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Chelsea Stevenson  Certified Childbirth Educator + Postpartum Doula. πŸ’žGood Vibes + Coffee always welcome. β˜•οΈ Alhamdulillah for All Things. πŸ’•{FKA #TheBespokeDoula}


Ibtihaj brought all the edge to NY Fashion Week, and I am so here for it. #muslimah #muslimstyle #hijabfashion #birthunderwraps | πŸ“·: @ibtihajmuhammad

Postpartum sex. Everyone has questions about it. I've got answers. Check out more about sex after baby on the blog! Link in bio!
#postpartumsex #sexafterbaby #postpartum #birthunderwraps | πŸ“·: arvidabystrom

I love, love, love this aestethic! Fierce, edgy, and well put together. Also, I'm a fan of using a secondary scarf to use as a nursing cover while I'm out and about. Do you love it? #postpartum #style #birthunderwraps | πŸ“·: @thatgirlyusra

Oh, my heart. Having a beautiful diaper bag meant the world to me especially after having multiple children within a number of years. Having something cute and that makes you feel good is such a treat. (There's a blog post I wrote about that floating around actually! Link available in the post featuring the mom in the blue hijab!) Finding something that crosses functionality and personal style is ideal. I love the look of this one from #fawndesign! Did you treat yourself to a pretty bag? #motherhood #selfcare #birthunderwraps | πŸ“·: @fawndesign

Are you a pumping mom? I'm reading 'Work. Pump. Repeat.' currently, and love it! Check it out, insha'Allah! #breastfeeding #pumping #liquidgold #birthunderwraps | πŸ“·: @oatmama

The diversity in this image is #everything. As a Muslim American from a biracial background, I have gotten so tired of images that only portray Arab or Desi hijabis. The reach of Islam is so vast, and the beauty of finding Muslimahs who are Polish, Brazilian, Ugandan, Moroccan, Samoan, Colombian, and so on is... SubhanAllah. It makes my heart soar! Birth Under Wraps aims to celebrate the unique backgrounds of the many women who we serve with the underlying foundation that we each deserve unwavering support for our choices as new and expectant moms. #celebratediversity #muslimsoftheworld #birthunderwraps | πŸ“·: @hijabfashion

Happy to share this piece from my heart to yours. I hope you enjoy. <3 #muslimmom #muslimah #newmom #motherhood #birthunderwraps | Do you sometimes feel like you are being eaten alive by the beauty and intensity of motherhood? Our guest blogger Chelsea Stevenson of @birthunderwraps shares her perspective on finding the woman in motherhood. Follow the link in our bio, the blog is at the bottom of the page. #selfcare #hobbies #thevirginiababyco πŸ“·: @thevirginiababyco

You know what? I am so humbled by and grateful for the opportunity to serve my sisters in Islam both during their pregnancy and after they've birthed their babies. Our faith places such an emphasis on the elevated status of the mother, and to serve these women both in the joys and the challenges motherhood brings is... SubhanAllah. To say it fills my cup is an understatement. To my clients, thank you for allowing me to hold your hand in this walk. To my supporters, thank you for encouraging me so that I can pour back into my community. xo, Chelsea #alhamdulillah #grateful #birthunderwraps | πŸ“·: @voszczanowska

Not gonna lie. I drooled. What craving dominates/dominated your pregnancy? #cravings #nom #donutsforall #birthunderwraps | πŸ“·: @kirstys_meals

Hold on a moment. Grab a cup of something, and just like... Give me a second. I want to take a moment to talk about perinatal mood disorders. Our community is doing mothers a disservice. In general, when we speak to new and expectant moms, the first thing we do is tell them how lucky they are, how blessed they are, and how beautiful life must be for them. AND WE'RE FAILING TO RECOGNIZE that for some women, this sort of rhetoric is incredibly debilitating. For some women, antenatal and/or postpartum mood adjustment disorders are a thing. They are valid, and they may be incredibly severe. We need to be more supportive of these women - we need to let them know that the feelings that they're having are a variation of normal and that they are not alone. For some women, commentary like this takes away their perceived permission to speak honestly and let the people around them know that they are having a difficult time coping. What's that mean? It means that it forces them to stand and suffer alone. Next time you speak to a pregnant or recently postpartum mom, I recommend that instead of showering her with empty "Masha'Allahs," take her a drink, look her in the eyes, and ask her how she's doing - how she's REALLY doing - and be prepared to support her no matter what answer she may provide. xo, Chelsea #postpartum #postpartumdepression #babyblues #postpartumdoula #normalizeit #birthunderwraps πŸ“·: @walkingeating_rofl

Are you registered for my free Comfort Measures Mini Class? We'll be talking all about ways to cope during labor, and you can watch from the comfort of your home. Thursday, 23 Feb 2017 @ 7:30pm EST. Register using the link in my bio! | πŸ“·: @charlottereneelehmann

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