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Tun Khine  Bikes - @kruiscx Nutrition - 2019 @SkratchLabs Skratchlete Bike wear - @pactimo_official Ambassador

Absolutely honored to be representing @skratchlabs for the 2019 season! They’ll be fueling my goals on and off the bike. 🥳
#skratchlabs #skratchlete #2019 #roadracing #roadbikes #roadiscoming #critlife

Weekend magic 📸 @tcadoo

Extremely thankful for my rock and snuggle bug ❤️

Happy Birthday to my ride or die. The one with the most beautiful soul, exquisite blue eyes, sharpest of minds, passionate about life, determined for more, destined for greatness, future tiger mom, current best mom, love of my life. I could go on for ages and it still would never be enough to describe how amazing you truly are. Happy Birthday 🎉 ❤️

1st Brunch family portrait

107 miles of rain. Enjoyed every second of it. Thank you to everyone who made it possible, including @mollierae_k and @djkinsman for watching baby Olivia and letting me play bikes. .
#pactimo_official #pactimobrandambassador @pactimo_official @skratchlabs #kruiscx #8600 #allthisbyzertz #roadbikes #gfnj2018 #outsideisfree #fromwhereweride #martyscycles @martysreliable @granfondonj @pactimocustom @rjvphotog 🙏🏽

Introducing the sweetest edition to our family, Ms. Olivia Shwe Khine. Born Wednesday 29 August at 3:38pm, weighing 8lbs 2oz at 21in.

2 years ago I asked you to marry me. A year later we were newlyweds. This year we soon welcome a baby girl that will embody the best of ourselves. When I think about our journey together I can’t help but be so grateful for the gifts you bring me and those around you everyday. ❤️

My favorite MAMIL’s. @kruiscx

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