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Birth Of A Mama  A Space For Women 🦋eBooks, workshops, creative collaborations by Genevieve @genevieve.family


She reminded me of a movement I started with Neyon Tree a few years ago called SAGE333 (Sacral Activity Goddess Energy 333). This movement was birthed in liberation & freedom that burned away shame & guilt. It was birthed from the need to heal. (Even though people use that tag for dumb things & don't know what it means, it's nice to know it's still there).
My sacral chakra was ALL the way messed up back in 2015. Like fully broken/closed/blocked. I was dealing with a partner that threw my energy off & the reactions hit my body (mentally, spiritually, & PHYSICALLY) really hard. Like I was in Hawaii depressed AS FUCK & I basically had a vagina that refused to work 😩.
So I broke up with that man (I felt the weight literally LIFT from me). I got to wearing orange. I got to opening my hips. I got to releasing stored energy by MOVING & DANCING! I shook that Shakti ALL the way up! The first time I did it, I had never felt so free. I felt healed damn near instantly. My creativity, sexuality, & sensuality came back strong. My emotions were released in a very unashamed way.
I won't lie, it hurt me, at first, that people would scold me for "shaking my ass on the internet" but you know what? I DONT GIVE A FUCK! It makes me happy (if you know me, you know that I DANCE ALL THE TIME, EVERYWHERE). Dancing is my joy. Dancing is in my bones. It is in my DNA, from Jamaica back to my roots in West Africa. I don't dance for you, I dance for MYSELF.
But as women, WE DANCE to free ourselves. WE DANCE to summon spirits. WE DANCE to entrance. WE DANCE to seduce (I'm not seducing anyone on the gram but best believe I pull some moves on my man). You think goddesses don't dance & just sit looking prissy? NOPE we shake our ass & wine up our hips because we know our magic. We know our power...& we stand FIRM in it!
Song- PuNoni (ft Govales & Kaytranada) by Chewii
#SAGE333" ( THANK YOU @jchavae I love this , and for more healing connect with @jchavae through her movement WE HEAL TOO @wehealtoo )

TO GIVE BIRTH FEELING SAFE AND SUPPORTED ~ to be in relationship where you feel safe and supported ~ to live life feeling safe and supported ( painting by artist @amandagreavette

🌿🌺 Empress Vibes 🌺🌿 of beautiful pregnant mama @tatiannatarot ~ Ive been connected for a long time to her through this platform and love her daily tarot readings dripping with powerful mystical wisdom for women ( and her meme's are the best out there ), connect with her and so excited for you on this pregnancy and motherhood journey @tatiannatarot

WOMEN~ GATHERING~ HEALING ....and when one woman heals so do all the generations that will come from her ~ loving the vibe of this gathering with @healwithcrystal , I truly believe when women gather in circle with open hearts and can trust to feel safe and supported real healing occurs, this is true whether or not you're intending to have a family , pregnant , during post partum and definitely in the years after becoming a mother ~ connect with @healwithcrystal , ( I know she is facilitating some meetups and workshops around Atlanta but could be in your area too... @healwithcrystal thank you for your daily uplift and inspiration)

3 GENERATIONS SPREADING THE LIGHT ~ by beautiful mother @deanneziadie who shares , "My fire mom, how I love her so. Generations meet.
Sharing the same light. We are so blessed. She my portal, I her teacher, Skylark mine. Together we remember to rise and awaken the fire of the wild feminine within us. Movement, laughter & the dance, it's so kind that we've become reaquainted after all these years, I've longed for you and didn't even know. - Continue to Shine your light -

Summer Soltice wisdom•
It’s a good time to remember that we, like the sun, contain the power to nurture and sustain, and that we have a responsibility to burn as brightly as we can.
It is the time to invite fire into our lives fire to burn away all that we have outgrown and all that no longer serves us; fire that makes the wild things grow in us, for which our inner selves have longed.
Words by ~ Cait Johnson and Maura D. Shaw from Celebrating the Great Mother
Referenced from @mysticmama. Music "I'm Alive" by the great @graeme_james"
ON THE SOLSTICE & INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY I can't think of a more beautiful soul who embodies walking the path of yoga and light than @deanneziadie ~ connect with her and be inspired by her path with heart ✨✨✨✨✨

SHAKE IT OFF~ CONNECT TO YOUR ESSENCE ~ START FEELING JUICY and lets elevate the vibe together ( video of mama and amazing woman @andromedastyle , connect with her for more inspired living....)

My job as a doula was to ensure pregnant women felt safe and supported ...my role as a mother is to make an environment in which my children feel safe and supported .......and my connection to my neighbors and community is to create a vibe where we all feel safe and supported ....I didn't post on the Philando Castille verdict because words failed me , and my attempt to write about and weave a connection with Tupac Shakurs Birthday , his song Dear Mama , Fathers Day and Philando Castile was as unclear as it sounds , but there's not a day I don't think of Diamond Reynolds....we are at a crossroads now globally and there's no such thing as neutrality, we teach people all the time how to treat us , what we permit , what is normative and what is injustice , inhuman and won't be tolerated ... WE MUST DO BETTER ~ WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER #charleenalyles #sayhername #enough

When you got your focus right you get your power back ,
socialmedia can often mess with lots of people's self esteem although many would never admit it. comparison is the quickest path to unhappiness and depression
focus on yourself , yes , stay focused because most of what you see is an illusion anyway. A curated version of the life that one wants the world to see and this is perfectly ok as there should always be boundaries. But don't let another's appearance of happiness or success bring you down or make you feel less than or inadequate , know your worth and know your value
What you contribute by simply taking this life journey is a beautiful thing In every form, at every level of expression.
So #dontgetittwisted we are all on this journey together and although we may choose different paths....#weareinthistogether ✨✨✨( thank you @hadiiyabarbel ! Connect with this powerhouse and wise woman , she's teaching some amazing classes from social media marketing and branding to wigs , but what they all have in common is supporting YOU BE MORE YOU ! Your voice, your vision , your dreams , your goals .. feeling it whether you're loving up on your little baby , launching a new ecourse or planning the next political demonstration ) #empoweredwomenempowerwomen

THE wRIGHT WAY TO BE A MOTHER & A WOMAN ~ by @mswrightsway , ' During my morning practice, I had many thoughts that didn't serve me. I did a headstand and I was reminded just how super badass I am at every stage of motherhood; human experience in general! And don't none of y'all forget it about yourselves! —
Grateful for my practice.

Song: @ivysole - Life

#mswrightsway ( connect with this wise woman, I don't want to pick favorites but lets just say it wouldn't be the same without her , @mswrightsway ... we each create the ' right ' way for ourselves by tuning into ourselves)

REBIRTH OF A MOTHER ~ what could be better for the heart than mama & daughter laughter, expression, play & LOVE on this beautiful weekend ❤️ ( connect with this powerhouse mama @kadiasaraf + her sweet girl @yogininoa ) and come connect with us at the BIRTH OF A MAMA MEET UP @birthofamama in NYC July 22nd ❤️

A RETURN TO LOVE ~ by @jo_mamma pregnant with her little babe who shares, "May you find over and over again, that even when things seem to not align, they are perfectly aligned as they are. Feel. Trust. Be.
May we always come back to love over and over again ( thank you @jo_mamma and connect with her to check out the oxytocin pendant that she wrote about below ,
This oxytocin pendant by @lizfisherdesigns is a dream come true... The hormone oxytocin is often referred to as the “love hormone” or the “bonding hormone” because of its observed effects on our relationships. It's released by the hypothalamus during physical intimacy, and during breastfeeding to facilitate mother-child bonding. It also helps us trust one another... it's what gives you the "heart melting" feelzzzz
Oxytocin is a key component to the child birth process and it's what is released when you first looked into your new babies eyes.... or when when your baby was first laid on your chest after coming earth side. (Any skin to skin contacts, whether it's dad touching baby or you touching your partner, holding hands, hugging -> #oxytocinrush ) In fact, the highest release of oxytocin in a woman's life is right anger baby is born. Woah.

Oxytocin, the love hormone. What an an incredible naturally produced thing.... Here's an article with some cool facts -


@lizfisherdesigns Thank you for this reminder to always come back to love. Thank you thank you thank you. This has been a dream of mine for awhile now and you've created it. You are such a talented artist and I love you. Shine your love light....." LOVE THIS , thank you @jo_mamma

LIVE YOUR MAGIC by @umamother: "Be the silent watcher of your thoughts and behavior | You are beneath the thinker | You are the stillness beneath the mental noise | You are the love and joy beneath the pain ~Eckhart Tolle
This beautiful Mama gave birth to her second baby early this morning before sunrise. As she got close to bringing in her baby I watched her go very still and silent, even as people in the room kept asking her questions and trying to direct her, she remained in this trance like state where there was no need for words just this. Pure awareness guiding her body from the inside out. || video of @maryampm x @umamother ( connect with a Patti @umamother ~ a pure hearted mother , yoga teacher and birth worker offering services for pregnant women and new mothers , thank you so much for this potent message for us at any stage in life )

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