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I don't recall

Bizzle can fuck me all night

Independent i got people who depend on me

What a babe😍

Look at this sexy mf🤤💧

I got a lot of enemies who used to be my friends

Did you guys see the eclipse ?

Guys don't look at the eclipse if you don't want to get blind or something!!! ill post a video of it tomorrow😂

We the fucking wild kidz yo!! Fuck Bill Clinton!😂

I think i sprained my wrist💀

My dumbass bought minecraft by accident for 7 fucking dollars im a dumb af😂😂💀

She got slapped into another dimension😂😂😂ratchet ass hoes talking bout get your money up but they're riding the train😂💀

You have to put on headphones for this one😍👅

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