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DJ African Prince  Intellect supercedes emotion Muay Thai is life Master Builder /G\ Nigerian Bred

Financial freedom is our only hope.....
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How do we go back home and be great,🤔 we can't untit there is a Naija govt that works for the people. Nigeria could have been Wakanda 20 years ago. There isn't any Vibranium there as far as I know but we do have an obscene amount of oil and some of the smartest people in the world. Sounds like a recipe for a great country. I wonder what external influences are contributing to the corruption?

So I'm at job site in the bathroom... I look up and this is what I saw......I quit! ......just kidding.... Or am I...🤔

This happened on this day March 6, 1957. I never met a Ghanaian I didn't like. Big up yourself! #foreverfree Nigerian Joloff rice is still better though 😂😂😂😂 Regrann from @raykowusu - I’m Ghana 🇬🇭(gonna) drop this “POWER” on ya real quick fast. This is what liberation looks like since we Americans are finding it difficult and confusing to understand that everyone should be treated equally. 🙅🏿‍♂️🇬🇭🙌🏿#rayhova #ghana #africa - #regrann

Apply pressure until something breaks!
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TSR STAFF: Talia O. @theclosetratchet
Roommates, the following story is the perfect example of what can happen when we all band together with a common goal for a boycott!
Back in October, rapper #TI aka #TipHarris led protesters on a boycott of Atlanta-area restaurant called Houston’s near Lenox Mall. There were multiple reports of black people who felt that they had been discriminated against while attempting to dine-in. Rapper Wacka Flocka’s mom Deb Atney blasted the restaurant on Instagram for refusing to seat her and six others which helped the movement gain even more momentum.
The boycott was headed by actress Ernestine Johnson and her fiancé Jay Morrison. Ernestine had been denied service on the restaurant which prompted her to rally with others in order to make some changes! Thanks to rapper TI stepping in, their movement garnered national attention which ultimately got them what they wanted.
Speaking with The Shade Room, Ernestine and Jay let us know that TI had announced an official end to the boycott last week. The three of them were able to meet with the higher ups at Houston’s parent company, Hillstone, where they came up with solutions and policies which would prevent any type of discrimination for happening again.
“TI reached out to us to help lead the demonstrations and speak on behalf of the city of Atlanta and the collective." Ernestine tells us. “We didn’t want to make all this noise and then just go away, so he came in at the perfect time to strategize.” _______________________________________
Next, Jay and Ernestine explained that after they were able to get attention from Hillstone, they along with the rapper and NAACP attorney Gerald Griggs attended meetings with them where they, along with the rapper and NAACP attorney Gerald Griggs, attended meetings with them where they discussed removing management who was consistently acc

Yo this cat @joynerlucas went crazy on this remix. #bars

Coloring while sitting in a meeting about nothing

He's from F.A. through lineage. This jawn is slapping

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“Blissful WZRD”
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