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Tom McMahon @riseagainbjj showing one of his favorite techniques he learned as a white belt and has hit it at every belt level in competition. 休休丕long with Tom being gifted through his hard work in BJJ, he is also gifted at writing blogs where he reviews on academies and top black belts and his experience there. You can read his blogs on his profile page. Give him a follow.

Multi World Champion Hannette Staack @hannettestaack
demonstrating an effective way to take the back from side control. repost @sweatybettiesbjj

Great win from this smooth Omaplata sweep by @marceloboblucena 休休 of @ralphgraciemv . His academy is located in Mission Viejo, California.
repost @ralphgraciemv

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Gordon Ryan sharing a technique with some great details
#Repost @gordonlovesjiujitsu
Sorry guys I only had a minute so this is the isolation of the near side arm I did to ralek exposing the beginning of the back triangle which is what I originally wanted. But as I went to enter I felt he was getting ready to give a big bridge. So instead of trying to lock the back triangle and having him roll to his knees where we would both be inverted I chose to let him internally rotate inside my legs and put himself in a reverse triangle so that he was face down but I was still face up. If I had followed him to a double inverted postion where we were both face down with a back triangle locked the chances of escape rise greatly. So I made a conscious decision in the match to opt for a reverse triangle instead. Hope you guys enjoy :) @hypnotik @heysonnyy @teamalphamalemma video by @ethancrelinsten

Awesome Judo throw to arm bar finish!!休休 #davidvsgoliath

Them slaps!鳶荊
Via @mmauncensored__

From one of the best at taking the back, Prof Samuel Braga starting from the Spider Guard 痰痰慎ia @samuelbragagb

Who you gonna thank when that promotion comes? #bloodsweatandtears via @stonedsamurai_

Score cards going into the 4th at UFC 229.


What a fight!

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