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BJ Baldwin  Professional driver. Seven time Desert Racing Champion, two time Baja 1000 Champion, and unapologetically patriotic American. 🇺🇸

Pretty cool. Ricochet got to meet #Champion Boxer @realwinkywright tonight. #boxing

Been there, it’s the worst. Glad you’re ok brother. @kblock43 @alexgelsomino 🎥: @thehoonigans

I think he’s ready, and I think he wants to take the #Tundra. @toyotausa

Fellow @monsterenergy athlete @axellhodges. His favorite color is Gold. #xgames #goldmedalist Congrats Brother.👍🏻👍🏻

I miss Texas. This is about 2 years old but I thought I’d throw it up again for #fullautofriday.
Motion pictured above is my full-semi-full auto @glockinc #G19. 😉 Oh, and Happy Birthday Mr. Glock.🎂
Go vote for @therange702 for best in #LasVegas. Link is in their bio.

Working with OG #cobrakaijiujitsu brother @aram_strength. 💪🏼

Nothing sexier than stuff that looks good and works every time. Holster is a @tier1concealed #axis wrapped around the very reliable @glockinc #19X.
Pro-tip. Always use the handicap stall. 😉

In light of recent events here’s a knowledge bomb for my law enforcement followers courtesy of lead tactics instructor @heybminus from @pfc_training. Stay safe people. 🚔🇺🇸

📸: @binkdesigns
I’m always trying to maximize efficiencies when I’m in the truck. Rolling into the throttle using only what traction is available with limited wheel slip followed by braking at the last available moment. Then it’s corner entry which is where control comes into play. Rotation before the corner and making the inside of the truck as light as possible which creates more pressure on the side that is getting the most grip. The outside is generally responsible for changing direction. Then as early as possible, start to apply throttle as needed. The idea here is creating a longer straightaway between corners. Just a few feet more than everyone else will drastically increase your average speed over a 20 hour time frame.
It’s impossible to create or maintain efficiency during stress. And if you’re stressed, fatigue will come sooner and be harder to deal with. Ivan Stewart has always told me to relax and stay calm. Larry Ragland always told me to stay calm but alert. Those words alone have helped me improve my endurance a great deal. Stay calm, stay focused, be efficient. It will improve your performance no matter what you are trying to accomplish in life.

Stay in school, continue your education both academic and social, rid yourself of parasitic relationships both romantic and otherwise, surround yourself with smarter people than you that share a common goal and never ever give up.
Happy Tuesday people.

I admit when I’m wrong, and I’m wrong here. I left a comment that was irresponsible. It was a combination of overstepping my boundaries as well as being misinterpreted by some on @truexodus page when invited to comment on the weapons manipulation in this video. I am a strong supporter of law enforcement and I am apologizing to a much larger audience than will ever see my comment. And I’m not going to be a bitch about it and delete it. I said it, I said it wrong, and I own it. I apologize for how I made my statement and I apologize to those that may have misinterpreted my opinion. An opinion that apparently doesn’t count because although I’ve been shot at, I’ve never been in a gunfight and I’m not a police officer.
My comment was regarding the officers decision to engage suspect through the windshield given the dynamics of unpredictable trajectory when firing through glass and the weapons manipulation and maybe how training might be able to be improved. I armchair quarterbacked this on another page and it was a reckless comment. I should have been more careful.
At the end of the day I commend this officer on his bravery and in a successful end to a suspect that shot at law enforcement 34 times during this pursuit. Outstanding job. Thank you for your service to my community and thank you for being brave enough to compartmentalize your fear, manage your stress, and end this confrontation successfully. I criticized you harshly and carelessly and I apologize. Las Vegas and #lvmpd is lucky to have you and officers like you. Any agency would be lucky to have you sir.
Now that that’s out of the way, I am reserving the comment section for our #lawenforcement and #military personal that have actually been in gunfights to save lives and protect us. Please be respectful.
Some of my favorites I would like to hear from are @realworld_tactical @domraso @amirperets @knockoutlights @thunderranchinc @realdirtyharry @frogman5326 @halffaceblades @courses_of_action @haleystrategicofficial @tmacsinc @warriorpoetsociety looking forward to your respectful constructive criticism on this. 🇺🇸
All non-law enforcement commenters are encouraged to thank this officer for his service.

In real life my boy @jayhieron would destroy Denzel before you could say #cobrakaijiujitsu. 💪🏼 Looking forward to seeing @theequalizermovie.

The summit.
@canam #Vegas

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