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Bitter Phew  Sydney Specialty Beer Bar. Australia's #1 Beer Venue of 2017 - Beer & Brewer Magazine. ALIA Best Bar in Australia Nominee 2018.

Fresh tinnies of Jedi Juice NEIPA from @hopnationbeer have just landed in our fridge.

It’s tasting real yum. 🤤❤️🍻

On Mondays we pour schooners and sell them for the same price as 330ml beers. And we do it without blinking (or looking at what we’re doing).
Don’t believe us, come and watch us. The bar is open from 5pm.

If you’re the kind of person that needs a 12% Imperial Stout to kick start their Sunday, then you’re out kind of person.
With a whole heap of pecan extract and molasses added, @eviltwinbrewing’s Even More Pecan Pie Jesus is a thick and sticky heavenly pleasure.

Every now and then it’s nice to return to an old faithful, classic beer. A beer that is familiar and trustworthy. A faultless beer that has stood the test of time.
For us, @chouffe_belgium’s La Chouffe Blonde Ale is one of those beers. With a slight hoppy bitterness, combining notes of fresh coriander with fruity tones - this is a refreshing and zesty 8% bevvy that is always a pleasure to return to.

At the end of a long week, we like to wind down with a nice cold beer. But occasionally we fancy a G&T. And sometimes we want both. All at once.
California’s @andersonvalleybrewing have allowed our Friday dreams become a delicious and refreshing reality with their G&T Gose.
We’ve found it goes well with a sneaky shot of Australian gin dropped into it as well. Tom is a fan of the @fourpillarsgin, while Hutch is more of a @adelaidehillsdistillery guy.
Give it a try, you deserve it.

Get some of that Sticky Nectar in your mouth. 🤤🍻😍
@stoneandwood’s fresh as hell Sticky Nectar Mango Milkshake IPA is on tap at Bitter Phew and available for you all to enjoy from 3pm today.

Is there anything better than sitting on the back deck on a summer afternoon while sinking your teeth into a big juicy mango, and feeling that sweet sticky juice drip off your chin? .
Yes. It’s drinking a beer a fresh hazy Mango New England IPA brewed with Lactose, and hopped with Galaxy, Citra and Amarillo.
Luckily for you fine folk, @stoneandwood have made this beer - and we’re going to have it on tap for you at Bitter Phew from 3pm this Thursday.

You don’t often see bottles from Ohio’s @jackieosbrewery in Sydney.
But, would you just have a look at the two newest additions to our immense bottle list.
‘Oil of Aphrodite’ and ‘Dark Apparition’ are two big Imperial Stouts from this internationally renowned brewery.
Aphrodite has been brewed with locally harvested black walnuts and Belgian candied syrup to create a sweet and nutty taste sensation. While Apparition have used a total of seven different malts to make a complex stout with flavours of coffee, chocolate and molasses.
They are both very yum, and you should probably try them before Dylan drinks them all.

It’s Monday folks, and that means cheap beerz at Bitter Phew from 5pm to midnight. 🍻
And we’ve got a killer taplist lined up for you tonight:
1. @twometretall Huon Dark Apple Ale - 5.5% (TAS)
2. @moondogbrewing Love Tap Lager - 5.0%
3. @ekimbrewingco After Battle Pale Ale - 5.4% (NSW)
4. @akashabrew Mosaic IPA - 7.2% (NSW) **PHRESH AF**
5. @boatrockerbrew Miss Pinky Raspberry Berliner Weisse - 3.4% (VIC)
6. @wildflowerbeer Good As Gold Blend 1 - 5.0% (NSW)
7. @kaijubeer Aftermath IIPA - 9.1% (VIC)
8. @buxtonbrewery Battle Horse Black IIPA - 10.5% (UK)
9. @garageproject OMG! That’s the Funky Shit NEIPA - 7.5% (NZ)
10. @duggesbryggeri Gothenburg Beer Week Strawberry Sour - 5.0% (SWE)
11. @beerfarm Milk Stout - 5.0% (WA)
12. @3ravensbrewery Whiskey Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout - 13.0% (VIC)

Thanks for repping Bitter Phew (and for bringing us some phresh @otherhalfnyc Green Power IIPA) @twfromdk

It’s a H O T one out there today Sydney. 🌞🍻
Remember to keep drinking water, and we’ll remember to keep you feeling refreshed with these tasty Swedish sour beer juices from @duggesbryggeri.

Today, we’ve put the @stonebrewing ‘I’m Peach Double IPA’ under some serious interrogation.
A close analysis has discovered traces of juicy peach along with a bold mix of all-American hops. No Russian influence has been detected, yet.
You can help us investigate this beer at the bar, right now. 🍻🍑🇺🇸

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