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Kristian Bjornard  Designer / Thinker / Sustainabilitist Posting design, cars, chairs, food, farm projects, & @sodakmade sleeping. @spare_journal co-producer.

Become an expert at #frizquadrata

Scandinavians really are this happy about eating creamed smoked roe...

Accidental overprint. #Ecovention. Thanks for the help Montana.

So, if open sans is in use on 18 million websites, how is this just also not a standard? And isn't it actually a worse standard than just declaring Verdana or helvetica or arial? I mean, we have to download and cache files to see it... so it's extra work for no more special a result... #unsustainable #whatsthepoint

Oh man, this is why I love I wish I had a band so I could name it "the mathematics of mind time"

Oh man, it's way past my bedtime — but I finally started figuring out how this command line music player works... now to build a react.js player interface on top of this... #minorvictories #nerdalert

This sums up the term nicely.

How can anyone keep working for this buffoon

#frizquadrata in the library checked out by @brocketthorne ...

Oh good. So we make this from bottles and then just throw it away ... #notreallyuseful #unsustainable

Oh no! It looks like a diaper massacre!

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