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Birth Of A Mama  A Space For Women 🦋eBooks, workshops, creative collaborations by Genevieve

BIRTHING IN LOVE 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹@tesoromaspreciado: "ORGULLOSOS DE SER VENEZOLANOS
Fascinada con esta pareja que decidió recrear y vivir su trabajo de parto en un ambiente nacionalista . Apostando y creyendo en nuestro país, orando y confiados en que una nueva Venezuela se está gestando , una Venezuela llena de jóvenes guerreros, amantes y defensores de la libertad, aguerridos, trabajdores, empoderados, llenos de ideales, de sueños, de amor .... una mejor Venezuela está por llegar..
Que mejor nombre para esta hermosura de recién nacida que VICTORIA.
Te recibimos con los brazos abiertos. Bienvenida y que Dios te bendiga"

WE ARE MOTHERS ~ by @themostmona: "We are mothers and we believe that there is nothing which cannot be healed by our love. If only we could love everything into balance- if only we could kiss every ache and wound into ease and comfort. If you've ever been around a circle of balanced women, you know that magic is possible- you know that alchemy is real and you believe in miracles. Motherhood is the hardest thing I've ever done but I understand now why bearing children was gifted to women. It is a blessing to help us uncover our shadow sides, the unloved parts of ourselves. Motherhood is a perfect path to enlightenment because it kicks your ass, covers you in actual sh!t and and forces you to love others humans more than yourself. Love thy neighbor is the male counterpart to that. Local vs global. Feminine vs masculine. Maybe these are unpopular ideas in a gender fluid world but the Divine Feminine reigns supreme for anyone seeking her. Al Rahman in Islam - The Shekhina in Judaism and so on. 💗💗💗" ( thank you @themostmona )

'Humming my way through contractions by @kokobie_love' , I'll never forget this video of @kokobie_love in labor moaning and moving through contractions , and since then her daily self care, her family and her colorful, creative, expressive energy that uplifts daily ...were you vocal in labor? , were the sounds and rhythm different than you thought? What helped you move energy through childbirth ?

SELF LOVE MESSAGE FOR THESE TIMES ~ by the beautiful @moderndaywisewoman .........Many of you may have noticed that your emotions are peaking and that your intuition has been summoning you to face some really hard facts and to explore deep truths that have been neglected for too long. This is all happening for a reason. Now is the time to make choices and draw hard lines in the sand about what we want for our future and what we are really committed to. Xo 💋Renée" ( thank you Renee @moderndaywisewoman ~ connect with this beautiful soul , really someone I wish could be in my daily life as a friend ~ wellness and self awareness is so crucial right now, we all have different triggers , different forms of anxiety or depression or discontent or or self abandonment , @moderndaywisewoman always has that real talk, big heart and wise soul to help you course correct and do right by you .... and then by everyone and everything else )

WHAT DREAMS ARE YOU NURSING? Shared by @themakingsofmama nursing her newborn here ' Here's to birth! The blessing of life, the babies, the dreams, the narratives that we nurse and love, develop and set free! ~ this amazing mama of 3 is writing a book , she will uplift you ~ connect with her ... more wisdom from @themakingsofmama "Because too many of us come into motherhood without community, without ancestral guidance, without our elders, and lean on media cultivated images for what or who we are supposed to be as mothers. Because too many of us believe that our pre motherhood and post motherhood selves don't and can't intersect. Because Instagram caters to this cookie cutter, Martha Stewart version of motherhood, that makes too many of us feel that we are failing and that the sum of all our parts can never add up to a whole mother. Because in this journey many of us forget that a whole mother looks like a WHOLE WOMAN. Because, fuck it, we are all failing at this shit, let's rise in these failures, grow them into lessons, and exchange them with one another. For all of these reasons and many more, I'm honored to be a part of @wildsoulwellness "Wild Mother" series, an interactive, engaged community of flawed and fabulous mothers striving and learning and leaning in on each other. For more info on this subscription and journey, click the link in @wildsoulwellness bio.

THE FUTURE IS ~ WHATEVER WE COLLECTIVELY DECIDE IT WILL BE .....let's come together and celebrate the woman in this picture Barbara @tinyandbrave , who has so much integrity, dedication, resilience , heart and dance moves .... as a single mama, woman of color, student midwife she is getting sh*t done on the daily and working so hard there's no time to celebrate ... can we please all come together so she can be celebrated and nominate her for the SINGLE MOTHER SALUTE by @levellemoton !!! Connect with her @tinyandbrave ! Today I honor my sister friend Barbara Verneus @tinyandbrave . B is such an ongoing source of strength, support and inspiration for me. Her strength of character is apparent in every realm she occupies and every endeavor she pursues.

I met Barbara in 2004 at our doula training in Queens, NY. My heart told me right away how amazing she was and what incredible work she was destined to do. We reconnected years later when she moved to Texas - alone with her little daughter, to pursue her calling of midwife (#Sagefemme). When we met again I was taken by the heaviness that B was carrying, to risk everything for her vision and to follow her faith as far as it would take her, for herself and her daughter. Here I saw B's true strength ... because while she herself was struggling, her little girl was thriving. Little G was healthy, smart, happy and radiant, even as her mama was busy planning, worrying, praying, and striving.
Thus I would like to offer up the word that Barbara embodies most - which is ✨ resilient ✨ .
She has survived and risen through experiences that would break others. Her faithfulness is true, her heart compass through storms and gratitude in the sunlight. Whatever strength she inhabits, she doesn't keep for herself, she gives it away.
For those reasons I nominate her for the recognition of being honored at the SINGLE MOTHER SALUTE hosted by @levellemoton, as this event is a reflection of her true spirit, as a single mother and as a friend and role model.( words by @taprootdoula )If you know B or she has given to you as she's giving to me, check out the celebration at @levellemoton and nominate her by email at

PREGNANCY IS INTERDEPENDENCE ~ A LIVING EXPERIENCE OF RISING TOGETHER ~ SYMBIOTIC GROWTH AND WELL BEING @tantrisyoga shares, "We rise by lifting others up." No matter where you are in life, you will always feel more fulfilled and happy by helping those around you @steviepduh & @cynthiakirchner (#tantrisfashion) inside our studio, showing us what lifting others up is all about!
Shot & edited by @nikkisharp Discovered on page of beautiful birth guardian @lbreggy

BEING A SINGLE MAMA IS FIERCE ~ hey friends , I created this platform for women and mama's a couple of years ago and I am grateful for and love our exchange , this is not my business, nor my income stream , I share what speaks to my heart , I'm super hesitant to support some people and not others because WE ALL NEED SUPPORT , I need support and how would I ever 'choose' , but for many personal reasons Ashley's @ogyogini situation has me wanting to do everything I can , this is her video , the link to her gofundmecampaign is now in the link in my bio, please connect with her , click on the link so she can keep her beautiful daughters close to her, send love, send blessings and if you can send money, here is part of her words, as the rest I don't feel it's my place to share .... Ashley @ogyogini shares,
Namaste, I am a single mother to these incredible angels. I was in a manipulative, dark and abusive relationship , ( sending you love beautiful @ogyogini and to everyone facing a similar situation please draw strength knowing we are all in this together , love , Genevieve)

YOU ARE MY HEART ~ THE SUN THAT MOVES ME ~ by @nantlihuitzilin: "Two years old today. I thank the gods everyday for pairing us together. I got this bright little boy in my life who sings and dances and chases the sun. Eres mi corazon, Huitzi. #latinaswhobreastfeed #nurselikeachingona"

FEELING~FLOWING lush on the outside, nourished roots on the inside, watering a fertile ground for the soul ( embodied by gorgeous @gorjusshan ) .... don't know about you but I've been working indoors in corporate hectic job for past few months and then loving up on my 3 children and you know real big life stuff on top of that ~ feeling this embodied and aligned looks so divine ~ I'll try baby steps to create time for my ' body temple ' otherwise known as feeling good in my skin again .... what practices do you have with all that you have going on that support your physical being and emotional wellness ? ( connect with beautiful @gorjusshan for more inspired living )

WHEN TWO BECOME ONE ~ beautiful mama @dierradavis sharing a breastfeeding moment ( and that all familiar hand movement ~ the sweetest of times )

FULL MOON BELLY with a Full Moon message by @lophotobirth: "Do everything with so much love in your heart that you would never want to do it any other way.' ( thank you @lophotobirth , so beautiful )

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