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I don't recall

The eyebrow lady bitch fucked my eyebrow up nigga smfh😭 @fapo710😂

Let me get this straight-
If you start talking to me everyday and night, I'm obviously gonna get attached to you. Even if I never planned to in the first place, I will. So before you start getting close to me, make sure that you won't just suddenly leave me. Cause you know, that happens to me a lot.


I hate captions😐

Why is everybody going on vacation and im just here como pendeja in my house💀

Good morning babes💓

Im starving😭😭😭😭😭

If i could be anyone i would be Rihanna🔥


Why is he so sexy like damnnn daddy where you at👅

I cant think of a caption🙃

Holy look😍

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