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Erin Jones  Beautiful things for beautiful people. Erin-21-they/them

#tbt #throwbackthursday
My little man when he was a bab.

One of my sweetest customers brought me a birthday gift today at work.πŸ’— My heart is so full!

Yes 911 hello? It's too hot and bright outside I need you to arrest the sun

I call this one, "Try to look good with two work benches in the back ground" Nailed it.

Did a little more birthday shopping.
#lushcosmetics #lushbathbomb #lush #lushie #lushhaul #lushbubblebar

Um.. haul?

I've always wanted to bathe in wine.πŸ·πŸ›€πŸ’•

Apparently its national pet day? So here's a great pic of my best boy.

I call the left side "struggling to keep eyes open cuz the sun" and the right side "oops the camera went off on it's own, I'm not a model".

My much anticipated new piece! I've been wanting this done for quite some time and now it's here!! Thanks so much to @chipperharbin for hooking me up!

So since I started working for Starbucks and made my passion for art known. I've been in charge of creating our Daily Offerings Boards. Some are better than other but I love doing them and I'm especially proud of the most recent one which we are launching tomorrow!

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