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Black Lab Fitness - Warrington  More than just a gym. #blacklabfitness #blfwarrington #teamblf

This week's blog is one for the girls.
We're talking skipping, jumping and running and what these movements have been known to cause, usually mid wod... You know where I'm going with this yet?
Yes, we're talking about bladder control.
Have a read to find out more about causes and treatments and to watch a video that will definitely make you feel better about it all.
Link in bio.

The weekend is upon us, a time most of us look forward after a week of graft. There's still time for some fitness so why not get in tonight or over the weekend. Top up those endorphins, get the blood flowing and set yourself up for a great day.
Classes on Sat and Sun at 10am.
See you then.

It may be a Wednesday but that's no reason to not listen to the wise words of S Club 7. It doesn't have to be a Motivation Monday for you to go out and achieve something.
Forget Hump Day, let's get on with smashing those goals.
We can help with some of them so we best see you later.
Free taster at 7.30pm for anyone looking to get started today.

Come on we can do it. There's still a lot to look forward to this week, especially if you're coming to the gym.
Great workouts, quality coaching and a chance to catch up with friends.
What's not to love about Monday!

Find a space, take a deep breath and GO!
Do not stop until you've completed the whole round.
This is a real burner!
Post your times below...

Due to the road closures and limited access to the gym while the English Half Marathon is taking place, the gym will be closed tomorrow.
If you still want to get a sweat on we have a great home work out for you which will be posted first thing.

Today was girls club and our girls are super strong just like their mums. #kidsclub #leadbyexample

Every Saturday we programme a partner workout where you can come down, get paired up and have some fun. As always, it's suitable for anyone to get involved so why not get in and throw down with us!
Don't worry about having a work out buddy just yet, we can sort that out for you.
Class is at 10am.
For details of our other classes, visit our website at

Fitness is a family thing. We want everyone to feel the benefit of group exercise and functional fitness. Our BLF Kids love it! Each week they get to play games, learn new skills and hang out with their gym besties. They get to show off that they're better than their parents too! Every Saturday 9-9.45am these kids rule the roost.

You can do it, you are much more capable than you realise, your potential is only self-limiting, this is for you.
Read this week's blog to find out more about how we guide you through our classes and ensure you progress and achieve your goals.

Friday is here at last and we've made it through the week!
Yipee! We're open over the weekend so if you're looking to get your fitness fix we hope to see you. Come in for the class at 10am both days or head in for open gym and catch up on workouts you've missed or practice some skills. It's up to you.

You know the saying "All the gear, no idea" ??? Well, let's make a deal. You get the gear, we'll look after the idea.

Winter stock courtesy of Built Up North is now available to pre-order from our website.

3,2,1, GO!!! Link in bio.

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