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Part 11:

I arrive to school and Justin’s the first person I see when I walk in. His fine ass was leaning against the lockers on his phone. I go up to him and hug him, he quickly hugs me back and puts away his phone. “Who were you texting?” I ask looking up still hugging him.

I feel my phone vibrate. “You idiot,” he says and smiles.

I smile back and pull away from the hug. He steps back and smirks. “Damn you’re so beautiful,” he says and wraps his arm around me. “Thank you, you’re so cute,” I say and say and blush.

Someone suddenly pulls Justin back and pushes him against the lockers, it was the cops. “Yo, what the fuck?” Justin yells. “Don’t start Justin, you know what you did,” one of the officer says and puts the handcuffs on him.

My heart starts to beat faster and I get worried. Everyone around stares and some take their phones out. “Justin... what’s going on?” I ask confused. “I’m sorry (y/n),” he says and they take him away.

WHAT THE FUCK? Right when everything was going good, something gotta bad gotta happen. I stand there looking stupid while everyone in the halls just stare and whisper to each other. I quickly walk away shoving people out my way and I could feel the tears in my eyes *one week later*

I haven’t heard from Justin in over a week, I’m really worried and don’t know what’s going on. I haven’t met Justin’s grandparents so I don’t wanna just go to their house like I know them. I don’t know who else to ask or what.

I just came home from school, we got out early today, nothings been going on. Demi and Selena haven’t been going to school and Haileys busy with her classes, she literally doesn’t even go out no more. And Cameron, well you know what happened there. I really cut myself off from everyone because I spent so much time with Justin and now that he’s gone I don’t have anyone to hang out with...

Part 10:

Cameron and Madison walk towards us and I pull away from Justin. "Long time no see," Cameron says looking at me with a smile then at Justin. "Hey Madison," I say and wave at her. "Hey," she says with a smile. "Cameron, can I talk to you for a sec?" Justin asks and scratches the back of his head. "Uh- sure," Cameron answers and they walk to the side.

I start a conversation with Madison and after a couple minutes, Cameron and Justin come back. "Nice seeing you again (y/n)," he says and pulls Mad away with him.

I look at Justin with a confused look. "What did you tell him?" I say with a smile.

He gives me a cheeky smile and hugs me. I wrap my arms around his neck and he spins me. He slowly stops and puts me down. "Don't worry about it or him anymore," he says and smiles. "But he's my best friend," I say and frown. "Now I'm your best friend," he says and laughs. *next day*

It's Sunday, the day I get all my homework and studying done since I always leave it till the last day of the weekend.
I haven't done much all day, just been on social media and organizing the shit I have around my room. I check the time, 7:21 pm, I should start on my homework. I grab my backpack and go to my desk, as I sit down Bella barges in. "Bitch, I think I'm pregnant," she says quietly and shuts the door behind her.

I look at her and laugh. "You're lying, I know you are," I say and continue to laugh. "Um not according to my period, I've never missed my period, like ever bitch," she says panicking and sits on my bed.

Part 9:
It's been almost a month since that incident happened with Justin. I try my best to not look at him in the halls when he's looking at me. It's just really difficult because when you liked someone that much, all you want to do is look at them. He tries texting me since I unblocked his number, but I ignore them all. Cameron and Madison are shockingly still together and he hasn't talked to me. Cameron is a weird guy, we're best friends, we have sex once, then we don't talk for weeks? Having sex with him was obviously a mistake.

It's Saturday and I decide to head down to the Ferris wheel where Justin and I use to hang out 24/7. I put on a a hoodie and some leggings then and grab my phone and keys. It's about 5:30 am and the sun is about to rise. I quickly walk out the house and go to the garage. I open the garage and see Bella making out with a guy between her legs. I sigh loudly and get into my car. They hear me and they both turn around, the guy between her legs was Harry! Harry quickly moves away from Bella and fixed his tie. "I really don't care what happens between you guys, I'm having my own problems right now," I say and close my car door.

They look at each other and continue to make out. I roll my eyes and drive out the property and towards the abandoned amusement park. *10 minutes later*

I get here a lot quicker since there's no traffic. I park my car and walk towards the Ferris wheel. I see the sun begin to rise and I climb up as fast as possible. I climb up the ladders to the top and see Justin sitting there. I get so scared and fall backwards. I scream as I'm about to fall but I feel his hand grab mine quickly and pull me towards him. I was about an inch away from his face. "What are you doing here?! You fucking scared me! I could've died! Oh my god, I almost died!" I yell and sit down the seat.

Happy Father's Day to the father of my future children ❤️❤️❤️❤️😂 #justinbieber

Part 8:

I get home still pissed. I tried to impress him by wearing this very revealing outfit and doing my hair all cute, and he didn't even notice.
Harry, one of our security guards, opens the huge gate that surrounds our house and I drive in.

I get out my car and quickly walk upstairs. "(Y/n)," I hear my mom call.

I look down and she was at the bottom of the stairs. "Dinner is going to be ready in 30 minutes, so get ready. Oh, and tell Bella as well," she says. "Ok," I say and start walking to Bella's room.

I knock on the door and don't even wait for a response to open it. "Hey sis," I say and shut the door behind me. "Wow you look like a total hoe," she says and laughs. "Thank you," I sarcastically say and lay on her bed. "What do you want?" she asks and puts down her phone. "Mom wanted me to tell you something but I forgot. Anyways I got denied by Justin today," I say and frown. "Looking like that," she says with her mouth wide open. "He probably one of those guys that doesn't care about a girls appearance, but her personality." "Mmm, I think you're right cause I was getting a ton of whistles from other guys," I answer and stand back up. "You should've got their number for me," Bella says and sighs. "Stop being such a hoe," I joke and walk out her room.

IM READYYYYY 😭🔥 #justinbieber

Part 7: *Justin's POV*

It's been about 2 hours since I got home. I just finished my homework and I'm just watching some Netflix, nothing interesting. I feel my phone vibrate and I smile, thinking it was (y/n). "She's all yours," reads the text.

What the fuck. "Who's this?" I reply quickly. "It's Cameron," they respond. "How tf u get my number??" I angrily text. "Got it from (y/n)'s phone while she was sleeping ;)" Cameron responds. "Fuck u mean 'she's all yours' bro? U just jealous she actually wants me? Bro she don't even want u, I know she's mine" I send. "She's yours? Then why she sleep with me? 😂😂😂" he states.

I feel my heart begin to race and my face turns red. "You lying bro. She would never sleep with u," I say.

After a couple minutes, he sends me a picture (above). It was a picture of (y/n) sleeping and he was touching her face. What the fuck! *Your POV* *next day*

I wake up at around 8 am and head to go shower. I make sure to clean myself extra good since today's the day Justin and I are going on a date. I get out the shower and wrap myself in a towel. I walk back into my room and sit in front of my vanity. I look at my collection of makeup and begin my artwork on my face. *2 minutes later*

We were just going to the beach so I just put on waterproof mascara. Hahaha. I stand up and walk into my huge closet, it's almost the size of my room. I pick out a simple bikini and throw on an oversized shirt over it. I check the time, 11:10. He should be here any minutes so I quickly apply deodorant and lotion and grab my phone. I feel my phone vibrate and I see how it was, Justin! "Meet me at the Ferris wheel," he texts.
I grab my keys and start driving that way.

Part 6:

After hours of shopping, we decided it was time to leave. It's around 6 already and my feet are killing me! I'm carrying about 6 bags, Justin has 3, mostly just hats and beanies, and Cameron also has 3. We place our bags into Cameron car trunk and we get in. I sit in the passenger seat, Cameron in the driver obviously, and Justin in the back. I turn around and smile at Justin. I turn back around and we start driving to Justin's house. *at Justin's house*

We arrive to Justin's house and him and I get off. "Today was fun," he says grabbing his bags from the trunk. "We need to definitely do it again," I say with a smile. "Just you and I next time," he responds and closes the trunk.

He waves bye to Cameron and we walk to his front porch. He lives with his grandparents in a two story house, nothing special. He gets out his keys and sets the bags down. "I really like you," he says and blushes hard.

My heart is beating so hard, I feel like it is going to explode. "I really like you too," I say almost panting.

I feel butterflies in my stomach and I smile. "Are you really down for me like I'm down for you?" he asks with a big smile. "Absolutely," I say looking into his eyes. "So how about you and I go out tomorrow? Venice around 11 am?" he asks still with a big smile.

I nod my head yes with a huge smile. "Alright then. Text me, I'll see you tomorrow," he says.

He leans in for a hug and I accidentally lean in for a kiss. We both stop and I burst out laughing. I cover my face as I turn red and he begins to laugh. "I'm sorry," I say still laughing.

Immediately he grabs my face and attaches our lips, he didn't care if Cameron was watching at all. He gives me a passionate kiss and I kiss back. Justin pulls away with a big smile. I bite my lip and smile back.

Part 5:

I wake up the next day and do that morning stretch. I look around and remembered it was Saturday, finally! I grab my phone and see so many texts from Cameron and my girls. I yawn and decide to get up. *3 hours later*

It's around 1pm so I decide to hit up Justin and Cameron. "I know you're mad at me, but r u still down to go to the mall today?" I text Cam.

Seconds later he responds. "I could never stay mad at u ❤️ Im omw," Cameron replies. "Hey Justin, we're gonna pick u up in like 20 minutes," I text Justin.

I'm already ready, just a casual outfit (above) and a cute bun. I didn't go crazy with the makeup, I only put on mascara, eyeliner, and did my brows. What about Bella? Maybe she'll like to go. I walk out of my room and into hers. "Hey baby sister," she says happily. "Well you're in a good mood, you got dicked down or what?" I joke and burst out laughing. "I can't be in a good mood or else you think I got some dick. What do you want?" she asks putting on her other hoop earring. "I'm going to the mall with Cameron and another guy, you wanna come?" I ask and look at myself in her mirror. "Umm it sounds fun, but I'm gonna have to say no. I'm going to a friends birthday party later on," she answers. "Next time for sure." "Alright, I think Cam is outside. See you later," I say and begin to walk out her room. "(Y/n)," she says and I turn around, "cash me ousside." I look at her confused ass fuck. "Just stop, oh god you sound like a mom trying to keep up with the trends. My god you're getting old," I say cringing. "Oh my god shut up," she says and laughs.

Part 4:
I wake up with a smile on my face. I go to my closet and pick out a casual outfit for school (above). I quickly change into it then head to my bathroom and brush my teeth. I put my hair into two braids then grab my bag and phone. I close my door and walk downstairs. I grab a banana then drive to school. *at school*
I get out my car and walk around the school looking for Justin. I see him sitting down in the same spot in the cafeteria. I happily walk over to him and lean down to hug him from behind. I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss his cheek. "What are you doing?" I ask and lean my head on his shoulder. "Homework I forgot to do," he says with a smile. "Ooh the bad boy does homework," I joke. "Just because I'm a 'bad boy' doesn't mean I'm stupid. I actually have really good grades," he says pulling out his grade sheet.

I look down at the paper and see pure B's and two A's. "Wow, impressive. I have mostly C's, two B's, and one A," I say and smile. "Maybe I could help you with that. I could be your teacher," he says with a smirk.

I smile and look away. "I want you to meet me at the ferris wheel right after school. I have something to show you," he says and looks into my eyes. "Okay," I say and look at him. "Justin. I need you to come with us," I hear someone say.

I look up and see two police officers. I look at Justin worried and he hugs me once more. "Remember, the ferris wheel after school," he says and stands up.

He slides a ring off his finger and quickly hands it to me. I look down at it then hide it. He puts his homework away and the police put him in handcuffs. He looks at me once more before they take him away.

Part 3:

We end up going to an abandoned amusement park. It was a small amusement park, nothing like Six Flags or Knott's. "I like coming here to think," he says and begins climbing the Ferris wheel, "you coming?" I nod my head yes and begin to climb as well. After a couple minutes we reach the top of the ferris wheel and we sit down on one of the seats. The amusement park doesnt seem that old, so everything is still sturdy. "If you don't mind me asking, what happened to your eye?" I ask and look at him.

He looks at me then looks down. "It's kind of a long story. I owed money to the guy I buy my supply from. I sell weed and cocaine," he quietly says.

When the lost few words came out his mouth, I was surprised. "That's dangerous Justin," I say and look at him. "I haven't known you long, but I am concerned about you. And I care." "That's what everyone says," he says and looks away. "I do Justin," I say and turn his head to me.

I lean my head on his shoulder and take a deep breath. "Tell me about yourself," he says.

I lift my head and look into his eyes. "Well I've had everything handed to me since I was a baby. My family is wealthy and sometimes I think thats the only reason why guys want me. Please don't be one of those guys," I say and look into his eyes. "I don't care about how much money you have, if we vibe then we vibe," he says and smiles.

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