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Black Claw  Our mission is to promote and protect tattooing through dedication to innovation and responsibility - support@blackclaw.com order here 👇🏻

@rdtattoofilip makes powertats. @rdtattoofilip uses Black Claw to do so. It’s pretty simple math. 🤔 #realrecognizereal #blackclaw

Our buddy @stewart_artworkrebels made this pretty rose with the best needles on earth. You can find him this weekend at the @slctattoo_convention doing w few more, and maybe you can even get your own. (This thing is nice, dude!) #blackclaw #realrecognizereal

Wanna make wicked sick smooth tats like @andrewseventhson? Then snag yourself some #blackclaw needles and see what all the fuss is about. Tattooer owned and operated since day one, we endeavor to elevate the standard in the supply industry by only offering the very best tools available. We’re able to speak on this with authenticity and honesty, because it is our language. It is our craft. #realrecognizereal

Our friend and colleague @classicjuan has been making beautiful tattoos and machines for a very long time. For us, knowing that someone we’ve looked up to and have admired for so long is a firm believer in what we do, is not only humbling, but also reassuring. Thank you for your support, Juan. We’re really stoked you’re using #blackclaw. #realrecognizereal #therealblackhearttattoo

Drawn in place, solid stuff by @old_man_rogers - those lines are legit! Thanks for your support and trust. 🙏🏼 #welovetattooing #blackclaw

Real Steel liner tubes are back in stock.

Assuming you like sick tats as much as we do, check out this dude. @elliottjwells. Boom.
You’re welcome. PS, #blackclaw

we are pleased to announce that TOMORROW, Monday 8AM Pacific Standard Time, we launch our Canadian distribution warehouse. We’re fully stocked with all of your favorite needle groupings there is a limited amount of Real Steel tubes available .

Order direct at WWW.BLACKCLAW.CA Thank you! #blackclaw #blackclawcanada

We’ve had some people ask what the extra little piece of cork at the top of our new REAL STEEL tubes is for. We’ve added the extension to provide additional support between your hand and the machine, as well as to reduce the vibration normally associated with disposable tubes. But what if it doesn’t fit your machine? Get a look at this little video by @the_grime and learn all about it.

@codonnell_nyc has been making stellar tattoos for a long time, and has been using #blackclaw since the day we made them available. ...Something about demanding the best tools when your customers demand the best tattoos. Thanks so much for your support over the years, Chris. ❤️

Hey. Sorry we’re all sold out of liner tubes for the moment, but the good news is that we’ve still got a handful of shader tubes, AND, we’ve got more of everything already on the way. Thanks so much for the overwhelming support and amazing reception of our newest effort. We wouldn’t bother doing it if tattooing didn’t need it. #blackclaw #realtalk

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