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  No one's life is as perfect as their instagram feed. 💁🏻


Your dreams do not just have to be dreams. The only thing preventing you from making them a reality is YOU! You want to learn a new language? Do it! You want to quit your job and travel the world? Do it! Life really does have ENDLESS possibilities. What’s that Ferris Bueller quote? Something about life moving pretty fast? Whatever it is, it’s true! Today, right now, is exactly the perfect time to chase after your dreams and make them your own reality. Go on, don’t be scared. Go ahead! You can do it 💪🏼

Today, I asked myself multiple times “how is it already August?!” It’s the 8th month and the 137th day of the year. There are 228 days left in the year! For me, this year has been mostly an uphill battle. My struggles with depression/anxiety have been at an all time high and honestly, I did not see light at the end of the tunnel. I felt like days were wasting away with blinds closed mixed with over sleeping. Today, as I sit in this bubble bomb bath, in this hotel room that I’ve been living out of the last couple of weeks - I am overcome with a sense of extreme peace and calm. I am excited for the 228 days to come. I am not dreading them. Have things fallen into place perfectly? No, not yet. Was today a step in the right direction? Yes! Am I able to see a light at the end of the tunnel? YES! That statement is surprising for me because most of my struggles with depression are that I don’t exactly have the best coping skills. This sense of calm and peace has me feeling like I am at the top of my own life’s little hill! I know that God is giving me exactly what my soul needs and I know that He is the hand that is giving me that little nudge - whether it be a nudge through amazing friends or a nudge from Him personally. For anyone who struggles, with anything in their life, not just mental health issues, please know that progress IS progress! Big or small. I’m all about some baby steps cause hey, ya gotta start somewhere! Know that your progress is your own and NO ONE can take it away from you. It does not need explanation or definition to anyone! I’m gonna take my mini progress and run so freakin’ far with it because.. why the heck not?! And so should you! My message to you is to do the same! Grab your bible and spend some time with Him or take a walk to soak up the gorgeous summer-ending weather. Although, what do I STRONGLY recommend? King size hotel beds with fluffy white comforters followed by bubble bomb baths (mix LUSH bath bomb & LM crème brûlée honey bubble bath 🙌🏻.) Each step matters whether it’s day 5 or 365, every day makes a difference for yourself and just like your steps, you matter too 💕

Of all the things on here that you will scroll through and mindlessly breeze right past, don’t let this post be one of them! Read my story. Donate. Share. Link in bio! #afsp #outofthedarkness2017 #outofthedarkness #outofthedarknessrichmond

People, including myself, tend to forget that social media isn’t always true - especially when you’re looking at something you maybe don’t want to see or feel like everyone but you is living some fabulous life. Not to say that in the moment, people aren’t living fabulous lives but trust me when I tell you that the perception of those 10 second SnapChat videos or a perfectly executed Instagram photo is not the reality. Unplug a little bit and you will understand this.. and likely be happier. Trust me. Happy Sunday, y’all!

Birthday shoutout to this fabulous lady! Danielle, I hope your day is the best one yet! Filled with Bo kisses and presents and all the love. I’m lucky to call you a friend and I promise not to give you any Fireball shots this weekend. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for you this year! 💕🎉🎈🎂🍻 PS: we have no pictures without Hayles in the middle 😂

Pho cures all. 🙌🏻

Life is so fleeting but have faith that there is a bigger plan that's taking control. That bigger plan knows what it's doing. I promise.

To the first boy that befriended me at a new school, that quickly became the first boy that I ever truly loved, who fixed my pieces without even realizing it, saw me entirely for the first time in so many ways and despite our ups and downs, always loved me back so fiercely and immensely - I will remember you and your heart forever only in that way. Rest easy, Nash.

Today, I hope your day was like mine: filled with good people, sunshine, cookouts with adult beverages, watermelon the size of my head, all the laughter you can imagine and most of all, remembrance of why you get to enjoy all of those things not just today, but every day. 🇺🇸

Everybody's youth is a dream - a form of chemical madness. •Zelda Fitzgerald

It's crazy how much our lives have changed in one year but we still pick up right where we left off without skipping a beat. Grateful for friendships like these. #PagingDrMalone

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