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─ professional asshole ☆  not here to feed your ego


─ Max x David ❥
─ Max x Neil
─ Max x Preston ❥
─ Max x Daniel
─ Max x Harrison ❥
─ Max x literally
⠀⠀any male (just ask)

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀roleplay rules;

─ I will only reply if responses
are written in literate, third
person. A minimum of at least
three lines per reply if you can.

─ Do not God-Mode. This is
when your character possesses
distinct advantages, unrealistic
strengths, and powers, among other
aspects such as sudden changes
in atmosphere to benefit your

─ AU's are totally fine !!

─ Unexplained absences for more
than a week, meaning no replies
or interest in the conversation at all,
will likely result in my deletion of
the chat. Leaving messages on 'seen'
for prolonged periods of time will also
result in this.

─ I can do roleplays without sex,
however I would much rather it had
a mix of plot/relationship development
and sex. All in all it just makes the
roleplay more realistic.

─ My muse is a bottom, so I'll only
roleplay sex that way. I can do
powerbottom as well though.

─ On top of that, my muse is also
homosexual. So I won't do any
heterosexual ships. Sorry.

─ I'm fine with roleplaying anything
besides male-preg, scat, vomit-play,
and anything to do with feet.

#campcamp #campcampmax #maxcampcamp #campcamproleplay #campcamprp #ccmax #litrp #literaterp #literateroleplay #campcampbell #literate

─ Maxwell
─ Max
─ asshole
─ Maxy/Maxie
─ 17
─ 31/10/98
─ cis male
─ he/him/his
─ homosexual
─ American
─ student
─ 5'5"
─ 132 lbs
─ Despite having grown in
many ways over the years,
height is not one of them.
Max is still quite small in
stature, and could be described
as quite 'slim' as well. He
despises this and has done his
best to try and put on more
weight or gain more defined
muscle -- none of it has worked.
His skin is tanned and sun-kissed,
whereas his eyes are a bright
turquoise colour, often being
described as 'captivating.'
Max's hair is glossy and dark
though is messy and unruly
most of the time due to the fact
that Max never bothers to
style it.
─ Max is a very jaded and
cynical person who practically
oozes sarcasm. He's very blunt
and usually doesn't think before
speaking, often causing much
Overly cheery or happy people
annoy him due to his own
bleak outlook on life, as a
constant pessimist he sees no
need in being happy all the
time when they live in such a
shitty world, nevertheless he
can appreciate some
happiness sometimes to
contrast with his own
He's an outspoken atheist
and doesn't believe in any sort
of life after death. He's quite
a conspiracy theorist as well,
stating that he thinks the
Moon landing was a Goverment
Max is a very intelligent person
though doesn't flaunt it, he
likes to people watch and can
often calculate a lot about a
person and their personality
simply by watching them for
a while.

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