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BizDojo  NZ's leading coworking community located in Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch. For creatives, independents & start-ups. Collaboration is in our DNA.


Starting off the week with a little #regram from our mates over at @xero. The xero crew are actually just over the fence from us at BizDojo Parnell, so it seemed only fitting to have them over to hang out last week. Which got us thinking about our 'neighbours' in general, if you are curious about #coworking or #collaboration or what exactly happens behind the doors at Dojo get in touch! Our team (including the entirely pink person pictured) love meeting people, getting to know your business and possibly most importantly, showing you how many great quality stickers we have on our laptops. #BizDojoPeople #community #theFutureOfWorkIsSocial

As you chill out this weekend (or in #startup land you may still be on the grind) take a moment and think about the good sh*t you have achieved this week. High five yourself for the lead you converted, the code you shipped, the event you pulled off, the client you landed or anything else that made up your week. Being an #entrepreneur can be challenging, and running your own #business can come with its fair share of ups and downs, so be sure to celebrate the shizz that matters. For Luke from our Takapuna residents @partpay there is heaps to celebrate - INCLUDING Luke's triumphant resident table tennis competition win, which means that he goes into next week with treats, accolades and the envy of all of BizDojo. #TheFutureofWorkisSocial #community #coworking

"What do you love most about your work?" --- this was one of our speed dating ice breaker questions amongst our community of marketers, tech heads, freelancers, creatives, founders and canines ❤️

Roses are red. Violets are blue. Our Residents are rad... I'm bad at love poems. ❤️🌹🥂🍰

3 Market Lane is a hive of activity with the buzz of hammers, saws and pencil scratchings as we "Dojo-ify" our second campus for #Wellington 🔨✏️💥

Sometimes the simplest things #inspire us. We have yet to come across a person who does not doodle on the post-it note on their desk while they are on the phone, and we all know that flexin' that #creative muscle can help counter the stress of the day - SO - hidden in one of the phone booths at BizDojo #parnell is a spot where you can take that phone call, skype in your boss or record your audio for your #podcast in privacy while you take some time out to colour in the walls. Make that call and leave your mark - #BizDojolife in action.

It might be the roaring cackle, the always perfect hair do, the propensity to break into a show-tune at the drop of a hat or the casual mention of an upcoming boxing match - when you meet our Ops Manager Sarin you tend to remember it. Sarin has done everything from help us wrangle builds for our beautiful #coworking environments, made sure our residents felt special when they had wins big and small, supported businesses dealing with hard times, and made connections that enabled more good shizz to happen. With a passion for community and a belief that people can amplify their awesomeness through collaboration, Sazza has left a lasting impression on everyone that calls BizDojo home past and present. So it seems only fitting on the anniversary of 4 years with us that we give her a shout-out on the ol' Instagram. Sarin is of course only one of our super dedicated, passionate team who do all they can to help you and your business thrive at Dojo, and we cant wait to share more stories of the people behind the scenes here at BizDojo this year. #BizDojoPeople #Coworking #PeopleThatCare

When Jo is not working in a sun soaked corner at BizDojo Takapuna you can find her hard at work here, there and overseas. So its probably no surprise to most that Jo and the rest of the @fuel50 crew have had some pretty exciting news recently including a strategic alliance with global health, wealth and career leaders Mercer. The alliance brings "together Mercer’s career framework methodology and consulting expertise with Fuel50’s Career Pathing software to advance the future workforce". Great work crew! Read more here: http://bit.ly/mercerfuel #Coworking #BizDojoPeople #TheFutureOfWorkIsSocial

She's a scorcher out there!! ☀️🔥☀️ So we thought what better way to cool our community down than by an ice-block desk drop! ❄️💦🍓

How do you unwind from a busy week? In #Takapuna we unwind over a game of Table Tennis!

Every day is different when you get to work amongst a hardworking entrepreneurial community, and today we get to sit opposite the incredibly talented @lmbyeahyouknowme who is a legitimate ray of sunshine as she works away on her hand crafted unicorns which keep being snapped up by other residents! Why would you wanna work anywhere else?!

Happy Birthday to our Ah-maze-ing Activation Manager @kate.m.macd! The Welly crew is lucky to have you running our events and programmes like a total boss! 🍾💅🔥

Our third and final winner of the years worth of support has been chosen! Congrats Corey and welcome to the Christchurch crew!! Let's make 2018 the best year yet! 💪

The second winner of our years worth of support goes to Joshua!! We're so stoked to be able to help you get out of the office in your house and into a Collaborative space so you can take your business to a whole new level. Welcome to the Auckland community buddy!

We had hundreds of entries for our years worth of support offer, but there could only be one lucky human for each location! A MASSIVE congrats to our first winner; Delaney!! We can't wait to welcome you to the Wellington Community and help you achieve great awesomeness for 2018! 💥🍾👋

From our team and our community we wish you all a safe and happy holidays. Our team will be back on deck from the eighth of Jan, so until then keep safe, be awesome and if you are a #founder or #entrepreneur enjoy some downtime. #coworking #community #bizdojopeople

Stretching with yoga class at Takapuna, not only a great way to keep moving but also an excellent tool for #founders and #entrepreneurs looking to build #healthy teams and to keep their often chaotic lives in balance. As part of our #founderwellness focus you can find sessions like this one running in all of our environments. #coworking #bizdojopeople #whereiwork

The community that eats together stays together. After all, breaking bread with someone has been a great way to get to know each other as long as humans have... well, been human. Each of our Dojo’s brings the community together with breakfasts, snacks and lunches and now you know it’s not just because we love pizza. 🍕#bizdojopeople #coworking #thefutureofworkissocial #thefutureofworkispizza

Every business journey is different, and for @juliaandlibby theirs started with (of all things) a kale smoothie recipe. Whilst it may not be the conventional #business story it is one that started the #health focussed duo off on the right foot. Over on the blog we talk about the ups and downs of their #founder journey, from the online hate that can come as part of being visible on #socialmedia, through to the books they have written and community they have built along the way -> http://bit.ly/kalebizztime #bizdojopeople #thefutureofworkissocial #coworking

Every BizDojo has opportunities to learn, have a chat to the person next to you or to tap into expert advice. But, some of our fav things to do are activities specific to an individual community. Case in point? After some chats with our residents our Takapuna community team spun up the “ladies of Dojo” nights where women working from our Takapuna BizDojo in #business, #startup, #freelance and beyond have the chance to come together and learn from each other. 🙌🏽 #coworking #whereiwork #bizdojopeople

We are big on #community, but we aren’t just talking our #coworking community. You may have seen the news that Auckland City Mission is facing a big shortfall as we head into the festive season so our Auckland Dojo’s are collecting food, gifts and funds to help others this holiday season. We will be doing a drop-off to the Mission in the weekend, so if you are in the neighbourhood of #Parnell, #Takapuna or #wynyardquarter and want to help your wider community drop in and donate. ❤️ #BizDojoPeople #instagood #thefutureofworkissocial

Getting festive on the deck at Takapuna with our #community of #founders, #entrepreneurs, #freelancers, #startups, #businesses and more. A little break in the pre holiday season madness to come together and celebrate the wins for the year and then enjoy a community lunch - cos, food. It’s a bit of a tradition of ours, with our residents coming together for eats, celebration and ridiculous photos at every #BizDojo across the country. Awww. 😍🎄❤️ #bizdojopeople #coworking #thefutureofworkissocial

Believe it or not we kind of stumbled across the coworking thing. When we started all those years ago, our big goal was creating an environment that increased #connection, celebrated #diverse skills, people and viewpoints and made #collaboration not just easy, but natural. It's so great all these years later that our #community is full of other #founders and businesses that are driven by the same things we love and value. Case in point, the folks from @plankton_agency, residents of #wellington and pictured here in this #regram with some of the great folks they collaborate with. What does collaboration mean to you?
Here is a picture from last Friday, including some of the awesome people we collaborate with! Collaboration is a key part of Plankton's success - cheers! :tropical_drink:

Baubles in beards. Never goes wrong at Xmas time. Exhibit A: our legendary Auckland Community Ambassador @timmyharris #merryxmas

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