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Matthew Babner 

Co workers team . Go support them

Turtle I saved a few days ago from the road

She likes her comfort

My lazy pig pig

Other hand just a scratch where I caught the zipper or button on his jacket . I am already grumpy cause I am sick. Stupid bastard

Some dumb ass wreaked his bike in my yard and got offended when I told him he was stupid for taking the corner too fast. Mostly his blood but it did open my knuckle up a bit on his teeth. Some guy stopped while i was on top of him in the yard and gave him a lift after loading his bike up. Looked like a marine too. Formation will be fun for him tomorrow

A little gun porn. They do not make them like this anymore and before you ask. It's not for sale. This one has history behind it for me and I will never sale it. Plus it's in perfect condition

Hard to believe I just wake up looking this good

One last day. See what I can see

Double snuggle

Merry Christmas from pigpig

Getting all pretty today

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