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You’ve gotta give it 110% 👊🏼 .
Babe Ruth once said, “I swing with everything I’ve got. I hit big or I miss big.” .
Failure is a part of success. .
Failure isn't something you should try to avoid, because avoidance of failure leads to missed opportunities. .
If you’re going to have a great body… if you want a great job… or a loving relationship… you’ve got to give it your all! .
You’ve got to commit 110% ⚾️ #swingbig #sundayfunday #baseballseason #phillies

When you're hungry af from kayaking and realize you didn't take a picture of your beautiful @eatcleanbro meal 😋😋 #hangry #wasntsmilingbefore #getinmybelly #grinding

Which part best describes your weekend goals?? 😂😂 TAG A FRIEND!!

There's just something about adorable new gym clothes that makes me smile 😀 @poprageous outdid themselves with this summer duo ☀️🛶🌊 #obsessed #fitness #fashion #gym

Just hanging out, eating clean on a donut 😊 LIFE IS ALL ABOUT BALANCE 💙

Meal prep this week by @eatcleanbro 🙌🏼 (they deliver almost anywhere in NJ and have some banging options on their menu)!

Welp, that’s me… on stage for the first time 🙈 A lot of people have dreams of competing, and I think it’s a great goal for those who want a new challenge. I admire a competitor’s dedication and determination… However, I also feel it’s important to remind you that a competition lifestyle isn’t always “healthy” and is rarely “balanced”. _

Competing requires restrictive dieting and loads of cardio. It makes traveling tough and being spontaneous nearly impossible… it can also make you a bit of a biotch towards the end. If you decide to go down this path, PLEASE REMEMBER that you can’t expect to look like you did on stage EVERY DAY of your life. It scares me when I think of the body dysmorphia many girls suffer due to competing. I know it messed up my head a little and wasn’t something I saw for myself personally. For me, life is about balance… and I want mine to always involve cookies 🍪🍪

MONDAY GRIND TIME!! Working on getting back some more abbbbbyysss 🔥 TAG A FRIEND AND TRY THIS CIRCUIT!!

Who wants a free copy of my healthy dessert ebook?! 🙋🏻🙋🏻 Well, I’ll give you ALL 40 RECIPES FOR FREE with any purchase of @1stphorm protein products! The thing most people get wrong when baking healthy desserts is the protein. The wrong kind/quality will absolutely destroy the deliciousness, which is why I use @1stphorm level-1 vanilla ice cream for basically all of my baking! If anyone purchases protein this week (any amount/flavor), just forward me a copy of your order to and I’ll send you my ebook free of charge! It’s time to indulge without the bulge with all of my favorite protein treats 🍩🍪 _

ORDER AT (link is in my profile to make it easy) 👆🏼


Waking up on the right side.. of the lake?! 😜😋 Anyone else love the water?? 💙💙 #bestmorning #sunshine #happiness #summerlove

This photo just got me fired uppp af 🔥🔥Over the past year, the goal of being “shredded” has fallen behind the joy of experiencing different parts of the world and traveling my pants off. But this next month is all about reining it back in and leaning out. What will I do differently? Not too much actually! The two biggest changes I’ll be making is 1) Paying closer attention to my diet and avoiding the small daily cheats 2) Adding in additional cardio - primarily in the form of HIIT workouts. Listen, most of us have life goals other than living at the gym and eating the same foods every day, so we won't be walking around “stage ready” 24/7… Don’t get frustrated when you see pictures of girls with 6 pack abs because that’s usually not the case all year round. It also requires a lot of sacrifice and dedication - and sometimes moderation and balance can be more fulfilling ❤️

Shoutout to the birthday boy, the one and only MFCEO @andyfrisella 🙌🏼 Thanks for reminding me that you've got to be "off" to accomplish anything in this world. If you think like everybody else, then you're gonna be like everybody else 👽 #bedifferent #lovehim #weare1stphorm

PS. Thanks @mindymusselman for the adorable sibling hats 💙💙

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