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Blackbird Cold Brew Coffee  🇨🇦Canadian Made ☕️Zero Sugar 👍🏽Less Acidic 🚀More Caffeine 💥Nitro-Coffee Cans ⚡️Coffee Concentrate

Keeping it chill this summer, because who really drinks hot coffee in +30? 😎
📷 @camilo__isaza
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Lilac Fest tomorrow! Come get some delicious cold brew and enjoy the nice weather.
We will have Nitro Vanilla Almond on tap, and will be mixing our original however you like it 😎
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Coffee and donuts, the perfect combo. 😋
Grab some cold brew and @moonshinedoughnuts at @raasyeg 🙌🏽
#edmonton #coldbrew #donuts

Stay cool with some Nitro Coffee on tap at @thehexcafe in Kensington!
They have our original and sugar free mocha ready for you to enjoy. 😎
#kensington #calgary #yyc

Friday, nice weather, Vanilla Almond Nitro Cold Brew. Bring on the weekend 👊🏽
#coldbrew #coffee #nitrocoffee

Join us at the grand opening of RAAS Eats in West Edmonton Mall this Monday, April 30!

If you haven’t yet checked out @raasyeg come on down, grab a coffee, and experience and support over 20 local vendors!

Mocha, Original, Vanilla Almond. The three feature nitro coffee flavours that will be on tap. We open this weekend at @raasyeg in West Edmonton Mall, come on down and try some for yourself!
#nitrocoffee #coldbrew #draftcoffee

Edmonton we are coming your way!
We are excited to announce that we are joining RAAS in West Edmonton Mall. They have created an incredible community of local businesses, and we are proud to soon be apart of it.
We will be opening a Nitro Coffee Cafe that will have 4 unique flavours of nitro coffee on tap for you to fall in love with. Stay tuned for updates and we can’t wait for you to try our unique blends!
@raasyeg @raas @westedmall
#edmonton #yeg #westedmontonmall

Spring in the city finally! 😎 Warm weather calls for cool coffee.
#coldbrew #yyc #coffee

A little almond milk and nitro cold brew will brighten anyone’s day ;)
#coldbrew #nitrocoffee

Winter views on the Bow. It may be cold out but a nice winter walk may be all you need! 😁❄️
#coldbrew #coffee #calgary

There are so many ways to enjoy our Nitro Cans! Here are 3 great ways to mix things up.
1: Add a couple ounces of milk (regular, chocolate, almond, soy, etc.) before you shake and pour into the glass.

2: Add some Baileys or Kahlua into a glass before you pour your can in. It’s great for your weekend pick me up.

3: Add a scoop of ice cream or gelato and make a nitro-float. This is a fun and energizing desert for any time during the day!
#coldbrew #coffee #nitrocoffee

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