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BizDojo  NZ's leading #coworking #community. Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch. For #creatives, independents & #startups. Collaboration is in our DNA

What’s been your favourite @techweeknz event so far? Yesterday some of our Welly crew got amongst The Magnificent @mahuki_tepapa Tour. Not your usual tour, this #twnz18 exclusive explored the digital #technology of the past, present and future in a museum setting. We’d highly recommend!

It’s Friday and we’re feeling good! As part of @kaiboshnz Make a Meal In May campaign, the Wellington dojo fam raised enough moolah to provide over 250 meals for Wellingtonians in need!

Parnell resident #goodsorts Treasury Wine Estates getting amongst there annual Global Volunteering Week! The team spent spent their morning picking up coastal rubbish washed up in and around the mangroves, swipe across to see how much trash they collected in just one morning 🤯. Amazing effort team! 👍

Days at work are extra sweet when you are surrounded by handsome #officedogs and get a @bluebellscakery cake to yourself. We could not help but #regram this photo from our Parnell Dojo' resi Casey, celebrating her B'day at work in truly envious style. You might actually recognise Case as a former Community Manager who is now working from BizDojo instead of for Dojo. It's hard to leave when you find a community that fits.

With Winter fast approaching we’ve kicked off soup-club for 2018! On the menus today, a good ol’classic pumpkin at #MarketLane and at #TorySt a beautiful butternut squash number! 🤤🥣

Our Tory Street monthly GC (greatest contributor) award goes to OG Dojo-heads Pauline & Dave. These two cats have been around since day one in Welly & have panda blood running through their veins! #wellyoriginals

Shoutout Darryl for the rad talk on Design Thinking yesterday, titled “WTF is design thinking?” - In Darryl’s words “Design Thinking stops us from pissing around hundreds of thousands of dollars developing something that isn’t right!”. #thinkfirst
1) Empathise
2) Define
3) Ideate
4) Prototype
5) TEST!

The #MarketLane community levelling up their coffee making skills this avo! Shoutout the coffee gurus @flightcoffee for sharing your tips and tricks for the perfect flatty! #nomorescreamingmilk

You might be sitting down to have the ol' breakfast at your desk right now. Or maybe you are hungry for a little connection, community or the kind of conversation that will move your idea off paper and into reality. Lucky for you, BizDojo Community Brekkie's can fit the bill for both AND you can come along for FREE this month getting community and free eats all in one. Hit the link in the bio for more info or head over to - see ya there! ❤️

How’s this for a stella snap?! @darrellcwebster adding his flare to one of the colouring wall booths at our Parnell space! 🎨🖍

It’s been magic✨witnessing the Market Lane community come together over these last few weeks, and it’s coming up one month since we opened up our Market Lane space to all you rad folk! So here’s a little transformation Tuesday from way back at the initial ML Town Hall to where we’re at today! #communitybuilding

Little Friday morning tea at Takapuna. The new ressies getting to know each other, welcome to the community peeps! 👋

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