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Black Lab Fitness - Warrington  More than just a gym. #blacklabfitness #blfwarrington #teamblf

We're in it together. No matter what your ability level or experience, we all stick together and encourage each other through the session. Everyone is guided and coached in a way that caters to their individual needs whilst still feeling a part of a wider community. We all learn, progress, get a great workout and have fun. We all do it together.
For more information get in touch or visit our website and book into your free taster.

".... and that's why we're more than a gym"

We know we offer more than a place to work out, we know it's about more than that but what is it?
Why are we more than a gym?
Tell us.
Share with us what you think makes us special and why you keep coming back week after week.
Leave a comment and share your story.

The Big Refeed

Tomorrow, on the day of the London Marathon, a day where thousands of people give up their time, energy and money to challenge themselves, support a chosen charity and come together as a community, we are going to the same.

A number of gyms across the country are supporting "The Big Refeed" as set up by the wonderful human being that is Kristen Ingraham-Morgan, who will be running the marathon while we all do this back home in our boxes.

All she asks is that every person who comes through the door that weekend brings in a donation of non-perishable food. We then gather it all up and send her a picture or tag it with #TheBigRefeed and then take it to our local food bank.

Simple. Like a burpee.
But, like a burpee, if it’s repeated enough times it has a BIG impact.

Class is at 10am.
Who's in?

That's how each class starts - with a shout of "Gather round the board" from the coach of the day. We get you all together, we go through the workout and explain the purpose of the day and set you up to succeed.
We check in with you on a 121 basis to make sure you are in the best position to have fun, stay safe and achieve your goals.
We have your back.
Each week we run a free taster and invite you into our community to see if it's for you. To claim a spot, drop us a message or visit the website.

At the weekend we hosted an in-house mixed pairs competition for our members. It was an inclusive competition that ensured all abilities were able to get stuck in and have some fun. It was a great day all round!

Well done to all who took part and to our winning teams that made it on to the podium.
1st Place - Team Nandos - Lisa and Philip
2nd Place - Perfect Strangers - Sharon and Thomas
3rd Place - Team Tats - Bethany and Michael

If in doubt, squat.
With so many variations to this one exercise you can build a whole routine around it and never get bored.
You can use a barbell, a kettlebell, your own body. You can move slowly or quickly, for time or for reps.
There are so many options.
Effective exercise doesn't have to be complicated.
It can be oh so simple and most importantly, efficient.
We want you to get the most out of your time and energy.
If you can't make it to the gym today why not try this leg burner and see how you get on.
10 Split Squat (left foot forward)
10 Jumping Squats
10 Split Squat (right foot forward)
10 Jumping Squats
*Repeat this with 9 reps of each, then 8 reps and continue until you have completed all the way to 1 rep of each.
The goal is to keep moving! Enjoy!

At one point, we all intuitively knew what we needed to eat, when and how often but over time, with the range of choice increasing, the lure of the addictive pleasure foods and our emotional and social attachment to what we eat, we have been left with faulty sensors. We think we know what we need but we often misread the signs and signals.
No-one deserves to spend the rest of their life on a diet so it’s good to follow a process that helps you to rebuild positive eating habits, improve your understanding of what you need and ultimately get you back to a point of being able to self-regulate your weight and shape day to day and year to year.

The aim of this blog is to look at some common methods for getting back on track which will then help YOU work out what is best for YOU in the LONG term. The focus is on helping you get back to intuitive eating and a balanced life, therefore, we are not even going to talk about the crash diets, only the more long-term and sustainable options. “Which one works best?”
The one that works for YOU!
Link in bio.

Well done to everyone who took part in our mixed pairs competition today! Teams took part in 4 tough workouts throughout the morning, competing against each other whilst also cheering on and celebrating together too. A great day all round. 🖤 #blacklabfitness #teamblf

This weekend the gym will be closed as we host a mixed pairs competition for our members.
This is a fun event that sees teams compete in 4 workouts throughout the morning and then head out for a social to celebrate.
The competition runs from 10am - 1pm on Saturday - why not pop in have a nosey and cheer the gang on!

Spirit of the Games: Vicky James

The Spirit of the Games award is one to celebrate the achievement and attitude of one of our members who we feel demonstrated exactly what the CrossFit Open is really about.
It was important to us that this award went to someone who completed all five workouts and took each one in their stride, someone who was supportive of fellow members encouraging them to challenge themselves and have fun. We wanted to reward the ones who helped out the coaching team, judged where needed and generally added to the atmosphere in the gym, someone who kept us smiling and each week inspired us and the people around them.

This year’s winner is Vicky James who remained focussed in her training and didn't let it take over her week, she put all her effort into each workout whilst leaving her ego at the door and always seemed to have fun. The workouts were not taken too seriously and it was always fun to watch her. Well done!

Meet Ste. Ste has been a member for 2 years and in this time has become one of top users and biggest advocates. Here he his working his way through some Thrusters and CTB pull ups.
Did I mention Ste is registered blind?
Didn't expect that did you.
Ste has an exceptionally rare condition meaning that over time he has lost almost all of his sight. Through his own determination and guidance and support from the coaches he has been able to cement himself into our community and is able to reap the benefits and rewards like any other member.

Our gym has become an integral part of his life, a place where he gets to challenge himself, meet new people and accomplish new skills that carry over into his everyday life.
This exercise lark really is for everyone.
Find yourself a place where you feel safe and supported and amazing things can happen.
If you think this could be the place for you then drop us a message and get booked in for your free taster.

I wonder how many burpees we’ve done in our lives and how many more we have to come? The tally is certainly going up this week! #blacklabfitness #burpees

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