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Biyi Samuel  Gospel music artist(Igi Ti Ruwe), Father, Husband, Activist!

And Finally it's here! It gives me Joy to gather Together God's own People in His name every year to praise Him. Family, Friends and Fans are all set to converge for a common goal. Truly, people dey talk say I dey try small sha but e get songs ministers wey dey Waoh me whenever dem sing. This year's Community Praise Concert is a full package as it comes with highly spirited Gospel music artists. I'm very sure we all know how Efe Nathan does it. Big Bolaji we all know is a bulldozer. The Adegbodu Twins as we know are combined harvesters as you can't sit down when they start. Dare Melody has done it several times in my presence and I was like Waoh. Mama Africa will always do one thing that will make you open your eyes wide open at her till she drops the mic. Titilayo Euba is one church Babe with a strong tone and powerful spirit. Minister Rain, Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, please let's leave that guy to Jesus because he's something else. Elijah Daniel is a young minister who stands tall even in the midst of Papas and Mamas. He is so blessed and very energetic too. Hmmmm, Omotola Ohun Ayo, trust me people of God, this guy did his magic somewhere and I was shaking. Please look out for him. And Bella Gurl will do her worship and you will be blessed. It's next week Sunday. September 30 to be precise. At Bamboo Hall. 3,Noble Close, Off Ogunnusi Rd, Opp NNPC filling station, Hotel Bus Stop, Omole Phase 1,Ikeja,Lagos. Red Carpet starts at/by 2pm. The Concert starts by 3pm. As the Lord lives, I'm very sure you will be glad you came. Get your fabric if you can and big thanks to those who have gotten theirs. Don't forget that it is not the gate fee. It is your show so feel free to walk in and enjoy the concert. Ogo De!!! WA Rire oda MI Loju!!! Ibi giga sese bere ni Loruko Jesu!!!

And the countdown begins...................!!! It's 2 weeks from here. Jehovah is more than capable. God is forever faithful. It's our concert. It's our show. It's Community Praise 2018! We posses Praisers mentality. We are the descendants of David. We are Judah Nation. Join the June20 Crew in Concert. #NigeriaIndicator! #MoyinnetEntertainments! #AbelinisProjectsLimited! #SodiumBrandsSolution! #OldEnglishSuperStore! #HonorificPolesCompany! #LinensvilleEvents! #Connect! #MicrovisMicrofinanceBank! #SybukCommunicationsLtd! #AristocratClothing! #AOVEntertainments! Ibi giga sese bere ni Loruko Jesu! Come and Enjoy the Ministries of Efe Nathan. Big Bolaji. Dare Melody. Adegbodu Twins. Minister Rain. Elijah Daniel. Titilayo Euba. Mama Of Africa. Omotola Ohun Ayo. Bella Gurl. Time remains 3pm! Date is 30th Of September. Venue is the Bamboo Hall at Omole Phase 1. Red carpet begins at 2pm. Wa Rire!!!

Let me quickly clear this here that the fabric is not a gate fee as we don't gate for our concerts. The fabric is just a way of identifying with us. It is a Family gathering and we strongly believe that with God and your esteemed self,we will always put up a great concert. So without the fabric, our gates are open for you to walk in majestically and enjoy the beautiful performances of Efe Nathan, Big Bolaji, Dare Melody, Adegbodu Twins,Titilayo Euba,Minister Rain, Elijah Daniel, Mama Of Africa, Omotola Ohun Ayo, and Bella Gurl. Because it's not a one man's show, we will do it together as usual but in a more powerful way this year. The fabric is in 6 and 3 yards respectively. Call 08023844805,or Temitayo on 08063094309 for details about the fabric. It's really gonna be a Jamboree of Praise and worship knowing that God is fully involved. WA Rire!!!

As the deer panteth for the waters,so my soul longeth after thee Oh God Of Israel! And so we declare September 30 signed, sealed, and settled In the name of The Father, The Son, and of The Holy Ghost IJN! We believe strongly that our praises will go up to Him. We also believe that our worship will make Him dwell with us. And I personally believe that it will be great to have your presence Family, Friends, and Fans! We have 4 powerful ministers of songs whose pictures are not on the flyer because we submitted so late and they are George Audu Audu George Eniafe Sax,Mama Africa, and Omotola Ohun Ayo,Bella Gurl respectively. Prepare to worship His majesty in a very different way. Prepare to dance like never before. You might just be called from the crowd to sing a song so be prepared o. And finally; we have a surprise performance for you. Be there and you will be blessed you came. We have just one more week to do fabric. Call me or call Tayo on 08063094309. #ItsCommunityPraise2018! #WeHaveAPraiseMentality! #ItsJudahNationagain! #ItsYouandI! #AllRoadsLeadToBambooHall! #BiyiSamuelAndTheJune20Crew! #WaRire! #ItsStringsAndDrums! #YouAndIwillPraiseHimTogether! We honour God in your lives Family, Friends, and Fans!!! WA Rire!!!

#September30! #ItsaSunday! #ItsCommunityPraise2018! #Godisfullyinvolved! #IbigigasesebereniLorukoJesu! #BambooHallAtOmolePhase1! #3pmisthetime! #CaseSettledFinally! Family, Friends and Fans, please kindly pick your fabric at the Dove Park, LSDPC Medium Estate 4,Its between Ogba and Pen Cinema. Call Temitayo on 08063094309. For Friends in Akure, please call Iwonimasin on 08037300075. Will look for a way to sort out Friends at Ibadan and Abeokuta soonest. I appreciate your love and support all the time. WA Rire!!!

Finally,September 30 strolls in calmly,peacefully,and beautifully too. This is the month that the Lord has anointed for us to gather together in praise of His Holy name and we shall rejoice and be glad in it. It's ready. The fabric is ready. And we are ready as a people too. It's available in 6 and 3 yards respectively. It is difficult for a man to dance alone but very reasonable when we come together in oneness. So let's sing and dance come September 30 at the Bamboo Hall, 3,Noble Close, Off Ogunnusi Rd, Opposite NNPC filling station, Hotel Bus Stop, Omole Phase 1,Ikeja. Time is 3pm. Red carpet starts by 2pm. Be there because we know that you're Blessed! WA Rire ni gbogbo Ona Loruko Jesu!

Ultimately it's about God. The only One Who loves unconditionally. It's about you and I also. It's about us as a people. It's about us as a Community. Community Praise simply means the coming together of a people in oneness. It means the raising of our sonorous voices in praise of His Holy Name(Jehovah). It means the annual gathering of a people who love to rejoice in His presence. It's just a month from here and I urge you to buckle your shoes as we prepare to dance and sing. #ItsJudahNationagain! #PraiseMentality! #Warire! #IbigigasesebereniLorukoJesu! #ItsCommunityPraise2018! #LetmenrisetopraiseHim! #GetyourFabricandletsrocktogetherinChristJesus! #SeeYouThereByGodsGrace!!! Kindly signify your interest in the fabric ASAP as we round up on that soonest. Waa Rire!!!

Mercy showed up again saying no worries as September 30 draws near. We will worship and His name will be lifted once again. I belong to the tribe of Jacob and I stand solely on His name. His name is Jehovah and He can do all things. All roads lead to Bamboo Hall at Omole phase 1. Join us as we rock for Christ Jesus together again. Ibi giga sese bere ni Loruko Jesu! Wale Rire! Wa Rola! Wa Rayo! Inu e adun! Ayo e akun Loruko Jesu! See you there!!!

It's very close and we are counting down to September 30. Kindly join the convoy of unapologetic praisers as we raise the roof in praise of His holy name. This year we shall be enjoying these great Ministers of God in songs, Efe Nathan, Big Bolaji, Dare Melody, Titilayo Euba, Minister Rain, Elijah Daniel, and the JPC Team. I declare it again that "Wa Rire"!!!

I celebrate this Beloved Brother of mine, Segun Okunade. He is a Theater Artist and there's a way he does his comedy that I love so much. It can only be God and He will continue to equip you with all the necessary and announce you to the world IJN! Do enjoy this skit.

Good morning Family, Friends, and Fans! Together we are counting down to September 30! Buckle up your dance shoes,keep hope alive, stay strong and healthy, hold on to Jesus all the way, get your Fabric and let's rock the Family concert together. WA Rire!!!

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