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BizDojo  NZ's leading coworking community located in Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch. For creatives, independents & start-ups. Collaboration is in our DNA.


Meet Jo Mills, Co-Founder of the award winning Career pathway software #startup @fuel50 and all round good human. Jo is a domain expert in #career engagement and one of our rad residents at BizDojo Takapuna SO she is the perfect person to share what she loves about #coworking in our #DojoLife series - see the full vid over on YouTube >> http://bit.ly/JoFuel50

Tonight the team is celebrating our residents @onepercentnz fifth birthday. Not only is it a big milestone, it comes with the news they have raised a half a million for NZ charities! Amongst the 11 orgs they have helped are our pals/residents @nga_rangatahi_toa and @the_neonatal_trust . The best bit Is that this charitable act is a #collaboration - pooling 1% of the income of 340 New Zealanders to deliver help to those helping others. Their founder @pat_shepherd even did a cute little wharf jump the other day to celebrate! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฝโค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ”ฅ #regram #bizdojopeople #thefutureofworkissocial

GST? It's one of those things that strikes confusion into the heart of many business owners... not just you! Handy for us, one of our residents - Stew from Takapuna knows his way around a GST return and was able to share his tips and tricks at BizDojo Takapuna for our residents and the wider business community at an event he wrangled recently - with such good reminders as " When Claiming GST as an expenses, the most important reference you can use is the suppliers invoice. If you receive an invoice from a supplier that has GST charged you can deduct GST." Stew is part of Taka' residents Good For Business and loves that human 2 human goodness that happens in our communities, saying "Relationships are key to success in todayโ€™s complex & dynamic workplace." We couldn't have put it better ourselves. #bizdojopeople #community #thefutureofworkissocial

When is a magazine cover not JUST a mag cover? When it is enriched with the goodness that is #AugmentedReality. And that my friends is the case with the latest issue from #Idealog. Here, the man of the moment - Baz / creator of said #AR cover demos the cool stuff it can do for other folks from the BizDojo at @GridAKL community. Baz is the NZ Managing Director for our residents @onefatsheep. When he isn't showing us his latest #digital, AR or #VR project, he is offering advice to those around him - a legend with everything from all things #digital to how to manage your sales process Baz embodies the sharing/help another human community we have here at BizDojo. We love ya Baz! #bizdojopeople #community #thefutureofworkissocial

Flying visit to @tasteofauckland and who do we spy but #BizDojo #Parnell residents @juliaandlibby in the Taste Theatre working their magic ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™ #Nourished

It seems only fitting on the day of the #VNZMA we intro our Parnell resident - Omer, a talented Social Media Manager, Omer is also lead singer of the band @vallkyrie. Founders take all forms here at BizDojo, and that includes creative founders like Omer who balances full time work with music through the art of "less sleep" - a familiar phrase to anyone with a #sidehustle or #startup. .
Where do you find your inspiration for song writing: life experiences, what i see other people experiencing, and what message i want to relay. we are the vehicles for the messages. i.e. empowering women, chasing your dreams. .
Whats your go-to badass hit on the EP: It's hard to pick one! Lost souls, Sakura, and Queen. .
Your fav moment of 2017: Being on tour. A dream come true. Connecting with people in smaller NZ cities who have heard of us, took the time to connect with us and know our music. Being solely focused on music for 11 days straight. .
And cos we gotta support our own....so - EP available on Apple Music and Spotify now ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฝ

It was great to see so many of you this morning talkin #sharingeconomy with the #PWCHeraldTalks fam. Not only that, but after our co-founder @nickshewring shared his keynote, he was on a panel with our friends @rushdigitalnz! Didn't manage to make it along? Head over to Nicks Linkedin and get his top five insights, or over to our twitter to get a rundown on thoughts from the event. Sharing economy insights >> http://bit.ly/shareitshareitgood

It's not just you that can travel between our spaces nationwide to meet and greet - our team can too! Today one of our community team from #Wellington was in Auckland at BizDojo at GridAKL helping our community thrive + managed to sneak in a little learning at today's #startupgrind with @jakemillar.tv from @unfiltered at the GridAKL / John Lysaght #Startup hub we operate. Jake and the unfiltered team have just come off the back of a 1.2 million dollar raise and are sharing their tips at tonight's event. It's great that not only our community but our team gets the chance to attend #founder learning events like this. Meaning the #entrepreneur knowledge keeps pumping day to day at Dojo! Thanks for the photo @heloise_kerrnewell โค๏ธ

Hospitals sharing expensive medical equipment when not in use, businesses sharing infrastructure or you sharing your couch with a couch surfer or renting someones car park when not in use. The sharing economy is a pretty intriguing topic of conversation, and one we are passionate about. Our co-founder Nick will be talking about this in a couple of days as part of the #PWCHeraldTalks and in the lead up to the big event he is in the @nzherald musing about people, community and the social economy today. Read the interview here>> http://bit.ly/nickh2h

โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ˜= Those feels you get when your residents collaborate on rad projects together! This time it's @posbosshq and @pat_shepherd from @onepercentnz! #regram from the PosBoss Instagram story, for the uninitiated you can find the PosBoss crew in #Wellington, and often popping up at our other Dojo communities across NZ. They make an amazing iPad based point of sale system for lovers of hospitality, splitting their time between wrangling their product and supporting and celebrating the great folks in restaurants, cafes and bars. โค๏ธ

Some may still be surprised that NZ is doing great stuff in the new wave of the space race; but the folks from @moonshotspaceco really see the opportunity here for space related business is huge. They came in this week to BizDojo at @GridAKL to talk to the curious about launching a space business. Their founder Troy McCann explained how kiwi space businesses could involve sectors as diverse as agtech and medicine -which meant the conversations that happened were pretty interesting. Just your average day at BizDojo ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿ›ฐ.

There is nothing better than having a resident share something they are passionate about! For New Zealand recycling week Josephine from BizDojo @ GridAKL/Wellington residents @methodrecycling took the floor for a lunchtime session all about ethical buying and the realities of recycling. And there is no one better than Josephine to talk about this, she ditched the rubbish for a month becoming zero waste. During this time she managed to fit all her rubbish into a tiny jar! So what are her tips? Ditch the disposable coffee cups, think about how things are recycled, and if you are a business - realise how much opportunity there is for businesses who are serious about the environment. For more info head over to the Method blog >> http://bit.ly/wastenotok

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