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Genevieve Doula, Therapist MA  Becoming a Mama~understanding how our ancestry, stories & culture shape ideas of Mother (workshops & counseling for new mothers by @genevieve.family)


WOMEN GO TO WORK FOR THEMSELVES ~ just read this article in NY Times , and couldn't help but think ' yeah, every woman I know is trying to work for herself'... loving this image of mama @dorideer who is not only working for herself but supporting other women do the same , she shares ' Im excited to announce that Im now taking projects for Social Media Branding~ I've personally built the platform of TRIBE de MAMA @tribedemama and supported many likeminded friends through the journey of spreading their message across the globe. As an all encompassing lifestyle platform, TdM is a wonderful hub to jumpstart in any field whether you're looking to brand merchandise, art (fine art, music, photography, etc) events or other community building, consulting, charity, healing work, consciously created beauty or health products, and much more. For the community, by the community. ~
Here to support you with an open heart and mind, understanding the vision and mission and the core soul of your brand, giving you guidance and tools on how to move forward, bring out the most of your own voice and style, build a strong community of your own ' ( connect with @dorideer to explore how to develop your own creations ~ dori@tribedemama.com)

DREAMTIME BABY ~ by expectant mama @meadowmoonlight who shares, "showing Liam Zephyrus the rain. Today I feel the chill of winter, my maples are dropping their leaves in preparation for the cold months. With the new moon came very vivid dreams with my spirit guide this pregnancy, a great mother bear. The first time she visited my dreams I was so frightened by her power, but she revealed she was here to guide me into this winter, which will be spent in hibernation with my newest little baby. Last night's dream showed her power more tempered, and left me feeling so much peace and trust today. Blessed lunar Samhain everyone 🖤 today is the day our family celebrates. I am inside now, sipping peppermint tea while listening to the patter or the rain, feeling peace + tranquility + trust. 🌈

#rainbowbaby" ( thank you from the bottom of my heart @meadowmoonlight )

So many thoughts lately on just about everything relating to the experience of being a woman, if you know me ( Genevieve @genevieve.family ) you know I'm about to turn 46 and I've never felt like such a woman or so fully myself.....but I don't know how much that's related to age or the life experiences, fluidity of identity , versions of myself that molded me into the woman I am .... the ideas around #metoo from women were diverse, nuanced, conflicting, uniting , individual and collective , but it was powerful ... for me because I never believed in a just world , a world with justice , life is unfair and people abuse power so #metoo for me was not saying I too had my world view changed because I was abused but rather #metoo meant there are people still abusing power and we all need to stop abusing power and support those who have experienced abuse of power in all its forms ... now @time has a cover piece entitled The Goddess Myth and how expecting perfection in motherhood is damaging to women ... while a narrow view of women and motherhood is always problematic whether mother as only nurturers, or housewives, or earth mothers, or stay at home, or attachment, or working or whatever .... something about Goddess equated with perfection is inaccurate.... some mothers in some cultures may be expected to be perfect, most are expected to be strong .....but Goddesses are very flawed ......and that's the power of their stories ... so it seems less HERO/ HEROINE MOTHERHOOD/WOMANHOOD STORIES are necessary and instead more positive but flawed expressions of being a woman or mother ... flawed but again not heroic, but positive conclusions about your actions in life and about who you are as a woman and mother ....Just thoughts .. ( video art by @word.agency , @zoiladarton ~ @word.agency + @zoiladarton so happy to find you #אשה

ON THE DAY OF YOUR BIRTH~ I MOVED WITH THE COSMOS by new mother @anaisdansa hours before giving birth ~ @anaisdansa shares, "El dia que vas néixer. Entre contraccions de treball previ.. Ready to see you, welcome my son ✨✨✨( biggest congratulations to you @anaisdansa , sending you and your family so much love )

WHEN WOMEN UNITE ~ in celebration of the 1st Birthday of baby Mni Wiconi ( Water is Life) the first baby born at Standing Rock to her mama Sky Bird Black Owl ... like so many other movements standing with the people of Standing Rock was powerful , the collective awareness raising, joined fund raising, group traveling , together working towards policy change ... so many women I know personally and remotely who took action ... these aren't trends , they are advocacy and action , I've been involved with @onespiritsouthdakota for years , I'm fully supporting @winonaladuke hemp farm and kickstarter campaign , feel gratitude for @reclaimyourpower and every campaign from #blacklivesmatter to #metoo both started by Black Women..... whether the @womensmarch or @womenwagepeace or even today at this moment there is the first Breastfeeding Counseling Training for Palestinian women next to Bethlehem.......I'm so inspired by every woman and mother out there using her voice and raising awareness and funds for social and policy change ... so easy to get cynical but for every hater there's a lover .... sending birthday wishes to this mama, baby and fam and grateful for the ripple effect they created world wide , love Genevieve @genevieve.family

I hesitated to say #metoo because these stories have never been mine alone to share , they impact my whole family , I remember my mom getting panicky , breaking out in a cold sweat when I was growing up, when she posted a #metoo on Facebook my heart started beating fast ... I often wonder why I named my daughter Yael , the story of Yael in the Torah is of her people being under siege by a warring tribe , as they approached her village she wooed the head warrior into her tent , it's written that she ' gave him a glass of her sweet milk ' and then as he rested she took a nail and drove it through his skull killing him and saving her people .. she is an avenger ... was I unconsciously avenging my mother ? Have I unfairly or unconsciously put that role on my daughter ? My daughter is of the age now I talk to her of rape of molestation and in some ways of not trusting anyone , I get activated when I see my son use physical dominance as he's surrounded by men with guns and toxic masculinity , this is so big, can bring up rage, fear, retribution , but also this #metoo campaign , hope, power, belonging, dialogue, transparency, healing , grieving , therapy and LOVE , love for ourselves , love for our families , our communities ... with all my love Genevieve @genevieve.family , thank you all for posting for a full day as I checked in with myself , thank you for being here , thank you for sharing your hearts ~ artwork by the beloved @merakilabbe whose words are below , thank you @fortyisthenew40 #taranaburke for creating the ME TOO campaign and advocating #metoo for over a decade, please see Tarana Burke speak in the story ~

More than ten years ago I gave birth to my daughter on my birthday. Knowing that my daughter and I were born on the same date, meaning also that my mother and I gave birth on the same date, awakened within me an impulse to learn about matrilineal descent. It also awakened within me the desire to heal generational trauma, especially of the women in my family.
Guided meditation is one of the most powerful ways to change our neural pathways, leading to the building of new cellular structures and the ability to release trauma.

@expectful is a guided meditation for your fertility, pregnancy, & motherhood journey. @expectful has been made to support you during one of the most challenging and beautiful times of your life. Use your mind to give your baby the best start by connecting through the link in their bio so you can sign up for your free trial.
During my Doula and Childbirth Education studies when I learned that like all pregnant women, that when I was just a developing baby in my own mother’s womb, I already carried the oocyte, or egg, that would eventually become my daughter, I felt I had learned the most fascinating and mystical aspect of womanhood and life itself. The thought that all women pregnant with girls embody 3 generations within one body confirmed my deeply held beliefs about the interconnectedness and cyclical nature of life. It also made me aware of epigenetics, DNA, and patterns we carry , those we want to embrace and those to release. I also learned how transformative guided meditation is. Thank you for hearing part of my experience in early motherhood , love @genevieve.family , and connect with @expectful for more pregnancy and early motherhood wellness.
To learn more about the research on how Expectful can help you, go to: expectful.com/science⠀⠀⠀

MOTHER IS CREATOR ~ creating songs, creating breastmilk, creating neural pathways, creating the collective future ~When mothers are going through massive changes in their bodies, that is when deep creativity emerges~ ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨This is beautiful mama .... @mamamistica @cecidoula and her husband @papalacrea who did the video.They are connecting from Venezuela. ( thank you @mamamistica ~ connect with her ✨✨✨)

Reflect on who you have become,
and look forward to who you are becoming.
But remember… all You have is Now.
The thoughts you chose to think, the words you chose to speak,
How you chose to live this very moment.
Your power lies in the Now,
Not in the yesterdays or tomorrows.
Because to cherish each stage of this wild adventure,
the highs and the lows,
Is to honor the very essence and complexities that make you You.
each one adding to the colorful tapestry of your life.
See you for Practice xP
UMA PRENATAL 12:15 @yogaworks or CONNECT WITH @umamother here for more pregnancy wisdom

THE RAW VULNERABILITY OF BECOMING A MOTHER ~ by @ranaminerva "When you give birth, suddenly it feels like the most vulnerable part of yourself is exposed to the whole outside world and there's nothing you can do to stop it.
My post natal anxiety is vulnerability at its most raw. The veil between protective smart thinking and paranoia is so transparent that Im not even sure where one ends and the other begins. The realisation that I cannot truly protect my child from everything in this life hits me like a blow to the stomach.
And with Virgo currently dominating in all it's masochistic glory, my perfectionism is getting a wild roaring work out. Thoughts are murky and imagery is graphic but you'd be hard pressed to find a spec of dust in the house.
Moods are extreme.. from elated euphoria to paralysing fear.
A dear friend and mentor explained that I have recently reached my evolutionary peak, and the only way for me to continue growing and transforming was through this massive initiation called motherhood.
It's easy to feel like we have everything under control when we are alone.
So I am going into transformation, alchemical surrender, and release, to bigger wider greater forces beyond my control to learn something and become even more than I could ever be alone.
A fucking amazing mother. ( thank you so much @ranaminerva )

SURRENDERING TO THE MYSTERY OF BIRTH ~ by @makingsacred2: "Just over 7 Year’s ago.. 41 weeks pregnant with my 4th baby 💜💜💜 Willow Violet Moon 🌑 this was the first home video dance I put out on fb and YouTube.. I went on to go to 42 weeks pregnancy and then we had a 3 day posterior labour and birth at home.. it was a big change from my previous births.. Taj was 8hrs in hospital, Eden 4hrs at home, Nina 1hr at home! We were expecting a very fast birth.. the 3 day experience was the ultimate in surrender and trust.. which is just what I needed to Mother her and her 3 siblings. I had the birth I had, to teach me what I needed to learn on my journey to wholeness, and to be the mother Willow, Nina, Eden and Taj needed. ( CONNECT W/ @makingsacred2 ~ she is a mother of 4, Doula, birth guardian and women's wisdom facilitator and space holder with incredible offerings for you ~ thank you @makingsacred2 )

GIVING BIRTH IN DIGNITY~ @aliciakeys: "There’s so much I didn’t know that women who are incarcerated have to deal with... like being shackled to a BED while giving BIRTH!!! Woooowwww!! 😥😥 •

For too long, WOMEN, and the unique challenges we face, have been neglected by our prison system. That changes NOW. ✊🏽✊🏽 @weareheremovement has teamed up with @cut50 + @vanjones68 to support Senators @corybooker and @elizabethwarrenma’s #DignityAct for Incarcerated Women. A bill that is on the floor right now and needs the support of American people to pass!!! Join us👉🏽👉🏽 #linkinbio @senatorchuckgrassley, do you hear us?" CONNECT WITH @aliciakeys ~ link in her bio ❤️

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