇺🇸🔥 @rockofagestattoo

@stewart_modernclassic knows a thing or two about never cutting corners or taking shortcuts. We can relate. News of a large restock coming soon, and we’ve somehow manage to make the world’s best needles even better. Thank you for your trust. #welovetattooing #blackclaw

step one: zoom in
step two: shit pants
step three: follow @xcjxtattooer

well, that’s just cool as fuck @adrian_hing_tattoo #blackclaw #blackclawneedle

clean and crispy #hanyamask by our buddy @kayle77 #blackclaw

always nice to see these big pieces get wrapped up. thanks for trusting us to make the tools connecting you and your client, @tomdevriestattoo #blackclaw

heads up! Straight 9 liners and Hollow 6 hybrids are back in stock. We’ve made some updates to both of these groupings to reflect the feedback received from our community.

You’ve probably noticed we are out of stock of many of our most popular groupings and we thought you deserved to know why. Simply put: we make the world’s best needles. This has lead us to establishing even newer protocols for our manufacturing but has unfortunately caused our inventory to run thin while being implemented. We refuse to offer anything that doesn’t meet our standards or yours.
We are on track and a handful of your favorite groupings are already on their way to our warehouse. Look for a somewhat limited supply of Straight 9 Liners plus a few others to be back in stock in the next week. We’ll let you know as soon as they are in.
When we say no bullshit, we mean it.
The bad news is we won’t be fully stocked until late Oct. We’ll immediately let you know as soon as we are. Until then, stick around because we aren’t sitting on our asses. We’ve heard your requests. Keep an eye out for what’s coming next with Black Claw tubes.
Black Claw is still just two tattooers and a manager who are learning how to best serve our community, and we thank you for your patience and generous support.

People say our RealSteel disposable tubes are a game changer... we wouldn’t have bothered making them otherwise. Yes, they cost more, (about 2-3$ per tattoo) but what you save is time and effort, as well as the health of your hands and the environment. Our tubes enable you to work faster, by making your machines work more efficiently with less friction, greater accuracy, and less frustration. Let’s face it... plastic sucks. Tools are not supposed to be made of plastic, toys are. We don’t make toys, we make tools. For tattooers, by tattooers. Spend the extra buck and give yourself and your clients the best experience possible. Black Claw.

fresh take on an everlasting jobstopper by @niklashnikov - diggin it! #blackclaw

clean lines✔️ strong contrast✔️ readable composition✔️ solid color✔️ smooth shading✔️ world’s safest and most reliable tattoo needles✔️ @tpenningtontat2 #blackclaw

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