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BJ Gaddour  TheDailyBJ.com. Former fat guy turned cover model. Former Men's Health fitness director. Biz inquiries: bjgaddourbiz@gmail.com 💪Pre-Holiday Shred👇


🎅THE PRE-HOLIDAY SHRED🔥starts a week from today on October 1st! Flip the script this year and lose fat when everybody else is getting sloppy AF and candy 🍭corn 🌽wasted. Click the direct link in my bio (PreHolidayShred.com) right away to signup and get ready to lose 5-10 lbs of fat before 👻🎃Halloween. Current members don't have to do anything as this special program is part of TheDailyBJ.com membership. You'll be able to access this program plus everything else on the web-mobile site for just $9.69/month, cancel anytime. #TheDailyBJ #NotAPornSite #PreHolidayShred

🍑#SundayBunday with this fast and furious FAT-BURNING BUTT & BACK STACK using a single kettlebell. This also doubles as a leg day that's super easy on the knees. Do each move back to back to back with little to no rest between moves:
Kettlebell swings
Kettlebell hip-hinges
Kettlebell sumo deadlifts
I did this with a 44-kg/97-lb kettlebell and it changed my life. Get the full workout with sets, reps, rest, etc. at TheDailyBJ.com within the SUNDAY BUNDAY WORKOUT SERIES under the GAINZ category. I post a new plump dat peach workout every Sunday for my sophisticated meatheads and my lovely ladies. DOUBLE-TAP if you dig it, save and share, and tag me if you do it so I can slide into your DM with an inappropriate motivational comment. Ha! Have a beautiful Sunday, baby! #TheDailyBJ #NotAPornSite #AllBJNoBS #Kettlebell #KettlebellWorkout #Glutes #GlutesWorkout #GlutesExercises #Butt #ButtWorkout #ButtExercises #Back #InstaFit #Fitness #BJGaddour #🍑

🔥MINI-BAND DEAD 💀 BUG 🐜 PROGRESSION! SOUND 🔊 ON for audio instructions. This is one of my go-to core moves. It's great 👍 for improving hip flexion and will boost performance on so many moves like running, squatting, lunging, and stepups. It will also prep your body for more intense moves like hanging leg raises. Plug it into a core circuit or hit it for 1-2 straight minutes as a starter or finisher. This is one of the core-carving moves from my new 28-day SORE TO THE CORE 2.0 program available only at TheDailyBJ.com (direct link in my bio)!

#FlexFriday with some heavy 10-rep chest presses with 102.5-pound dumbbells. I much prefer dumbbell over barbell presses due to the independent arm action and the enhanced stretch and range of motion. My plan is to work up to maxing out on these for high reps with the 125-pound dumbbells. Special thanks to @powerblockdumbbells for the adjustable dumbbells in 2.5-pound increments up to 125s. So great for home training or small space setups. I realize this is lightweight compared to other IG fitness freaks but it's heavy enough. Ha.

🔥HARDCORE STANDING ABS WORKOUT is in my stories for the next 24 hours only! There's a dumbbell and a kettlebell version for you to choose from or mix between. This was the kettlebell finisher. Enjoy and have a great weekend and be sure to tag me if you do it!

Do I ever go "heavy"? Well, I always go as heavy as I can for whatever rep range I'm using. And I definitely tap into some 5-rep work. Here I'm doing 5-rep sets of extended range #BulgarianSplitSquats with 70-pound dumbbells 💪 paired with 15-rep sets of staggered hip-hinges on the #Kbox4 flywheel trainer. My goal 🥅 is to progressively build up to the maxed out 125-pounders on the adjustable @powerblockdumbbells. New 5" swift shorts from @rhone and my barefoot training socks from @pedestalfootwear

I can't prove it, I just know it's true. 🔥😴

🔥MINI-BAND GOBLET SQUAT HOLDS to crush your core and improve squat form! SOUND🔊ON for audio instructions. Hold the bottom position for 30 seconds while spreading your hips, staying tall, and breathing through your belly. This will light up your shoulders, hips, and abs and dramatically improve your squat form. Try it as a warmup for a couple sets or plug it into a total body or core circuit. This is one of the core-carving moves from my new 28-day SORE TO THE CORE 2.0 program available only at TheDailyBJ.com (direct link in my bio)!

🔥SUITCASE 💼 MARCHES🚶 will make you sore to the core! SOUND 🔊ON for audio instructions. The key to getting the most out of this move is to slow it down and properly balance the ribs over the pelvis. Single-arm carries smoke your spinal stabilizers as the asymmetrical load forces your core muscles to fight tilting and twisting forces. Don't have access to heavy weights? Add a slow and controlled marching pattern which will skyrocket 🚀core engagement and improve walking, running, and lunging mechanics. Perform it as a starter or finisher for 60 seconds of work on each side for 6-10 straight minutes. DOUBLE-TAP if you dig it, save it, and tag some #swolemates too. This move is from my new 28-day SORE TO THE CORE 2.0 program now available at the TheDailyBJ.com (direct link in my bio)! #TheDailyBJ #NotAPornSite #AllBJNoBS #WorkoutWedneday #Abs #AbsWorkout #Core #CoreWorkout #AbsExercises #CoreExercises #BJGaddour #FarmersWalk #Spine #BackPain

#Consistency is 👑

🔥FINISHER: SHOULDERS & BACK! I did 3 rounds of this to finish off yesterday's upper body workout. Enjoy 😊

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