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Alice  Illustrator on the outside, slug on the inside For commissions drop me an email 💌

Drawin on the roof today and soaking up that sun 🌞

Phillip Astley poster numba 2

Poster commemorating Philip Astley -- inspired by old circus flyers

Dug up some old prints from off my floor


A loop

Some work I did for to illustrate a review on a dystopian reproduction novel. Photography is not something I work with but you can't go wrong with a big tattoo on a belli 🌟

First time in ages I've drawn in my sketchbook, feels good : )

Some samples for an upcoming project with @inklessldn & @nathalieballout, coming soon!!

Another scrolly thing I made for a proj a while ago! Finally got around to putting it up on the web for all to scroll thru---->

Lil sneak peak of an upcoming collab w @5_r__a !!!

Final photos from my EGOISM project!! I was looking at religious tapestries and comparing the devotion Christians feel to God to the devotion felt by an egocentric to themselves

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